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  1. Lol how much can I pay you to do this for me?
  2. Will this components work for an NTSC system?
  3. I assume you've tried one. Is the HD output decent on-screen?
  4. The display comes out with some slight fuzziness to it that I've been unable to rectify. Someone told me he can mod woodies and Jr.'s into HDMI output, but he must be doing what you said.
  5. Be warned ye plebians, my daughter is really getting into playing this stuff and I shall SOON return. She'll possibly be submitting scores as well.
  6. Title says it all people. I was talking to someone through the Facebook group, but we know how those go. The true hardcore old guarde, KEEPS IT TO THE FORUMS. Anyway, I don't feel like doing this myself, so please do not direct me to such a thread. I want to pay YOU for one of these. I have a Junior I can send to use for the conversion, but if you feel more comfortable with a regular version (woody preferred), I can pay for that, of course. HIT ME UP! The kid wants to play more, and MORE!!!
  7. Has anyone seen this before? I suspect it to be a South American bootleg based on the odd design, but perhaps Tigervision had another cart shape, rarely used? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Espial-Atari-2600-Cartridge-Only-Tigervision-Atari-2600-/142064577521?
  8. Stan


    This is your ticket to wonderland.
  9. Stan


    Call me willing.
  10. Stan


    There are actually a few versions of this set. The one that's hardest to find has a child playing Jarts on the box as well, you can see with this one here they have a clear WARNING right on the box and no more kid picture.
  11. Stan


    Feel free to offer man! I'd love these to go to a good home.
  12. Stan


    Get ready to remember your dreams. This set is godly level elite with barely any damage, other than some minor wear to the box, and some wear to the tops of two of the fins, but it has replacements and if you're careful it won't matter anyway. SOLD FOR COLLECTIBLE VALUE ONLY. I suggest you put them in a display of some sort. Hard to find these these days. $200 shipped with insurance and tracking.
  13. MY GOD YES. Dude, still possible to buy one of these? Our daughter will LOVE IT.
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