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  1. I like the green title. The character screen looks great!
  2. I hear ya! I’d get the same reaction from my wife or at least some eye rolling!
  3. Next time, oh texting gets me so much!
  4. Ive never noticed that in there before either! Definitely have to look night time I watch!
  5. Hello again! Just watching the game, looks great! Just to ask, is there to be any kind of player death visual and sound? Looks like just disappearing now Intellivision gives the affect of a fading away with sound effects Thanks for making this! Looks really great! Will be there when you’re ready to make carts!
  6. One thing I know of after you hit the million points level is that the randomness of the replacements Sometimes you get a guard and sometimes you get a blue guy with a white seeker disc It does this to be able to get the blue guy to hit you so you slow down so the guards catch you much quicker Great job on getting the recognizer eye in place! In time this will be complete and one of the best 5200 games available Can’t wait!!! Thank you for all your efforts on this!!!
  7. Amazing that the little things you don’t think of while just playing the game To figure out that the recognizer freeze and the guards at the million point level follow the same pattern You’re putting so much time into getting this game right! I take it after the recognizer eye then onto working onto the guards? Seems like you’re getting very close to completion! Great job!!!
  8. Truly amazing! How well you’re doing with this game
  9. Have fun! Playing and testing!!! Keep up the great work I know your game with be everything Im hoping it will be!
  10. Id say since you’re close to thinking about the Recognizer er Identifier, this would be close to completion? The guards that come in at a million points get worked in after the Recognizer? Just giddy about the progress you’re making on this!!!
  11. This game just keeps getting there! Every time I check in another part of the game is implemented or a problem solved! Way to go on this project!!!
  12. Sounds great you have a new cat! My wife and I have 2 cats we adopted together that get along so well! Kitties need plenty of attention! You’ve done so well getting all the details in place for this game! Take that down time with your kitty!
  13. At the 10,000 point range when the new guys come in, how does the Intellivision game decide when to give out the white disc that continuosly follows you like some kind of heat seeker? Small thing Im sure, but another part maybe to think on You are really covering things I never knew about the health restoration on the doors either
  14. How often are you checking out every little detail of the Intellivision game? Sounds like you’re logging quite a bit of time making sure you’re not missing any part of the original game. As much effort as you’re putting into this, so amazing the job you’re doing with this game!!!!
  15. My wico trackball work very well with the original 7800 Centipede What more does the homebrew TB Centipede do?
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