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  1. i thought the new AVGN video kinda sucks..don't get me wrong either i am a huge fan, but his latest one is really lame, i didn;t even bother finishing it. anyways i'm just ranting on FB, eating some Gummy Bears and trying to flip the score in Kangaroo 5200. ;p xo

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    2. lushgirl_80


      Yea the Toxic Crusaders episode... actually it f*cking SUCKS! lol I love James Rolfe but that guest he has on the new episode is just downright annoying. Dont get me wrong I know who he is and I am actially a fan of Trom Films, but that one joke about Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber just fellt so out of place in an AVGN vid..sorry but AVGN sold out.I've seen Irate Gamer vids better than that, seriously. and actually I like IG too and sometimes wish AVGN's annoying fanboys would jus...

    3. lushgirl_80


      ...just stop kissing James' ass so much. I love him but that new episode just stinks. I miss the old AVGN. Even the Ikari Warriors vid was so much way better. Gawd that one was hilarious, not the new one.

    4. doomwaves


      lol.. agreed. It was the guitar player dude that made the IW video fantastic.

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