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  1. Eclaire XL devices, from the first models already have a transistor capable to supply more than 1 Amper at the "tape recorder motor control line". In addition a polyfuse which cutting at 500mA has been placed in line before the outpout there. So, no blowups permited.
  2. Perfect jon Sikor. If you start production, count me for 100 - 200 from those. Yes Mark do mainly the software but from the first day we are cooperative on this. Now this time I have start and run another project here -Turbo Freezer 2011-, but always was my mind to construct and have available in stock eclaireXL devices also. My major issue was the lack of this SIO connector, but now if you finally produce it, then things will changed. As for the price if I remember well the last batch cost about 180$ each.
  3. Thank you Marius! Switches have be fixed from the 2016 version.
  4. Hi Marius, thanks for your contribution with all these info's. Every device will be come complete with its plastic shell and with the needed cuts for the 5 switches, the tactile switch and leds. Yes the correct resistor value have added. Although I need an info from your device. Can you measure and respond back here, about the size of black spacers on bottom of XE and XL adapters?
  5. You gave me an excellent idea. I will add a 2 rows * 5 pin idc connector there with the missing signals. But after that, its up to you to find and solder the needed points inside your Atari. Thanks for your addition!
  6. 1. Yes 2. Yes it have. This will solder in the bottom of pcb, as you see the picture. Is a 2x25 pin edge connector. Near the final result is the picture below.
  7. Let's do some things clearer. 1. This production if it's finally done, will include both adapter boards for use with XE/XL Atari's for each buyer. It will sold as a full packet in the price mentioned before. 2. @freetz Is mean that you will receive one complete device built inside a plastic shell, plus the two pcb adapters needed to connect it on a Atari XE either XL series. Also I made a new thread because the previous one isn't mine, and maybe things have changed now about the interest of the members. 3. @jamm The previous version was designed also by me. In fact the first design that ever hapened for this device in one pcb was made by me in 2016. After a while time because I was not excited with the original plastic shell -was to big for my newer pcb design- I tried a new design with a more smaller pcb to fit in a small cartridge. To be this possible all the components are in smd form, and especially the ic of main ram has been converted in one component of 1MB, versus the two components of 512 KB in all the previous versions. This happen in 2017. 4. @Mathy Thank you.
  8. New in information's here. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/307420-atari-freezer-2011-declare-interest-thread/
  9. Hello to all the 8-bit community. I has take the decision to start to produce the "Turbo Freezer 2011" again. I am already with communication with Hias "the owner of this" about my intentions and have his consent to that. Pcb was designed back in 2017, and stay in my drawer all this years. My initial thought was the pcb to become at the size of a cartridge shell. Specific to fit on a colorful shell like the Atari Max. Now for some reason Steven Tucker isn't available, so it will be needed to me find some other shell and redesign the pcb to fit on this. The original adapters for XL/XE series will still exist and supplied together. So to give you the complete picture, the offer is for the sell a Atari Freezer 2011 pcb with a plastic shell, followed by the two classic adapters for use on XL and XE Atari's. Technically speaking will be a small 4 layer circuit board, for the first time with one ic of 1MB RAM versus the previous 2 x 512KB. Adapter boards will be the same as in original project, with "gold fingers" in edges. An estimated cost to make this possible is around $ 70 - $ 75 plus postage. To be this range price possible I will need to order components to construct 100 pieces. Of these, at least 80% should be distributed here. So here I would like to ask you to express your true interest in whether you need such a device and exactly how many pieces. Please post only those who really want at least one such device. The cost of production is meager for me, and I would like to know if it's worth it to embark on such a big adventure. Thank you all, Panos
  10. This was not the point of the question of AA member, but thanks for the explanation. The same explanation must given in many web sites which refered to firmware on fpga. For example these are some and if someone take a look will find enough more. https://intellijel.com/support/fpga/ http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= Also, a very usefull controversy is shown below... https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.arch.fpga/p4C2LwHoUoE
  11. Mark calls it Core... I call it firmware. At the end we meaning the same thing. Why dont try some steady previous version and stay there?
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