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  1. It should work either way in that debugger. When in doubt, I'd always prefix hexadecimal with $.
  2. By the way, for those that would like to jump to level 20 in Koronis Rift using the Altirra Emulator 3.9 simply start the game, enter the debugger(F8), type "eb B183 12 12" into the debugger console(obviously without the quotes), then go back to the game and "call ship". Once in the ship, choose "exit ship" and "next rift". It will send you to Rift #20.
  3. Great! I couldn't help it but since the code was fresh in my head I went ahead and made a "Don't Spawn Enemies" patch also. Using it will not spawn saucers OR the deadly shots. Koronis Rift(DISK): (UPDATED PATCHES #2) ================== Take No Damage = [EDCDBE:EAEAEA][ED83B1B007:EAEAEAXXXX] (must use both) One Shot Kills = [FD86B2:E9FFEA] Don't Spawn Enemies = [20516F:EAEAEA]
  4. Turns out I don't need them, I just warped myself to level 20. It was easier than I thought. So from what I'm gathering it appears that the deadly shots are from an unseen shooter. Looks to me like the ship directly in front of it is supposed to be a "booby trapped" ship since I send my droid out and the ship just disintegrates and my droid gets stranded. The deadly shots are part of the trap I suppose. So I came up with a couple more patches to level the playing field for you. The second part of the "take no damage" patch prevents damage from the deadly shots in question. Let me know how they work for you and/or if they cause any side-effects elsewhere in the game. Koronis Rift(DISK): (UPDATED PATCHES) ================== Take No Damage = [EDCDBE:EAEAEA][ED83B1B007:EAEAEAXXXX] (must use both) One Shot Kills = [FD86B2:E9FFEA]
  5. The programmer must have used a different set of code for that particular enemy. I don't play most of the games very far so those issues are sure to pop up in some. I tried to replicate the issue but at the start of the game it only takes one hit to destroy the enemy ships. If you can play the game to where the issue is happening(ie:level 20) in Altirra 3.9(latest version I can use due to WinXP limitation) and use Altirra's "Save State" feature and attach the "state" file here on this thread, that would be a big help in tracking the issue down.
  6. You are absolutely correct and thanks for pointing it out. A typo on my part, here's the correction: Power Down: (TYPO CORRECTED UPDATE) ---------- Infinite Lives = [E9038D:EAEAXX][E90C8D:EAEAXX](must use BOTH) Disable Green Rays = [4CA150:EAEAEA]
  7. Jet Boot Jack: ------------- Infinite Lives = [DE6424:BDXXXX] Unlimited Power = [C6B310:A5XXXX] Kill Inactivity Timer = [C6F4D0:A901XX] Unlimited Ducking = [C6A1D0:A901XX] Power Down: ---------- Infinite Lives = [E9038D:EAEAXX][E90C8D:EAEAXX](must use BOTH) Disable Green Rays = [CA150:EAEAEA] Beef Drop: --------- Infinite Lives = [C62BA9:EAEAXX] Unlimited Pepper = [19E901:XXXX00] Tiger Attack: ------------ Infinite Lives = [019D92:00XXXX] Unlimited Bombs = [E9019D85:XX00XXXX] Bandits(DISK): ------------- Unlimited Ships = [CEDF8FD0:A901EAXX] Unlimited Shield = [CEF989D0:ADXXXXXX][CEF98910:ADXXXXXX](must use BOTH) Enemy Ships Don't Capture Fruits = [F18FD001:XXXXEAEA][FC1006:XXEAEA](both concurrences of second patch) (must use BOTH)
  8. Lunar Jetman: ------------ Unlimited Ships = [CE3239:EAEAEA] Unlimited Fuel = [C66AC6:EAEAEA][4B38E908:XXXXEAEA] (Must Use Both) Disable Missile Launch Timer = [C66DD0:A901XX][E908:EAEA](second Occurrence)(Must Use Both)
  9. Is that the same Lunar Jetman that's on Disk #405 of the Homesoft Collection?
  10. No, I sure haven't. Never really thought about it. The methods all depend on the way the games are written(programmed). If I find some time, maybe I'll break down a game or two soon and explain the steps I took to make the patches for them.
  11. Sorry for the delay, finally got around to it. Sea Dragon(Both Versions): ------------------------- Unlimited Ships = [D6E010:A901XX] Unlimited Air = [C693D0:A901XX] Disable Floating Mines And Enemy Weapons = [C3A584:XXA901]
  12. The Har'em game on the Homesoft Collection appears to be packed. Do you have a copy that isn't packed?
  13. Time for a few more. Red Max: ------- Infinite Lives = [CEAB38:A901EA] Unlimited Fuel = [CE7738:A901EA] Unlimited Shield = [CE7838:A901EA] Red Sky: ------- Infinite Lives = [990E2185:EAEAEAXX] No Initial Bomb Onslaught = [205525A6:EAEAEAXX] ROTO: ---- Infinite Lives/Packs = [018D5F:00XXXX] Unlimited Fuel = [018D5E:00XXXX] Serpentine: ---------- Infinite Lives = [C69020:EAEAXX] Start Max Length After Each Death = [048583:0CXXXX] Sneakers: -------- Infinite Lives = [CE796C:A901EA] What games am I missing? I only want to do "good games". Obviously they can't be "packed". And I'm no fan of "demo games"(the ones where the game sucks but the music is cool).
  14. And, here's the next round of Cheat Patches: DENEB: ----- Infinite Lives = [B50015011502D001:A9058D0634EAEAEA] Threshold: --------- Unlimited Ships = [CE8F77:EAEAEA] Unlimited Fuel = [200D76:CE5A77][EE5A77:EAEAEA] (Must Use Both) Weapon Doesn't Overheat = [CE5977:EAEAEA] Caverns Of Khafka: ----------------- Infinite Lives = [CE6725:EAEAEA] Kill Bonus Timer = [205235:EAEAEA] Crystal Raider: -------------- Infinite Lives = [CE9F3B:EAEAEA] Don't Need Oxygen = [E9018D:XX00XX] Quick Death = [20320E:EAEAEA] Canyon Climber: -------------- Infinite Lives = [CE0905:EAEAEA] Stealth: ------- Infinite Lives = [CECCAB:A901EA] No Energy Loss = [F5F494:EAEAXX] Distance To Tower Halved = [A901859A:XX50XX9B]
  15. Thanks for the kind words from the both of you. Finding the patches does take a little knowledge but isn't very difficult if you know some assembly language, the memory layout of the Atari, and are familiar with typical over-all program structure so you have an idea of where the game programmer might locate certain data. It is true that it can take some time though, depending on the game programmer's technique. As for the thumbed copy of Mapping The Atari, I do have one that I've had since about 1985 but it hasn't been thumbed since the early 90's. Today, I just load up the TXT version in notepad. I find that Notepad's "search" function is much quicker than my thumb too.
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