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  1. The primary organizer suffered a major flood a month or so ago, and I believe he's in the process of moving to another home. Also, I'm not sure if the label making or dremmel volunteers are still on board? Wow, sorry to hear that. I wonder if he was living in RI since we had a huge flood around that time. For an area that doesn't get much flooding it was a big surprise to everyone. Well, I can wait on the cart then, no big deal right now. Edit: I see he is located in Philly so not RI, but it probably was the same storm I guess.
  2. Any updates on this project? I just started a new job so I can definitely afford to get one of these awesome genesis carts, but I'd pay extra to get one that had a nice case. Whenever I've tried dremmeling or using xacto knives, I just screw things up. Besides, I have no idea how to print out a nice label that would stick to the case (short of using tape ). I can send in a cart to use as a donor cart too, since I got a bunch of games for free from a friend (so I'd probably use Beavis and butthead or pick up some el cheapo sports game). Let me know if you're still working on this Also, does anyone know if the Everdrive has the ability to backup/restore segacd saves? Or if this would be a potential software upgrade? I think other than that, it has almost every feature I like about the NeoMythMD (regular gen, sms (at least most right?), 32x, SD card support, etc), and it's cheap to boot. But I really like my segacd as well, and I don't want to spend a ton of time playing and then lose all my saves Anyway I guess I can get both eventually, just thought I'd ask. (also I think the mythMD can function as a segacd backup ram cart directly right?).
  3. Any updates on this project? I just started a new job so I can definitely afford to get one of these awesome genesis carts, but I'd pay extra to get one that had a nice case. Whenever I've tried dremmeling or using xacto knives, I just screw things up. Besides, I have no idea how to print out a nice label that would stick to the case (short of using tape ). I can send in a cart to use as a donor cart too, since I got a bunch of games for free from a friend (so I'd probably use Beavis and butthead or pick up some el cheapo sports game). Let me know if you're still working on this
  4. And modchipstore would seem to be a perfect solution for people who wish to give their money to someone and never see anything in return... I'll repeat it one more time - EZ4 is likely your best bet for something that is still available for GBA on GBA. Ok, well I apologize if that store has ripped people off before, I didn't know, and it's been a while since I bought my cart (too bad divineo isn't an option, I had good experiences with them). Sorry about that Just trying to help out.
  5. Thank you both for the info... I have a DS and DSi but would like to use the flash cart on a GBA and the GBA player. Seems like I can not find a flash cart for the GBA specifically that is SD (or micro SD) where the rom does not require patching. Any ideas? I just posted a link to such a cart, the M3 Perfect mini-SD one. It uses micro SD and, like all M3 Perfect GBA movie players that I know of, plays GBA roms perfectly with no patching required. " * Compatible with all GBA games without any patching required and without any problem during gameplay. NDS games require patching. * Excellent Save compatibility. It support all saves types with the RTC function. * Capacity is very flexible and only depends on the card you use, which now are up to 4GBypte (32Gbit) on the market. * GOLDEN FINGER (CHEAT Code ) employs the IPS system that prevails in the world, with more diverse and powerful distinctive functions than CHT. The unique Auto IPS feature completely prevents computer crash. * With unique Super Real Time Save Function, easily operates and it can revive without limits. * SD card +Reader can be used as a U disk and it only needs drag here and there when the game is burning. * Saves money: SD card can also be used in digital camera and other products, and you can share your card as you need it without the need to buy a dedicated card for your NDS/GBA. * Supports GBA Games, FC games, Emulator games, GBA Movies, E-book, Cartoon books, browse pictures, enjoy music and so on. * Supports 4-key reboot to Rom menu function, and supports 4-key reboot beginning function." And if it's basically the same as my compact flash version (which I think it is aside from the media), it should run fine in the Gameboy Player attachment for the gamecube. The Elink doesn't require patching either (though it does currently have a windows only software writer), and it functions pretty much like those old fixed size GBA carts did. At 512 I think it will fit any size GBA game, and it's still pretty cheap. If I'm misunderstanding your requirements I apologize, but from what you stated you needed, either of those should work (ok true the elink doesn't use SD, but it is very cheap ).
  6. When I ordered my M3 Perfect Movie Player cart, I believe I got it from divineo, but they might not sell that anymore since it's kind of old tech. The item in the picture is the cart that I have, with the compact flash version. http://www.gameboy-advance.net/nintendo_ds/nds-m3adapter.htm However, I did find a store that apparently has the mini-SD version: http://www.modchipstore.com/NDS-Nintendo-M3-Adaptor-GBA-Mini-SD-16374.html I seem to be able to add it the shopping cart and such, so if you trust modchipstore.com then that's one potential way to get patchless GBA. Also, from what I recall, there was a feature in the software where you could patch gba and maybe DS games to have realtime save. Aside from that, I never had to patch any gba roms (DS I did, which is why I'm going to be getting a new DS cart sometime that doesn't require such things). As for the elink, it seems that one could get one here, though I'm not sure if it's the same thing (could just be a case change to better fit the DS lite): http://www.minionlinestore.com/ And here is what I think is the original version I got for my friend: http://www.gadgetys.com/en/elink-gba-flash-card-set-for-gba-gbasp-gbm-nds-ndsl-ids-idsl-512m.html It's odd that it's harder to find, vendors used to be all over google when I searched for it.
  7. that is a good price for a straight up flash cart but the problem is of course; no removable media, so you need to flash the thing. looks like they no longer sell it though. EMS makes a similar GBA flash cart. I think they even now have a usb version. I can find out how much they want from them. edit. so ems has only 64M and 128M gba flash carts which sucks since most of the newer gba games are 256M. they do have a usb linker but it looks like crap: Oops sorry I thought that one was available for sale. I'm pretty sure there are some places that still sell it, though it's been a while.
  8. Yeah, that's the first I heard about GBA patching too. This is the $20 GBA cart that I mentioned earlier btw (the elink): http://www.dealextreme.com/feedbacks/BrowseReviews.dx/sku.10369 I got it for a friend for a christmas present and aside from the software issues (he's a mac user) he likes it a lot Edit: And there's no patching required for this one either.
  9. Mark, I'd like to get one of the GBA flash cards to use on a GBA (GB/GBC/GBA Roms). Is the EZ-Flash IV a good choice? Given it seems the M3 for GBA cannot be found? That is also what I would like and it seems to be confusing with patches, etc... There is also this one that says no patches required but is expensive until 10 are bought and I'm not 100% sure which roms work with it: http://www.ic2005.com/shop/product.php?productid=41&cat=5&page=1 Well it would definitely be awesome for a GB/GBC/GBA flash cart, though I think the best solution available now is the USB loading GB/GBC cart mentioned previously, and then something else for GBA. For GBA, I still have and use my M3 Perfect movie player device. It uses compact flash cards, but it has 99% compatibility that I know of with no patching (only those NES ports don't work). Some people don't like if it sticks out, but I don't mind so much. If you want a cheap GBA flash cart, there was one I got for a friend last year that is USB based which only cost 20 bucks. If anyone wants that one, I can try to find the link. But both carts require no patching for GBA games (that sort of thing was only for running NDS games I think).
  10. That would indeed be cool, since RetroUSB makes awesome products. On the other hand, if you want a MD/SMS cart, the Everdrive is much cheaper and takes SD cards natively. I'm not sure if it has 100% SMS compatibility (and it also might require only .bin files), but with some limitations in mind like that, it might work out. You also need to gut some crappy sports game to get a shell for it too, but it's what, $65? That sounds reasonably priced to me
  11. I only know of two gameboy flash carts. There's the still-in-production one that takes a usb cable to load a few games on, though is pretty easy to find and get. And the other option is to get a certain GBA flash cart (not sure which model, but its the older type with embedded flash memory--Flashadvance or something), and then get what's called a GB-Bridge which lets the gameboy advance play GB/GBC roms (due to I think a voltage difference). Or, you could go with emulation I suppose, but I usually prefer the 100% compatibility of a cart. That's all I know of, and the GB-Bridge is quite a rare item to find online (ebay would be your best bet I suppose). http://www.jandaman.com/gameboybridge.shtml Since those gba flashcarts could get large it's theoretically possible to put lots of gb roms on there, so that might work for you. As for Lynx, I'm only aware of one lynx cart that was ever produced here, and hopefully it's still being made so I can afford one someday. Hope that helps.
  12. I don't know if you can back up the SRAM from the official cart easily. I kind of doubt it, there's going to be more SRAM on the official memory cart than any genesis cart so that might confuse a cartridge copier. The Myth MD is worth it anyway for other features like SMS games with FM support, 32X, etc. And just to clarify, there's only one Myth MD. What you have to buy to get SD support is a GBA flash cart that plugs into the Myth MD. It's the Neo2SD. And yeah, it's expensive if you just buy one. Oh ok, I just figured it would be a software update to be able to access the larger sram on the official cart. Do you think it would confuse the tototek copier/writer? And, to clarify, by "newer one that uses SD cards" I was referring to the Everdrive-MD cart, which uses SD cards natively (instead of the SD-GBA cart thingy). I was trying to say I'll probably end up getting both the myth and everdrive. The everdrive supports SMS, 32X, and doesn't require extra stuff just to access an SD card. The only thing I'm not sure of is if it has the ability to backup sram from the segacd. If only the Neomyth cart can do that, then I guess I'll have to get that as well.
  13. Yes, I can confirm that you can back up SCD saves with the Neo Myth unit. I used the open source programmer released by Madmonkey to do this. I actually had to nudge him to add the feature, but he fixed it up for me the same day. All you have to do is launch the SCD_SRAM.bin that comes included with the latest menu, go to "option" in the SCD bios and copy your saves onto the cart. Then hook the cart up and copy the SRAM back to your computer. Really easy. You can do the same with the official programmer, but you have to copy the entire 2K SRAM at once. That's both carts and SCD. I still haven't tried the SRAM function of the PC-E cart, but it does contain SRAM. When I get a chance I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks for checking that out for me At least there's a way to do it then. Didn't Sega release a cartridge for the segacd to expand the memory? Would it be possible to transfer saves to that and then back up the sram with any genesis cart copier (like the tototek or any other one?) If not, then I guess I'll get the Neo Myth. I'd rather get the newer one that uses SD cards, but the ability to backup sram is indeed something I want so I might get both. Thanks again for checking on the PCE one too. I'm still trying to piece together my turbografx/pcengine so I can even play games on it, and as far as I can tell its nigh impossible to find the cdrom attachment unit (it's easier to find the jaguar CD than it is to find that ). So unless I can get that or a turboduo-rx then I guess it's not as big of a deal right now
  14. The Neo Myth N64 cart comes with a 512 MBit card so you should be able to play everything on it. Yeah I know, sorry I should have specified that I was talking about the new one in the works that would use USB or SD cards instead of GBA carts
  15. I've been mailing this guy in he Ukraine. I checked western union and they want a whopping $20 to send $65 so that is out. I asked him if he would take an international money order. waiting to hear back. I have to say that this everdrive cart looks very very nice and it runs master system games too and has a very cool apps plugin thingy that can do all sorts of cool stuff. watch the youtube vids on it. I think this blows away the NeoMD cart and certainly the Tototek MD cart which I do have. seriously this thing looks awesome and worth the extra effort to get it. btw: I just received my retrozone snes cart and I love love LOVE it. very nice. in the middle of playing soul blazer now and the save feature works without a hitch. I hope retrozone puts out an N64 cart next. right now I am on the fence about the other neo carts aside from the pce128+. I hate that they use those stupid gba carts to hold games and the sd alternative is very pricey. jeez man, I know they do offer good customer service and they really have come through with all the stuff they have been saying they would do over the years but I think the decision to use the gba carts was a really bad one. So he only takes western union? That's not great but I guess I can understand, some people don't like paypal. Still, it shouldn't cost money (or at least that much) just to send... money if you ask me, but that's just me Anyway, yeah I want to get his cart, it seems awesome, especially since it can play sms games without that hardware attachment. So the only games it can't run are super street fighter and that virtua racing game? I saw a genesis street fighter 2 game at a local store for $4, but not sure if that's the same one. That doesn't bother me too much if there are a few carts that won't work. Like the snes ones won't run super FX games, no big deal for me. Or the n64 cart which is 256 so a few 512 games won't work. It's easy to pick up the few other games that have special hardware or large memory. I also agree, it's weird to use gba carts for storage. It just... doesn't make sense to use one cart for another, unless they are saying that you get two in one or something. I do want to get their turbografx cart though, it looks really awesome! And the n64 too since it's still the only kid on the block (though I hope they get some competition).
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