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  1. interesting posts. not embarrased at all, but i draw the line at donkey kong t shirts.lol
  2. ya, someones making a tidy little profit on ebay selling those co-ax adapters for 8 bucks. i get them at a radio shack type store near me for 25 cents. ah the almighty dollar
  3. My local flea market has a vectrex system (with box) and no games for $200. i'd say flea markets are past their prime when it comes to deals (here anyways). Ebay is still ok if the timing is right or if there is some other circumstance (i.e. spelling error on listing) where the auction falls under the radar. Pawn shops, hmm . The ones ive been to still charge 15 to 20 bucks for average n64 titles. Goodwill is still good if you luck out and find something that is not broken to begin with. And the people who get the most out of thrift shops seem to frequent them way more than i have the time for. Digging through garbage, ya, more power to those that do it but i just wont go there`. cheers Lee
  4. digging through trash at 1 am . lmao. that is dedication!
  5. i remember my best friend buying the ti-99 from radio shack back in the day. he kept it 2 days, returned it and picked up a vic 20. havnt seen one since.
  6. interesting. very odyssey 2 looking player. total blockhead
  7. although i love the golden age consoles. In my opinion the SNES game for game had the best most memorable games. i wouldnt even know where to start. but since i love racing games, even today with the new consoles i have not found a game quite as fun as (snes) Top gear. an absolute classic imo
  8. this price is right with this, but i am still skeptical. I bought the retro duo for my snes fix and i must say , its a real piece of junk. the audio is awful, the controllers are awful. i was shocked a buddy of mine was willing to buy it off me , so i least made my money back. I then dropped 50 at the local retro game shop for a mint snes with controller and 6 games.
  9. rorysl, thanks for the heads up on the clearance sale. i picked up a few today. the guy even tried to sell me batteries. i shouldve whipped out my ole radio shack battery club card. thanks again, btw, there are not many left i had to drive a bit to find them, the local sources were sold out
  10. for the simple reason that the controllers have a nice flow compared to those stiff @ss 2600 buggers. I usually get my vintage fix from my O2 and get my 2600 fix from my xbox anthology, hahahaha, sacrilige i know.
  11. i actually prefer the O2 remaining the niche system. it suits my personality. And as far as the atari knockoffs go. i personally think the O2 did it better with some of them . (kC, Alien Invaders +). and i think some of the sports titles were far better (baseball) than the 2600.
  12. love the classic handhelds and tabletops. Got about 40 myself. my faves are the mattel sports games, but i got a few of the VFD coleco tabletops. my fave being zaxxon. that thing is a beast. check fleabay, the values are going up. as far as the coleco pacman the thread is about, hey, its still better than the 2600 version.
  13. loved those transparent n64's. i have the green one myself. And the Odyssey 2 was the best looking of the originals imo. looked like a prop for some 70's sci fi show
  14. you have some of the better titles. get UFO (challenger series). some of the original releases had some interesting quirky titles , thunderball (pinball like), invaders from hyperspace, and a few sports games i am pretty fond of like alpine skiing and volleyball. And of course the master strategy series games, keep in mind that most of those early O2 games are best played with a 2nd player. Although frogger and qbert are titles worth getting, i wont suggest them only because they are not likely to be had as easily and as cheap as the former games. cheers lee
  15. ok, i have a few comments to make here. I have never personally understood why people who call themselves collectors find something at yard sales or thrift stores that they picked up for a few bucks and always feel the need to run home and check it on ebay . Ebay isnt always an acurate barometer anyways. With ebay its all about timing, Ive seen a 20 cart lot sell for $100 and then a week later have seen an almost identical lot sell for $20. And keep in mind, the final price you win the auction for is not the price you pay. I would certainly call Turds find a jackpot. He doesnt have to deal with outrageous shipping costs, feedbacks, dishonest item descriptions etc. He paid 8 dollars for it, so in ebay terms , the item was free of charge with only 8 dollars in shipping costs. congrats on you're freebee. On the topic of who sold O2's back in the day, My mom bought me mine in 83 from an independent electronics store called Star electronics for about $150. I got my O2 around the time all my friends were getting Vic 20's. I even bought the Computer Intro cart to make it seem more like a computer. But yeah, i think alot of systems were sold at independent type stores where 2600's , intellivision and colecovision got the support of the major retailers. cheers Lee
  16. Mattel Electronic Baseball. Better than any very early console version imo. And you can take it with ya.
  17. My fave has always been the Odyssey 2 packaging. They were very unique with their combination black and orange glossy boxes . And games like quest for the rings and conquest of the world with the gold trim and labels, their game instructions remind me of a wedding invitation. completely over the top.
  18. Which system/games had the coolest packaging? in some cases, people who knew little about consoles and just wanted to get in the game may have got sucked in by slick displays, boxes etc. On the other hand, for some the great looks of the packaging just add to the overall greatness of the system/games. Always enjoy the informed opinion of the fine people at AtariAge, cheers Lee
  19. nice clip. market place is still a great show
  20. damn, i cant count how mANY times ive been shocked. the kids reaction is probably on par with the risk.
  21. basically, i consider any system dedicated or not that had wood grain as ugly. Reason being, well if it was actual wood grain, there is something interesting about that, but a wood grain sticker??? um no.
  22. the dimensions, the music. oh the glory that is marble madness
  23. "wall street kid" lol, very HARD to play,
  24. some really validpoints made here. i have always thought the "crash" has taken way too much blame for a bad economy. Kids were hooked by that point. the next thing in gaming was obviously going to make what came before obsolete and those companies were not keeping up with the jones's so to speak and just didnt have what it took to keep the market
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