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  1. A message from the Libretro devs to anybody interested in these FPGA-based game/retro game consoles... http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spvhu2
  2. They didn't even file the trademark until January of this year. Brilliant strategists and geniuses they are.
  3. <sarcasm> I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the two systems not 100% in current emulators like RetroArch (N64 and Saturn) are the same two Retroblox can't handle. </sarcasm>
  4. They stated numerous times before the show that the prototype would be there and be playable. The amount of double talk and backtracking being done shows that these guys are nothing but liards, charlatans and frauds.
  5. Hit the nail on the head there.
  6. Wrong! In the Retro Hi-Def video Tekken 3 is listed in the "favorites" section before he even inserts the disc. The person behind the camera asks "These are games backed up onto the system?" and the representative from Retroblox replies "Yeah, we previously backed these guys up."
  7. Another puff piece with no real specifics. I hope these guys plan on getting serious about the technical details before launching their crowdfunding campaign.
  8. The only problem with that is you can clearly see that Tekken was already installed on the system before they inserted the disc when he scrolls down in the menus. They even acknowledge that the games listed there are ones they've already backed up. lol
  9. I think "Retrobox" was already in use. I agree that "Retroblox" isn't a great choice but I'm sure their options were limited. Whenever I see "Retroblox" I immediately think it's going to be some sort of 8-bit Lego toys.
  10. I wasn't knocking Gamester81, I was referring to their presentation. They showed up at the convention with their prototype and all we've seen from that unveiling are games clearly running pre-installed on the system. They've never shown a cartridge or CD being read to the device.
  11. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.
  12. Regardless of their emulation, the fact that your games are being "encrypted and signed to the individual user of the system so that they are exclusively useable on that one account." by God knows what method turns me off. Does this mean they are tied to the card, the console, or some Retrobox user account ID? And, more importantly, how is this checked? Online? Sounds to me like the whole system is just a trojan horse for their OUYA-style online shop. No thanks.
  13. I have yet to see any footage that would prove this thing was actually reading a cartridge or a CD and not just pre-installed roms.
  14. But their emulators "function at a much lower level than the ones you can simply download for your PC, Phone or RetroPie / RetroArch / LibRetro box." Nevermind the fact that these apparently master coders weren't able to get N64 and Sega Saturn working. Must just be a coincidence that these are the exact same two systems without 100% working emulators.
  15. The Retro Freak can run some multicarts and "homebrew" carts too. So far I don't hear anything in the double talk that these guys are posting that sounds like it's anything new, other than their "proprietary RBXOS and Richter UI environment." They are clearly going out of their way to not get into technical details on how the hardware functions. I would hope those answers will be forthcoming before they start taking people's money for a lot of smoke and mirrors but I doubt it.
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