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  1. I recently sold my Vectrex, but still have SD card flashcart and repro light pen, as well as a repro overlay for Armor Attack. PM me an offer?
  2. Since Gemini controllers have paddles built in, some paddle games won't work correctly. I think you just need to plug Atari paddles in for it to run correctly. Worth a try anyway.
  3. I'm still wowed by the achievements of Pacmanplus on the 7800. Modern systems? Not so much. Still looks like hi-res Doom to me. Just sayin'...
  4. Apologies, I must have clicked on the wrong thread. I thought this was a discussion about Punch Out.
  5. Before posting in any thread, always check the subject of the thread.
  6. Keatah said it right. RS used to be a real source for tinkerers, of which there are fewer than and fewer as years go by. BITD a guy could fix his own radio. Nowadays nobody fixes a broken IPod or Sirius Radio. Modern tech stuff is less repairable. Less parts bought. Tech gear is disposable stuff today.
  7. 'Blending in' has been in several different zombie movie franchises, and would be a great mechanic to have, maybe for bonus rounds or something? Walk back and forth over a dead zombie a few times, then only move slowly or your cover is blown. Maybe only lasts 20 seconds or something. Just a thought.
  8. Hmmm, I have not seen that Commando/Ghosts and Goblins before.
  9. I'm interested in the CV cart lot of the previous pending deal fell through.
  10. I ordered from from a couple of times several years ago. They did take several days to verify the orders, but all came out fine. I think one time I called them to place the order. I thought their prices were pretty fair and they were nice folks, just not super streamlined like a corporate conglomerate. IIRC, they had to double check their inventory by hand before they would process payment. I would say be patient and they'll come through.
  11. The Flashback 2 is incompatible with a ton of games. Look it up.
  12. Has anybody heard anything about a CGE 2013? I can't seem to find any info, and it's getting into summer now, so I'm guessing it's not happening this year. Anyone know for sure?
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