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  1. Hey there, I'm having an issue with ColEm and I was hoping you could help me. I'm writing a review of a game and I need to take screenshots of the Coleco version. According to the instructions, F10 is supposed to take a screenshot, but when I press it, there is no indication of a screenshot having been taken. I can't find any image files of the game on my computer. I checked the folder where the emulator is, My Documents, My Pictures, and I can't find anything. I'm using version 4.6 on Windows 10. Please help me!
  2. Chase the Chuckwagon...in good condition...for only $95!? Am I going insane? Have I been out of the loop too long? What is this madness? Is Chris actually Atari Jesus, more pure-hearted than any mortal gamer!? Somebody please explain it to me. I'm very confused. I thought this was supposed to be a very rare and valuable game.
  3. Hey guys. I tested my games a few days ago and here's my findings. I only have two games, Utopia and AD&D, but both of them showed the exact same symptom. No pictures, I'm afraid. My camera doesn't deal well with the INTV's screen refresh rate. On both games, everything seemed to work fine from a gameplay standpoint; no crashes or odd behavior. Sound seems right. Background tiles work fine. The only problem I have is that animated or moving objects have garbled graphics.
  4. Well, I've got some good news! Even though Deoxit didn't fix the problem, I did notice something odd about the cartridge slot. One of the pins was lower than the rest. Using a tiny flathead screwdriver, I carefully bent the pin up to be around the same height as the others. I then did another test, and... It worked! In fact, it now works every time! I turned it off, pulled out the cart, put it back in the slot, turned it on again to see if it was a fluke, and tried a different game, and sure enough, the console now reads games every time! Unfortunately, the sprite graphics still seem to be glitched, as seen here. (Isn't that garbled square supposed to be a guy running around the dungeon?) Still, this is great progress! If you guys have any ideas of what might be causing the graphical glitches, please let me know!
  5. So recently, I bought an original model Intellivision off Ebay. When I first received it, it would turn on and read games just fine, but sprite graphics were garbled. I put it aside, thinking I would get it repaired at some point. Recently, I tried it again, and now, it wont boot games at all, and will only display a purple screen for a moment when turned on. After some searching, I found this page: http://intvfunhouse.com/faq/intv_faq7.php So I opened up my system and started doing some checks. Power going from the transformer to the power board connector is correct, but a voltage test of the ribbon cable port revealed that while most of the voltages are correct, the middle hole, instead of showing a reading of +16, is showing around +24. After some examining of the power supply board, I discovered that the capacitors had leaked so badly that they were practically glued to the board. I removed the capacitors, cleaned the goo off with a little acetone, and replaced the capacitors. That didn't fix the problem, so I replaced a resistor (which according to console5.com, can burn out) and the two voltage regulators. Still doesn't work, still has the wrong voltage in the middle hole for the five prong ribbon cable. At this point, I'm completely stumped. I have no idea why only the middle socket for the ribbon cable has the wrong voltage while the rest are fine. I have no idea why the console went from "buggy but functional" to "completely dead." So, I turn to all of you. What should I try next? Is the system even salvageable?
  6. I just looked up how to get the good ending in the original Penguin Adventure to see if it was as ridiculous as you said. I was not disappointed. From what I understand, it seems that the good ending only occurs if the number of times you paused while playing was a multiple of 4, plus 1. That is the most insane thing I have ever heard! It's so ridiculously cryptic that it feels like the designer was trolling the players. I think beating the game in under a certain amount of time would've sufficed. Thank you so much for changing this. Whomever came up with that pausing nonsense should be severely punished.
  7. Arjak


    Subscribed. I love playing this game in my MSX emulator.
  8. Hey, Luc. I sent you an e-mail about getting on your waiting lists.
  9. I am a huge fan of the original film, and was always disappointed that there was never a sequel. It seems like there was definitely at least one more story in that material, if not more. However, I am approaching this news with cautious optimism, as it's quite possible that Donner is only teasing us. I still remember seeing a video a few years ago of Josh Brolin teasing us, saying that it was in the works. It's possible that he was telling the truth, but he also said that Meryl Streep had been cast as Ma Fratelli, which really made it feel like a tease. Oh well. Even if it doesn't happen, we'll always have Goonies II on NES.
  10. Can't wait! I'll definitely get a copy.
  11. Are any of the new games still available? I wasn't able to order them when they came out at Christmas, and I really, REALLY want them! I'm kinda upset that I missed out, because all of them look quite good.
  12. Wow! Well done, Yurkie! Another big Coleco problem solved! If my power supply ever goes bad, I'll have to send my Coleco to you again to get this mod!
  13. I just got my Colecovision back from Yurkie and it works great! The composite video makes the image and sound super clear, and my previously faulty controllers now work like a charm. Thank you, Yurkie!
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