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  1. xg4bx


  2. I saw a bunch of Samus, Kirby, Mega Man, Yarn Yoshi, and Fire Emblem characters at another Gamestop yesterday. To my knowledge many of the Smash bros ones weren't reissued so maybe these were sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I also got the ROB/Game&Watch/Duck Hunt 3 pack on clearance for $19. The same Gamestop also had Rob with Famicom colors which I had never seen before.
  3. I'm noticing a few older ones popping up again. I've gotten Link, Samus, Fox, and Falco in the past few days. The Gamestop near me had Mega Man, Sonic, and Pit on the rack, a few of each.
  4. A normal controller is good enough for me to be interested
  5. Thanks for the advice. I just had a hard time pinning down what's reasonable. I already have somebody watching it so maybe they'll make an offer before the listing is up
  6. I have a copy of Samurai-Ghost for the Turbografx that I'm looking to sell. However my perusal of places like Ebay shows me that this game seems to barely exist as the only listing I could find for the American version was one CiB for $400. My copy is just the HuCard only so I popped it up there for $200. Is that a fair price? Is the game really that rare?
  7. Coming next Spring. It looks like a friggin Pixar movie.And it's only going to be $40 to boot
  8. My wallet will hate me but I'm going for both lol. My wife LOVES the Lego games so this is her dream come true. There are so many awesome franchises from the Lego but the Infinity original trilogy figures look sweet.
  9. Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Portal, etc leaked http://brickset.com/article/15231
  10. The Order 1886 and loving every moment. It has just about all of my nerd loves rolled up into one game.
  11. There really isn't a game yet that made me say "wow, this is next gen", it's more of the improvements in lighting and overall smoothness that have won me over.
  12. I bought Unity day 1. If it's something I'm interested in I couldn't care less about reviews, I only use them for games that I'm on the fence about.
  13. Timmy, why are you covered with bruises? Did you get beat up? Nah, mom. I was just playing some Turok.
  14. Stop trying to be different, release a console that is comparable to your competitions current consoles (not their last gen ones) so it gets 3rd party games on top of your solid first party, and get some new blood in there i.e. relaxing the Iwata/Miyamoto creative stranglehold. If the U had the 3rd party support/power of the PS4 on top of Mario Kart or SMash, they would effing own the generation.
  15. Sadly, yea. The developer posted on Facebook that they sold out within 24 hours.
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