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  1. Why thanks for the compliments and yes, this is the fun part. The usual infinite lives and energy are relatively easy to find and implement. But I find some of these games have features in them that can be modified to make the game easier, more enjoyable, or more tolerable. And the patch system is very similar to the "Game Genie" idea the NES had in that you can pick and choose what patches you like. Another reason not to distribute pre-patched games as everyone may not like all the patches. Sometimes it can get creative. I can be working on a game and just get an idea right in the middle of it all. For example, while working on the Pacman game I thought "what if the ghosts just stayed blue" and I was able to find the switch and ended up finding it in Ms. Pacman and Jr. Pacman too.
  2. Action Biker: ------------ Infinite Lives/Bikes = [CE1369:EAEAEA] Freeze Bonus Countdown = [E9018D:XX00XX] Ride On Fumes (Don't Crash When Out Of Gas) = [CEB384:EAEAEA] Reduce Delay After Wreck = [69A996:XXXX10] Ride Over Anything Without Crashing(BUT you can't pick anything up either, use to explore) = [8DB9844C1E:EAEAEAXXXX] Buried Bucks: ------------ Infinite Lives/Helicopters = [D6A7D0:A901XX] Never Lose Money = [609D5A08:XXEAEAEA] Unlimited Bombs = [CE4C08:EAEAEA][CE6F0B:EAEAEA] (Must Use Both) Airplane Never Drops Dirt = [0185A0:00XXXX] Pacman (Atari 1982, 8k version): ------------------------------- Infinite Lives = [2BD62C:XXEAEA] Shorter Death Delay = [A9BF85:XX40XX] After Eating Power Pellet, Ghosts Stay Vulnerable Until Eaten = [C6FCA5:XXFDXX] Start with MAX Game Speed = [069002:XXEAEA] (Both Occurrences) Levels Are Complete after "DotsToEat" Dots Eaten(Minimum 5) = [A9009534:XX##XXXX] where ## is 260-DotsToEat as Hex. Example: 12 Dots to Eat would be 260-12=248, so ## would be F8. Pacman (Atari 1982, 16k version): -------------------------------- Infinite Lives = [2BD62C:XXEAEA] After Eating Power Pellet, Ghosts Stay Vulnerable Until Eaten = [C6FBA5:XXFCXX] Start with MAX Game Speed = [069002:XXEAEA] (Both Occurrences) Levels Are Complete after "DotsToEat" Dots Eaten(Minimum 5) = [A9009534:XX##XXXX] where ## is 260-DotsToEat as Hex. Example: 12 Dots to Eat would be 260-12=248, so ## would be F8. Hardhat Willie: -------------- Infinite Lives = [CE1919:A901EA] Faster Lightning Death = [C514F0F9:EAEAEAEA] Bird Always Gives White Hat = [A9020D9F:XX06XXXX] Kill The Timer = [CE3318:EAEAEA] Eggs Don't Hatch = [CE7E19:A901EA] Walk Thru Walls = [8DB019:EAEAEA] (Both Occurrences)(Game Won't Be Fully Playable But You Can Explore) Cavelord: -------- Don't Take Damage From Most Hits = [8D0906:EAEAEA](All 3 Occurrences) (Volcano Blasts And Lightning Still Damage) Nemesides (Flying Creatures) Reset Strength On Contact = [AD0906:A96EEA] BTW: I've also been working on some NES Cheat Patches too.
  3. Why not just run GW BASIC in DOS BOX(the emulator)? www.dosbox.com (to get the emulator) GWBASICv322.ZIP
  4. OK, that makes sense. So that would mean a double-density drive should be able to read the first 720 sectors of an enhanced density disk? What I'm wondering is what causes most of the Truncated enhanced density disk images I come across. I know it can easily be disk copiers that don't read passed sector 720, but was wondering if it could be a hardware situation also.
  5. I have a question here. I've only had a 1050 Drive(got it US Doubled later on) and an XF551 Drive. Since I've never had an 810 disk drive, I was wondering how the 810 handled "Enhanced Density" disks? Does it fail to read them at all or does it read the first 720 sectors only?
  6. Pastfinder: ---------- Unlimited Ships = [C6F410:A901XX] Take No Radiation = [E694A5:EAEAXX] Unlimited Supplies Use = [DE5435DE5435FE5435:EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA] River Raid: ---------- Unlimited Ships = [A46A88:XXXXEA] Unlimited Fuel = [C65B85:EAEAXX] Ollie's Follies: --------------- Infinite Lives = [CE8036:EAEAEA](both occurrences) Keep Energized For Remainder Of Level(colored hair) = [CE6949:A901EA] Mr. Cool: -------- Unlimited Cubes/Lives = [CE570C10:A901EAXX] Use "Super Cool Time" Multiple Times Per Level = [0CCE1C0C:XXEAEAEA] Countdown: --------- Unlimited Shields(Lives) = [E9018D:XX00XX] Unlimited Ammo = [C6D7A5:EAEAXX] Unlimited Charges = [E90185D8:XX00XXXX] Kill The Timer = [E90130058D5C:XX00XXXXXXXX]
  7. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but I found one matching that description in the Holmes Collection.
  8. Today I have 3 new ones and some additions to two previously posted games. Axis Assassin: ------------- Infinite Lives = [CEA66D:A901EA] Qix(5200 Port): -------------- Infinite Lives = [C69CC652:EAEAA901] Kill Extra SPARX Timer = [207384:EAEAEA] Disable FUSE enemy = [A5882901:A900XXXX] Galactic Chase: -------------- Infinite Lives = [D6A424:EAEAXX] Hero (ADDITIONAL CHEAT PATCH): ----------------------------- Lights Stay On (No Darkness) = [AAA52A:XXA900] Popeye (ADDITIONAL CHEAT PATCHES): --------------------------------- Kill Timer For Hearts/etc. In Jeopardy = [DE2821:BDXXXX] (8 at a time maximum, others lost) Disable Bottles From Being Thrown = [209B9B:EAEAEA] (all 3 occurrences) Unlimited Spinach Use = [A9FF9D:XX00XX] (Emulator Tip = Change byte $87 to 1-3 to instantly warp to that screen)
  9. I used this one on several disks back in the day. It used SpartaDOS formatted disks and supported US Doubler High Speed.
  10. Yes, Mr. Robot is one of my favorites also. You've inspired me to make a few more fun cheat patches for the game. Mr. Robot (additional cheat patches): ==================================== Don't Spawn Alienfires = [206F98:EAEAEA] (first occurance only) Bombs Don't Explode = [DE3640:A901EA] Force Shield Stays On = [C6D8C9:A5XXXX] Getting Only Two Dots Finishes Level = [008D12:02XXXX][EE1254:EAEAEA] (must use both) Emulator Tip: -To warp to another level, edit memory location $BF with $0 to $15(desired level with 0 being first level) then kill player.
  11. The "version" of Mr. Robot you are searching is probably different or it has been compressed with an "executables packer"(I can't stand those things). Try using the one from the Homesoft Collection Disk #54.
  12. No. As mentioned in my OP, these cheat patches are for private use only. I'd hate to see even more "versions" of the same game floating around on the Internet.
  13. Rockford: -------- Infinite Lives = [C6A5A590:EAEAXXXX] Kill The Timer = [C6AAD0:A901XX] Attack Of The Mutant Camels (Llamasoft): --------------------------------------- Unlimited Jets = [CEBE13:EAEAEA] Unlimited Shields = [CECF13:EAEAEA] Candy Factory: ------------- Infinite Lives = [C6ADC6AD:EAEAEAEA](Both Occurances) Kill Bonus Timer = [E90185:XX00XX] Atlantis: -------- Game Doesn't End When All Structures Destroyed = [C6E510:A901XX] Bellum: ------ Unlimited Planes = [CE5B06:EAEAEA] Unlimited Fuel = [CE5806C6:EAEAEAXX] Gravity Doesn't Pull Plane Down = [EE4806:EAEAEA]
  14. Meteor Storm: ============ Unlimited Ships = [CE0417AD:EAEAEAXX] Plaque Man: ========== Unlimited Brushes = [DE2F0CDE2F0C:EAEAEAEAEAEA] Invincibility = [20D020:EAEAEA] Dark Chambers: ============= Health Stays Initial Amount = [ED204C:A9A0EA] Doors Don't Need Keys = [B5A9D0:A901XX] Desmond's Dungeon: ================= Infinite Lives = [CE4210:EAEAEA] Unlimited Power = [CE4010:A901EA] 1 Bag Finishes Level = [0885CB:01XXXX] Kill The Timer = [02DE1010:XXA901EA] And, just in time for the Holiday Season, I had to do: Special Delivery(The Christmas Game): ==================================== Unlimited Hours(Lives?) = [C6E5:EAEA](All 3 Occurrences) Don't Lose Bags From Hitting Clouds = [D1CE4D06:XXEAEAEA] Don't Lose Bags From Fire = [F9CE4D06:XXEAEAEA] Don't Lose Bags From Red Bag Drop = [20446CCE4D06:XXXXXXEAEAEA]
  15. One note about sector copying I'd like to mention while on the subject. Most Sector Copiers will SKIP empty sectors when writing. This is nice and quicker if you are writing to a newly formatted disk. However, if your destination disk already has data on it, the copier will leave that data there if the source disk has blank sectors in that area. That could cause issues, especially VTOC residue left behind that could make a DOS think there are files on the disk that aren't really there anymore. For example, here's a hex dump of the directory sectors of a copy of a game disk with only 4 games on it that was written to an old TurboBasic disk(yellow and green designate a sector each): The game disk only used the first directory sector as there were just 4 games on it, so the rest of the directory sectors were "empty" and thus the sector copier skipped over them and left the TurboBasic file entries still remaining in those sectors. In this example, most DOSes would stop reading the directory at that first zero status byte, but perhaps not all. And if there were 8 files instead of 4, that would fill up the first directory sector and the directory entries would run together so most DOSes would think those TurboBasic files were valid entries. Moral of the story, always use a blank disk OR let the Sector Copier format the destination disk before the copy OR choose "Write Blank Sectors" if the copier has that option. BTW: Same principle goes for copying floppies to ATRs. Make sure your PC software "zeroes" it's buffer between copies or writes directly to a Blank/"Zeroed" ATR file. You may have to force this by "loading" a blank ATR before each copy and saving it as a different name. I had to do this with the old SIO2PC software years ago.
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