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  1. Thanks for the info Jinks! It seemed like it might have been shipping when I was about to move so as to not having it go to a wrong address Here is to keeping the Atari spirit alive that all goes well that we can be enjoying these units soon Plus Curt and all others involved in this project get a well deserved break for all their efforts in making this happen! Thank you for all the time invested!
  2. Hi Ive already completed my updated address change but about a month from now Im moving into my new home So the address I submitted will only be good till the first week of June Are the XMs going to be shipped before the first week of June? If not I need to update my address again Dont know if anyone else might be in a similar situation as I am
  3. Thanks Shawn!!!! Appreciate the kinds words! Same goes for you! Been great trading with you also! Have a great day!
  4. Hi, I have a XM pre ordered and was hoping to get a copy of your Donkey Kong. Yes I have a donor ballblazer cart. Hope to hear from you soon on being able to order from you and what I need to do. Im not on here much but I have traded with Shawn in the past and he knows me if that helps. Thank you, Brett
  5. Very sweet indeed. Hope to see this go for sale! Very interested!
  6. Hi, I can answer this for you. What you need is called a Champ Keypad. People put these on Ebay once in a while. It is basically the keypad and a port on the end to plug in a one button joystick or two button joystick.
  7. That exactly how I felt. The excitement, the anticipation, of opening the box and trying it out. I couldn't power up my 7800 fast enough!
  8. Hi, I just got home from work expecting my Arcade controller. All sad and having to wait another day. Fifteen minutes after I'm home, USPS is pulling into my driveway. Gave this awesome controller a test run on Jr Pac Man, Galaga, River Raid, and Pitfall. Works so nice! Very well built, beautiful arcade controller. Very worth the money for this. Thank you so much UberArcade! Permeant smile on my face!
  9. The Arcadian - Sega Retro I found this website that has a pic of the arcade controller I can now use on my 7800.
  10. Hi, I just wanted to reply on the Seagull 78 Sega Genesis adapter. Wow! I'm now able to use my Sega Genesis Arcade joystick I have on my 7800. I put my Jr Pacman in and was over the top happy to be able to use this. It fully allowed the joystick to keep up with the moves on the screen. I have a Arcadian arcade joystick that I am using. The action is just beautiful. To finally be able to use this type of controller on my 7800!!! Thank you so much Edladdin!
  11. Those arcade joysticks looks so professionally made. I can't wait to play! I'm so glad you made these!
  12. Hi Just have a controller question here. Does anyone know if this would work with a X Arcade. I have the ps2 adapter and would love to use my X Arcade on my 7800. So if yes I'm definitely interested in one. Thank you
  13. Hi, I'd be very interested in one of these joysticks also. Just like everyone else, price would be the only issue holding me back.
  14. Hi, I just wanted to comment on these Arcade controllers you made. Wow! You are truly talented. Would definitely make the Atari 7800 playing experience the way to play. Good luck with these.
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