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  1. Hi Carl, About 15 years ago you sold some really excellent Velcro Lynx cart storage wallets: http://www.songbird-productions.com/lynxwallet.shtml My collection outgrew the wallets I ordered and no one has made anything like this since. Do you have any plans to make some more? Managing the financial side of low volume production runs like this is less of a gamble now that crowdfunding platforms exist, so might I suggest using that method perhaps, assuming you are interested? Thanks
  2. Hmm. Does the fact that the auction ended with no bids officially mean BattleSphere is now worthless? Glad I sold mine when I did...
  3. It depends how you emulate. The Lynx uses a 6502 CPU IIRC, roughly the same as the NES. So the core is already largely done (from PocketNES). If you want to emulate the chipset then yes this will be complex, however if you use high level emulation (HLE) then you could get the GBA's hardware to do the sprite manipulation. I'll bet money that the GBA's hardware sprite features are a superset of the Lynx's. As for saying that the SNES is easy because it's Nintendo on Nintendo - this doesn't really apply. They're architecturally very different machines. I'd recommend you read some of the FAQs about SNES Advance. I don't know anything about the emulator on the GP32 but I'd guess it's not written in assembler. Hmm, just looked - it's a port of Handy, therefore written in C.
  4. Ironic that I got more for my copy than he did, and his was sealed. I can't say I feel guilty though. I'm pleased I've redeemed its value (all $529) - I hardly played it. *strokes imported PSP* I was a bit worried that the high priced one before Thunderbird's was going to crash the value as everyone got tempted to sell.
  5. A GBA version would be cooler. -S The GBA isn't powerfull enough, even the GP32 can't handle it at 100%... 817072[/snapback] I think it is. All Lynx emus seem to be ported or at least derived from Handy which is written in C. All the GBA emu's have to be written in assembler. The GBA's 16MHz ARM CPU is very nearly capable of emulating a PC Engine (about 80%) speed or so. Flubba one of the guys who did PocketNES (which is perfect) has previously expressed an interest in emulating the Lynx. I'm presuming he's done a feasibility study before mentioning it. The hard part of Lynx emulation would be the hardware sprite scaling and rotation but you can get the GBA's own hardware to do that - freeing up CPU. I believe it could be done, but the GBA emulation scene is pretty much over with the authors moving their sights to the DS and maybe the PSP. It's a shame really - would have been cool to play my old Lynx faves on my GBA. Still, I've got a PSP so it won't be long before Handy is ported I guess...
  6. You only ship within UK? Or was it an oversight? 844507[/snapback] For most of the items I thought it would be a good idea, since International shipping seems to cost so much compared to the worth of the items. For BattleSphere I figured people would be happy to pay the extra. Anything you're interested in? PM me and can work out any shipping cost / options.
  7. I've listed my Jaguar collection individually. Items of particular note include a copy of BattleSphere Gold and an official RGB lead (don't often see them). There's a mint copy of Defender 2000 too. The collection's a victim of a ruthless drive to clear out unneccessary possessions, and I need money at the moment. Too many friends getting married and having stag weekends http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZpatters98
  8. I'm very impressed with it so far. I think that the quality is every bit as high as a commercial publisher's product back in the day, if not better to be honest. I haven't really played it enough to give it a review though. It has a Bll loader built in which has got me thinking about making a cable....
  9. Lars just mailed me back with the amount to pay inc shipping and I've paid. Fingers crossed...
  10. Mine has a switch to turn it into a green screen on the panel. Maybe yours is set in this way too.
  11. I will let you know when he tell us the name of the game. I mean If this will be possible for him to do sometime in the future Maybe someone else will step forward and cast some light over this mystery game. After all we are talking about 24 copies. Right? *rips out hair* I'm not talking about the game, I'm talking about his grammar, can't you tell? i'm with "you" on this I have wondered how everyone puts up with it and "is TOO polite to mention it... But seriously, everyone else manages to stick to sentences that are legible, and punctuated - even people for whom English is not their native language. Most forums I read are very intolerant of this sort of thing, and I agree with the sentiment.
  12. The ROM is already floating around out there. I've seen it. I own BSG but I don't think that an available ROM will affect the value of the game to collectors. Look at the Neo Geo...
  13. Viking child had the potential to be fantastic but they screwed the whole thing up by making it sooo slooow, in my opinion.
  14. I used to really like HD when I got it when it first came out. If you could play it back then, you never really forget the techniques. But if you buy it now I bet you wouldn't invest more than about 5 minutes before giving up in disgust. At face value it is pretty terrible, but it was novel at the time. I've found these reviews to be fair scores (5/10 for HD): http://web.archive.org/web/20000818050544/...lynx/index.html It's a Web Archive link because the real site has been redone and the reviews seem to be inaccessible.
  15. I quite like the game, but it's hard to determine whether it's because of the enormous cost. A lot is always being made of the graphics but most of the time the screen is fairly empty, but it's space after all. The ships are all well designed and I love the spinning debris when they explode. The joypad is pretty terrible and leads to a sore thumb pretty quickly but there's not much we can do about that... A great aspect is the fact that there are lots of playmodes, from quick free for all to the strategic campaign. One thing is evident - that it's a labour of love. Everything is very polished. It's good fun, and the sort of thing you have to buy given the chance, if not just for the notoriety. But fanboy talk of it being as good graphically as Colony Wars on the PSX is exaggeration. I was always curious to see BSG in action as it's one of the Jag's killer apps. Suppose I'll have to see Iron Soldier 2 at some point too. No Jag-CD though... I did buy the game mainly out of curiosity, thinking I'd always regret missing the opportunity if I didn't. I reasoned that I'd be able to at least break even by selling it if I didn't like it, but I'll be keeping it. By weird coincidence I was just pondering selling all my Jag stuff on eBay when I got the mail from Thunderbird. No chance of that happening now.
  16. Your mail client may have interpreted it as spam, which makes sense I suppose "this is your opportunity to buy blah blah blah"
  17. Did anyone order in the UK and get theirs already? I ordered mine on the 27th October and I don't have it yet. I've already received an eBay item from LA that I ordered around the same time.
  18. I ordered mine last week. Thing is that the Post Office have gone on strike in London and I haven't been getting mail for about 10days now. The backlog is going to be huge.
  19. Wow this is almost as exciting as the thread where someone said "I have a really neat idea for a homebrew but I'm not going to tell you what it is".
  20. This is going dangerously off topic and likely to piss a lot of people off...
  21. Did the world change without my knowing it and it's now acceptable to call people from Japan by the name "Japs"? Probably no worse than calling Americans, Yanks or English, Brits. It's just shortening of the name. Considering that Cartoons made in the 40's and 50's that call Japanese "Japs" are banned from being televised here in the U.S., I don't think it's the same thing. I think it was only Americans that used the term "Japs" in a derogatory way anyway, so we don't tend to view it as offensive this side of the pond.
  22. Objectively, the Jaguar's software line-up is poor compared to other systems. If you own any other systems you realise this. Same for the Lynx. I think it's pretty difficult to argue the contrary. Doesn't stop me from owning them though. This is probably more to do with why they weren't tearaway commercial succeses than a lack of advertising/aggressive marketing. Thunderbird, just because you don't like modern games/think Mario and Zelda are for babies etc.* is your opinion - please remember this. *from another thread I read recently
  23. Because it's one of the biggest stillborn systems there's been, which makes it interesting.
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