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  1. I didnt know nintendo fans actually called themselves fanboys.
  2. Have fun playing the game, oh wait, its a watch only.
  3. Have you seen some of their posts? Most of these guys have the money to buy the latest games for the latest consoles and have the money to collect every classic game, even if they have to pay 5,000 dollars for each one, so you know they have a personal assistant or a butler or a French maid that will select a game from the vault for them to play. To cut cost on my investment I started using a guatemalan man to select the games for me. I think he knows somewhat about the 2600 because whenever I break out the system he is always taking about videojuegos from Brazil.
  4. That was definitely one of the coolest videos I have ever seen. Eric
  5. @ retrobits: Looking at your setup I see a MULE cart sticking straight up from behind the 130xe, is the cart connected in ? I have a 130xe and I am just curious about that hookup. Eric
  6. I do the same thing with my post code and addy on my home lawn equipment & garden tools with permanent marker.
  7. If you like NOS Atari computers, check these guys out. http://www.myatari.com/atarixlh.txt
  8. The Legend of Zelda that is the only one I have ever played. Eric
  9. I was checking out the site and found this. Program Requirements 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Free xBox 360 To receive the Free xBox 360 for this promotion, you must complete the following steps: 1. Register for your membership with us using accurate contact info (such as valid email & street address) when requested so we know where to ship your Free xBox. You will not receive your Free xBox 360 if you use false information. 2. You must complete the product offers exactly as indicated on each page. For this promotion, xBox 360, you must complete a total of 9 offers. Be sure to read the directions on each page and follow them precisely. You will be directed as to when you must complete any offer to earn a gift. For example, the site may say that offers must be completed as follows: "Page 1 - Complete any two (2) offers below to get your gift; Page 2 - complete any two (2) offers below to get your gift". Therefore, if you complete 4 offers from page 1, instead of 2 from each page, you have not correctly completed the program and are not entitled to a gift. If you have any questions, please contact us. Only one gift per household. Examples of Advertisers' offers may include free trial offers, credit cards, free quote requests and other free or low-cost offers. Typically, there are a variety of offers presented for your selection - some offers require a small purchase, while others are free trials or free applications which do not require a purchase (and can be cancelled without obligation). However, free trial offers require that you provide your credit card information for billing purposes. This is in case you desire to continue with your subscription once the free trial offer has expired. To avoid being billed on your credit card you must cancel your subscription prior to the expiration of the free trial offer. Important: xBox Free Zone surveys, free offers, and/or special deals presented on pages with the Cool Savings Logo & Trademark displayed in the lower left hand corner of the pages do not count as a sponsored offer. Important: xBox Free Zone surveys, free offers, and/or special deals presented on the pages with the Cool Savings Logo & Trademark (in the lower right hand corner of the page), and/or Pop-ups, the survey on the last page and/or exit offers (leaving the site) do not count as sponsored offers and will not be credited towards your xBox. NO EXCEPTIONS! To 'Complete' an offer, you must sign up, get approved for and activated (where applicable) for the Advertiser's offer by meeting all conditions and steps stated for the offer. For some credit card offers, the card must be activated by making a purchase, balance transfer or cash advance in order for the offer to be considered 'completed'. When our Advertisers report to us that you completed their offers, your account will be updated accordingly and should show in the Gift Status section. It will take 4 to 6 weeks before we get confirmation of your offer completion and the Gift Status section reflects this, so please be patient. Be sure to print out and keep the pages showing you have signed up for each offer as you complete it. 3.Check your Gift Status page weekly then print and mail your Gift Redemption Voucher. Be sure to check your status page often so that you know when your Gift Redemption Voucher is available for you to print, complete and mail in for your gift. You must send in your Gift Redemption Voucher within 90 days of it becoming available or your Gift Status will expire and you will not receive your gift. Be sure to keep a copy of your Gift Redemption Voucher. Upon our receipt, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to ship you your Free xBox 360. Please be patient. Note: We are solely responsible for all Gift fulfillment; all related questions should be directed to us. You can reach our Customer Service Department by clicking here. Please do not contact offer Advertisers regarding your gift status. If you contact any of our Advertisers regarding the status of your gift, your account may be terminated at our discretion. The Advertisers are solely responsible for their offers, refunds, products, cancellations and related customer service. Please do not contact us regarding Advertiser's offers. 4. Forgot my Log-in. If you have forgotten your log-in information or you can not access this information for confirmation, or you feel that your participation was not confirmed in our system and you want to claim your free xBox please contact customer support. Forget that! Eric
  10. Every day during every commercial break between segments on 560qam sports radio I keep hearing a commercial for how to obtain your free xbox. Has anyone here ever received a free xbox using this method ? Eric
  11. I just heard yesterday listening to espn radio that nude photos of him are floating around on the internet.
  12. I'm not a Kobe Bryant fan, but there is no need for Kobe Bryant to rape a girl. This girl was smart and wanted $$$$$$$. FUNK Exactly. So when I see athletes doing commercials for the unitedway I should consider that a publicity stunt ? http://www.vivofoundation.net/index.php Why now 3 years after the case was dropped that he would need a publicity stunt ? for what ? Eric
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