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  1. Awesome! Ive been watching this thread with much anticipation myself. Kudos to you for all the hard work SainT
  2. Awesome! Ive been watching this thread with much anticipation myself. Kudos to you for all the hard work SainT
  3. I might be interested actually if you still have it sent you a PM
  4. Wow when did these thing explode in value? It almost makes me want to sell my pro controller I bought for 80 bucks way back when...
  5. Im just here to say; I've been away far too long from AA but I'm definitely up for one of these when you roll them out!
  6. I can confirm that it does indeed automatically backp saves to the "cloud". Reason is I was having problems log gin into Live with my ID. Finally gave up on all the other trouble shooting and restored the XB1 fearing for the worst. Turns out that when you pop the game into the system for the reinstall it notifies you of an update and it will automatically send your backups to the console. Nice feature really.
  7. I can verify the recent update does in fact give you a batter life indicator and HDD space indicator. It also makes it easier to manage what is actually on the HDD. Other than that there are supposedly a few other fixes but no mention of any voice command improvements. Though I have noticed it does seem to respond better to me for what its worth. EDIT: Here's a breakdown of what all is supposedly included in the update. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-one-february-update-rolls-out-adds-battery-power-indicator-improves-storage-space-management/1100-6417783/
  8. I like it...other than having to purchase the equipment from the rabbit guy and if you die having to buy it all over again. I guess technically the term would be renting/leasing equipment vs. buying but still that's my only real gripe with it.
  9. I'm hoping its just a few bugs to work out that can be fixed with an update. Of course I suppose I should add that my area is kind of small (but well within what the minimum requirements)
  10. I can echo most of your statements and sum up my experience thus far with Kinect myself. It does seem a bit wonky and doesn't always immediately go into cursor mode. I'm of the opinion that may be just so that it avoids bringing up the hand icon when its not wanted. The jumpy pointer MAY be related to your positioning of the sensor. I had it below my TV and it was jumping all over the place and selecting things I didn't want it to all the time. I bought one of those TV mounts and it seems to work pretty well now without being jumpy. I wish there were more ways to adjust the sensor's settings than just the setup test (kinda like how the Wiimote had the ability to adjust its sensitivity) because I think that would be alot more helpful. I agree that voice commands are awesome...when they work. I almost have to yell at it to get it to turn on and even that sometimes doesn't work. Other than that though they seem to work pretty well. I like the way they were implemented in Dead Rising 3 with being able to call out and attract the zombies and navigate the menus and such. That part does feel Next Gen to me at least. I don't think it is something they should have made necessary and incuded with the system however. The console functions just fine without using most of those features.
  11. But you can get physical discs of the games on the XB1 still which has the data on it. I see this as a minor issue if an issue at all. I've been installing games on the HDD since it became an option onthe 360. I delete ones I'm not going to play and if I want to; I can always pop the disc back in and reinstall it. It is nice that you can start playing the game while its being installed though.
  12. I know that I do. It's one of the things holding me back on getting either a PS4 or Xbox One. I have a lot invested in the last gen and while I want to experience the new, I still have a lot of the old that I want to play too. Of course, not everything I like could even be BC since well it's older stuff but that's a given.no it's not a requirement but it is a nice perk to have.
  13. There is also the "time is money" aspect of it all though. It's alot more convenient to buy X item on ebay when its sitting there at the ready, you can afford the price and want it now withouth scouring the forums or locally.
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