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  1. This was a promotion in 1992. May have been for the holiday season but don't recall for sure.
  2. The other coast. Lol, just weighed them...5s is 8oz and 4 is 11oz. So you are gonna be around 2-3 lbs. Small flat rate would do it for like $7.90
  3. You would need to do way too much work to make a jamma one work other than in a cabinet. The newer ones are like below I think is more for what you are after. https://www.amazon.com/Spmywin-Pandoras-1280x720-Advanced-Joystick/dp/B075WT8BNV/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2T7UHDSKEPWUW&keywords=pandoras+box+6&qid=1550291937&s=gateway&sprefix=pandoras+box%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-6
  4. Like the title says, jamma versions of Pandoras Box 4 and 5s $25 each. Both work perfectly. If you have been wondering or on the fence, at this price, why wonder? Buyer pays shipping. PM for pics and I can send some short videos to email.
  5. Version 1.0 even though it looks like it was fixed by MS at some point. But anyways you have 2 fans, so it's a 1.0 You can see original label under your label which was usually done when it was sent in for service, that is why your serial number is different.
  6. Unless I am not understanding how you worded things, I just want to point out that modchips work fine in 1.6 Xboxes. You do have to be prepared it may go into to a "coma", but even that is totally repairable.
  7. Yes Dodgeball is just the PCB. I have nobody to play with, so that's why I am selling. Game is awesome! And yes 1 slot NG boards are indeed Jamma interface and are plug and play. If the harness isn't Jamma+, then 4th button need wired up. 2 4 6 slots are MVS wiring standard.
  8. Have a few 100% working and tested Jamma boards here that could use a new home. Prices don't include shipping and insurance but I charge exact costs. PM me for pics and feel free to ask any questions. Cal 50 - $50.00 Technos Super Dodgeball - awesome game! $50.00 Konami Devastators - $35.00 Neo Geo MV 1C - this is Jamma plug and play although you may need to wire 4th button depending on your set up. $50.00 SOLD Neo Geo Multicart 161 in 1 - $30 SOLD
  9. Have a few games here that have been sitting around. Prices are pretty firm, shipping is not included. Any questions, just ask. All of my HuCards and some CD/SCD games are for sale even if not listed so if you are after something, shoot me a PM. Time Cruise. Complete, box is rough. $70 Andre Panza Kick Boxing. Complete. Box is great, top flap corners are out of shape. $40 World Sports Competition. Opened, box flawless. $225 TV Sports Hockey. New, factory sealed $25 D&D Order of the Griffon. New, factory sealed. $325 It Came From The Desert. New, factory sealed. $100
  10. Yea, it's gone nuts over the years, but, probably one of the rarest home console releases from the 90's. No doubt, only a die hard collector will be interested.
  11. After much contemplating, I am considering selling off most of my US Turbografx Hucard games. All of them are boxed and complete with sleeves, original jewel cases, and instructions. This is probably more geared towards collectors because I would only sell for close to market value. I have every US released game but probably going to keep the Bonks games and Bomberman, probably a few others just because. I think most everyone at this point knows the rarity and value of some of these games. With that being said, I am just going to ignore any PM's trying to get something for next to nothing because we happen to be on the same forum together. PM if interested in anything. I have not really priced out individual stuff or double checked condition of boxes or instructions but can in the next few days and would price accordingly. No clue why pic won't upload in correct orientation.
  12. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/for/6035759784.html
  13. Biggest issue is no bluetooth, and, with the headphone jack in main system, when docked, you are gonna need a long headset cable. And, if there is online chat, you will have no choice but to have a wired headset with mic and a really long cable.I assume that is why they are intending on making it your problem and the need for ios or android device. I would think, a BT adapter can be used in headphone jack though. In any case, a really shitty way to do it so I hope nobody is expecting this thing to really have a great online element because it's pretty clear no thought about it was actually part of the build and design process.
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