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  1. They sure are in business. It took about a month and a half (I'm sure a chunk of that was shipping) but I received a 3D imager and light pen from Johannes yesterday. So thrilled to finally be able to play these games on my multicart!
  2. Probably literally a minute. : laugh:
  3. As someone with the manual, cart and overlays, all I needed was the box. But, I didn't $560 need the box. (Yes, I had a bid in here until it got into the $200 range!)
  4. That's kind of what I was afraid of. I don't assume there's an alternative to the original paddle is there?
  5. Sadly it seems the system and not the controllers; the controllers seem to work fine in other systems. In the port without the bent pin, every controller I throw at it responds the same way.
  6. I'm honestly not sure if this is the place to post this; the Genesis naturally has a dedicated area but not the Master System. So I picked up a used Master System recently. It was pretty dusty but powers on and that's fine. I just finally got some games and noticed that up and the up diagonals do not respond on the left port, and none of the directions at all seem to respond on the right side. Using any number of controllers does not seem to do anything. So, I was wanting to pop this thing open eventually to install an FM card, but ... I admit, I know very little about the system. Is there something I can do to possibly remedy this problem? Where should I begin looking? Is this repairable? A couple of other questions: I see the system had a paddle for games like Woody Pop. Does a standard DB9 paddle work in its place, or is the Sega one proprietary? One of the controller pins seems bent on the system. Any decent way to possibly bend this back? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  7. Hahah, call me pessimistic but I'm somehow doubting she'd be down. ^_-
  8. Hahaha, I think so. The lady who lives in the apartment below me while I was jumping up and down like a moron in excitement may not think the same thing though. :: laugh ::
  9. I mean, I want a complete collection too, but not that badly.
  10. God bless you. It is broadcasting on my flat panel TV correctly on channel 4, and I am thrilled beyond words. Thank you thank you THANK you for all the assistance.
  11. Bahahaah, I admit, I was looking at the green circle initially going, "Well those aren't screws ..." I then remembered you had this same pic up for the jumpers on your page about composite out (which I am still seriously considering) and actually read the words you wrote instead of glaring at the wrong part of the picture. :: laugh :: Sooo if no metal tools, what DO you recommend I use??
  12. Oh God no. I'm so sorry to read this! My sincere condolences ...
  13. I assume it’s because the Fairchild Channel F was sold off to Zircon at this point. My better question is, why are Videocarts 18 and 19 missing in that listing?
  14. I didn't notice the 0 rep on a System II I tried to buy off of eBay, and then I get no tracking number and the guy just vanishes off eBay. At least I got my money back. What is it with Channel F systems on eBay and shady sellers??? I'll ask again: to e5frog or to anyone else who can elaborate, where are these screws I would be adjusting to fix the sound/video drifting in my System II?
  15. Sooo where on my System II does one actually adjust these??
  16. Wow. I came on to see if there were responses and apparently I was only half paying attention when I wrote this. Lemme try this again: "I am also not comfortable or knowledgeable as to how to achieve that, given my personal history of making things worse." There, that makes tons more sense.
  17. Heh, as much as I would like the system to broadcast correctly (and I do!), I also am not comfortable nor knowledgeable as to how to achieve that, and given my personal history of just making things work? Yeah, let's not do that. : laugh : Wow, $1,900?!?! What a bargain! :: hard eyeroll :: Even in my attempts to collect things like all of the silver foil Imagic titles (which has gone just as well as you can imagine), I have not seen four digit price tags on anything.
  18. So great and unexpected news! Finally, finally, FINALLY, I can play a Channel F! It took some doing -- I have an old CRT with a fine tuning mode. It seems that the console is -- for some reason -- broadcasting the video almost between channels 3 and 4, as I thought (as it was looking like scrambled pay TV if you are old enough to remember that!). With it fine tuned, the image is great (even if, upon powering up, it takes a bit to get colour). But, the sound is very "snowy" but hey, the thing works. So question: do I leave well enough alone, and only play it on this TV, or do I try to resolve this issue? I would be interested in your feedback. Also, this means I still have the dead System II chilling here. At least using the system for the first time has given me a bit of insight on the broken model, as the garbage displayed is briefly visible on the functioning model, before a program clears memory and does what it's supposed to be doing. Amusingly, there is NO display issue on this dead System II, even on an HDTV. Soooooo suggestions on where to go from here with the dead system?
  19. It looks intact; I just took a quick peek inside. Instead, it seems the system is not "tuned" correctly. I have it on channel 4 now and it is scrambled but you can tell it's trying to display something Is there a "tuner" somewhere on this?? (And yes, I have played with the channel selector. It's almost like it's trying to broadcast between both channels.)
  20. Okay, another System II question: got my hands on a functioning System II unit -- mostly. There is something wrong with how it outputs a signal. When you turn the system on or change to channel 3, the image is very briefly visible, and then the signal is lost. Any ideas?
  21. Well I still may take you up on this. I am talking to a local guy here first to see if he has any ideas but he wasn't even aware the system existed until I told him, so I am not terribly hopeful.
  22. Your offer to ship to Sweden and back sounds great except it looks like the chips are indeed the FCM custom chips, just as I feared. If those need to be replaced, I have no clue where I would source them. As opposed to when I needed a new TIA for my Atari 2600, I can’t just buy these chips online, clearly.
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