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  1. Bump.... I'm really jonesing for an LTO Flash cartridge... when will an if are they going to be available?
  2. sramirez2008 I'm actually very lucky.... I found the black and white 12" magnavox crt tv on facebook marketplace, Brand new in the box from 1978. Still has the heat shrink plastic on the tuning knobs. This guy found it in his grandparents basement and sold for 75 dollars. I was really looking for an older b&w tv for the video game system and this became available. Score for me paired up its a great match.
  3. I won this on an auction few months ago. Looks like a prototype came out 1973 or 74 first home pong unit. Google it Video Arcade ll. Great retro system...591213321133631BJn2.jfif 817496621133632BJn2.jfif 130687921133632BJn2.jfif 591213321133631BJn2.jfif
  4. Anybody?,,,, Have an idea need the chip schematic.......
  5. Can you AV mod a sears breakaway unit? I have done many av mods on pong consoles with the ay chip. I cant find any info on the chip "C011500-11" in the breakaway console. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thank you in Advance....
  6. Awesome when is pre-order starting?
  7. I'm very interested, I need to buy a LTO Flash ASAP Please make a comeback Thanks.....
  8. Thank you i guess you have to ground the av cable too?
  9. Looking to mod 4000 magnavox Odyssey av mod. Any help would be appreciated..
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