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  1. Mouser (mame) Vampire Saviour(mame) Rompers(Arcade1up,MsPac-Man 40th Anniversary edition) Love my new Arcade1up cab as it has the lighted marquee! 😹
  2. Papergirl (NES hack via X7 Handheld)............................strange version of this game KISS Pinball (PS1) ..............................omg a KISS game I never knew about,it really kicks ass! Arcade's Greatest Hits:The Atari Collection 2 (PS1)
  3. Moon Alien(MAME)...............................................My favorite version of Galaxian. Better than the original imo. Tekken 2 (Japan version) (MAME) .................. Kicking butt using Nina Williams. When I kick their arses I think about the few condescending dork trolls that don't like my radio show,Atari game,etc...haha take that! lol Flipper (Sega SG-1000)....................................... At first glance I thought it would be a game about dolphins,but it's a cool pinball game.
  4. I've been recording Three's Company now lately. Just the other day Jack was at some roller rink,and there's an arcade cab right behind him. Anybody know what game that is??? Also speaking of Growing Pains,I'm actually getting a call soon from Jeremy Miller the actor who played Ben Seaver! lol He's gonna be on my own show to explain what NES games they were actually playing on the set. Actress Priscilla Barnes who played Terri on 3's Company is also appearing on my show soon,and i'm actually gonna ask her about the 2600 lol.
  5. Haha that Malpractice cover is funny. I like Redman's Doc Da Name LP alot.Received your memo btw saying you didn't mean it looked like anyone in particular just reminded you of that,so no offense taken haha. I'm posting my recent episodes up on the radio station site soon,so I'll keep everyone posted. My next few guests in the coming weeks are gonna be the bassist Phil Soussan who played with Ozzy Osbourne,actress Lea Thompson who was in Back to the Future,and actor Larry Thomas who was in Seinfeld! Guess what character he played!! lol
  6. Watching What's Happening Now today and notice a Three Stooges cab at the diner where Shirley works! So cool.. that diner also looks similar to the one during the last seasons of That 70s show too where they had the Space Invaders game. Also got to interview the actor who plays Raj on my show once.
  7. Jr.Pac-Man Speed Hack Version - Mame ............................. Omg I'm really loving this one alot! lol Finally got to see the third cut scene. Klax - NES ............................... It's the Nineties and time for Klax... Terrors 2 - Bandai Wonderswan
  8. DMC told me JMJ actually died while playing PS2 in his studio Goes to show how hardcore of a gamer he was! Last airing last week did some of my best DJ scratching and mixes. Tomorrow I'm gonna rebroadcast my interview with Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Next week I'm getting actress Lea Thompson to call-in too! Tia was actually very friendly and didn't hesitate to answer any questions. Planning to do some live video broadcasts also on Twitch too of my radio airings. My show is the first on the radio to play Atari 2600 sounds,etc!! Every show has a game theme regardless. Oh and here's the Atari game,signed it during one of my airings...
  9. Buccaneer - Mame ......... Pac-Man hack with a pirate theme! Mello Yello Q-Bert - Mame Q-Bert - 2600
  10. I also spotted a GameBoy on a recent rerun of Married With Children... Who the hell leaves their GB lying on the floor anyways? lol Another episode I saw had one of Bud's friends playing one. Also been watching Growing Pains again lately. Mike Seaver was holding some kind of an NES joystick on an episode I saw lately. Didn't take a screen shot though.
  11. I know there's an old thread about this but I dont wanna spend time digging it up.. I've started watching live television again around a year ago,and been spotting some classic consoles on some of my favorite TV shows. A few hours ago I was watching Three's Company on my laptop,when I spotted what looks like an actual Atari VCS sitting on their coffee table! I couldn't help but copy the screen.... Now I'm wondering what Jack Tripper's favorite games are lol. Blows my mind I don't think I remember seeing that episode either. Anyone else spot any consoles in TV shows and/or movies?
  12. My podcast radio show's been going great lately on the new station KXSF 102.5FM here in San Francisco! A major FM station here in Northern California. Last week I just had actor Malcolm Mcdowell call-in as well as actress Tia Carrere. Been playing lots of games on the air too! Oh and Police Academy actor Michael Winslow has been appearing regularly as well! Anyways my latest episodes will be up on the station site soon,and you can still catch my interviews on Youtube. Tomorrow night,rapper DMC is also coming back to appear on my show. I already asked him a few gaming questions last time he came on a few months ago. He told me Jam Master Jay was a huge gamer. Anyways tune in tomorrow night when I get DMC back! Here's the link where you can tune in online... https://kxsf.fm/lava-lamps-8-track-theater-midnight/ The 7800 game based on my show is still selling well,and a sequel for the NES is coming soon!! A t-shirt will also be on sale soon on the station site using this design...
  13. Donkey Kong(Pauline Hack Edition) - Mame Robotech:The Macross Saga - GBA Gauntlet - NES Been playing tons of new games lately! 😹
  14. Zoo Keeper 2 would be awesome I think. River Raid 2 on 2600. Panic Restaurant 2 for Nes would be rad as well!
  15. Been playing lots of Paperboy lately myself! Good call.. QBert(2600) World Heroes 2(Neo Geo AES) Space Harrier(Sega 32X)
  16. My older brother had it upon its release. Excellent fond memories of when that game was brand new!
  17. I definitely had a great Thxgiving. My turkey cameout so good too. Happy holidays everyone!
  18. Nope haven't beat it yet,but enjoying the game so far! Has a nice Adventures of LoLo feel to it imo,and definitely love seeing my artwork in the packaging,cheers!
  19. 2600 all the way! While I do respect the INTV,personally I was never a big fan of it. To the point I remember my family returning one at Toys R Us in exchange for the Atari Jr.
  20. Can't wait to play this! Also can't wait to see my artwork used for the bonus material. Good job,and can't wait to help out in your next project!
  21. Lunar Ball(Sharp Twin Famicom) Space Invaders (Atari 2600) Jetpac(ZX Spectrum) 😻
  22. I love the 5200 version alot btw! Was just playing it. Think it's better than the arcade for some reason.
  23. Frogger(2600) Burgertime(TI-994A) World Heroes(Arcade)
  24. Galaxian (ColecoVision) .... Really impressed with this port. Actually way better than the Famicom version and that says alot! Super Cross Force(ColecoVision) Dangerous Seed(Arcade)...... Love this shmup
  25. I dig some SG-1000 games actually. The Castle and Star Force are my faves from that console!
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