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  1. Honestly, that SpaceWorld 2000 tech demo looks more like a promotion for Super Smash Bros. Melee. The models for Link and Ganondorf look practically identical.
  2. To be honest, I'd rather dual boot Windows 2000 and 98SE than use a DOS boot disk. I'm rather disappointed that ADT Pro for Windows doesn't work on 98SE. One would think that'd be a great task for an older machine, or a retro gaming PC, one that actually has a serial port built-in. It just seems excessive to me to be using a really recent PC for talking to an Apple //e.
  3. I tried old ADT for DOS and it didn't seem compatible with the ADT Pro disk I have for Apple //e. Can you please tell me what the minimum Java version is needed for Win32 ADT Pro? I think the final Java update for Windows 2000 is Java 6 update 27, will that work? The problem here is I'd prefer to use my AMD K6-2 based desktop PC for writing to my Apple //e, since they're both right next to each other. The problem is Windows 98SE all that PC has currently. I don't think XP would run very well if at all.
  4. I can't get ADT-Pro working on Windows 98SE, something about Java being out of date. Anyone here know if Windows 2000 will work?
  5. Still no dust flaps in the cartridge slot... sad...
  6. Why not just use an old PC? They're cheap and plentiful.
  7. is still sad that my apple][ ssc deal went belly up months ago...

    1. Keatah


      Well just get another one.

    2. Kiwi


      Or be like me and force it to work.

    3. Koopa64


      actually I paid for a ssc and never received it. Probably not something I should publicly post though... Oh well, I'm not out much money on it.

  8. As old video games continue to become older and older, being proficient in soldering and electronic theory becomes ever more valuable. Seriously, owning cartridge systems become a lot more expensive if you can't fix them yourself. Better pick up a soldering iron and learn how to use it. Replacing cartridge batteries is easy.
  9. Not that anyone would care, but I sold my TG16 stuff a long while back. If I ever decide to get back into Turbo / PC Engine, I'm doing it the right way with a Duo. There ain't much to play on a TG16...
  10. Can't wait to see this on a cartridge! WOW!
  11. What price did you have in mind for all that stuff? What kind of Genesis games did you want to trade for?
  12. Any particular price you're thinking of wanting? I don't know what this would be priced at, or if you'd even want to ship to Canada.
  13. Wow, this game might actually be a solid reason to dig out my 7800.
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