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  1. This is going to be a big hit at the show, for sure. I can't wait to see pictures of people enjoying it! Thanks for representing the 7800 and 7800basic so well Matt, and my thanks to all of the contributors too!
  2. KevinMos3's version of the screen does look better. Sort of an "endless sea" effect. It could be enhanced further if you took a wave sprite or two and plotted waves in a bunch of locations around around the screen.
  3. Try using the "-keyboardprovider dinput" switch when you launch a7800 with the FE, and see if it makes a difference.
  4. Sounds like phasing. TIA can do the same as well, which isn't surprising I guess.
  5. Wow! Sweet rain, and that responsive in-game music freaks me out when the tempo picks up! As Water said, it looks really good.
  6. Trademarks are "use it or lose it". Copyright doesn't require that you use the work in any commercial way at all. You can literally lock an artistic work in a vault the day you create it, and it's still covered by copyright. (proof might be difficult, but it's still covered by copyright)
  7. I took a quick look here too, and I think it would be best to request an enhancement from @Kylearan. I think the 6502 code could be adapted for multiple songs without too much trouble (with a few extra limits imposed) but the problem with hacking support in is the various data structures generated by the utility for different songs would need to be manually merged, with each and every song update.
  8. The problem with that, is it means that one of our hardware hobbyists will likely eat a significant monetary loss. Some years after selling the wildly popular 2600 Harmony, batari advised he hadn't broke even yet. Honestly, that news broke my heart. Same when I heard about CPUWIZ's heavy "investment" in components. I'm totally fine with the mercenary risk+reward action of capitalism, but nobody has a chance of making real money off these very niche hobby products, so letting the market sort it out just means that someone will be punished for their charity. I don't have a solution, but at least the info of both projects is public, and batari and SainT are big boys. If one of them withdraws, I wouldn't blame them one bit.
  9. Nailing 7800 compatibility would do the trick, especially if dropping 2600 mode would reduce the overall hardware cost. For 2600 games, people can purchase another cart. batari, for testing compatibility be sure to check out Trebor's 7800 ROM PROPack, which has roms with confirmed-good A78 headers. There are garbage roms with garbage headers elsewhere on the Internet. I've also updated the A78 header specification wiki entry with the latest info. Lastly, you can use 7800header, which is part of 7800basic and the 7800AsmDevKit to interrogate/add/strip a78 headers. I shared it a while back, but in case you don't have it handy, here's a version of the 7800 Utility Cart that has a test to run CRC checks on all of the cart ROM pages in a continual loop, to ensure the cart bus and underlying medium is sound.
  10. Well, RAM is dedicated at linode; not at the physical module level, but they carve you off a static amount of RAM. The CPUs don't seem over-provisioned. (you can get dedicated CPU, but at high levels of CPU and memory the pricing starts to resemble physical server pricing, for obvious reasons) I'm not saying AA would run the same, but it might be adequate. This may not be your first (or even fifth) choice, but I wouldn't discount it as an option out of hand, especially if someday you need to consider shuttering the site.
  11. I welcome the forthcoming adpocalypse, safe in my subscriber bunker. The ads are actually long overdue, but I fear it isn't really going to cover the bills. A few thoughts on that... 1. I know this site is your baby and you're proud of it, but I'd rather the site be slower if it meant you weren't subsidising it, Al. Are you sure a vps or three couldn't do the job? linode has been very good to me, reasonable in cost, and stable - though I'm sure I don't have the traffic or DB footprint AA does. 2. more swag - the button shirts are cute, but we have a lot of amazing original art being generated for game covers that would kick ass on shirts. Make a deal with the artist to trade sales for months of AA subscription, or something like that. Partner with one of the swag companies, so you just get a (smaller) cut, but avoid increasing your workload. 3. maybe consider amazon affiliation, and hand pick some banners for certain retro-themed goods. e.g. Tim Lapetino's book, Curt's books, Flashbacks, etc. Properly curated, this is the kind of stuff people would be keen to actually follow-up on, I would think. You could even add a "product reviews" section, where people could write-up product reviews to help AA, and the links in that section get auto-affiliatized. However you do it, I'm hoping that you figure out how to make the site less of a burden, or even a boon. I support whatever measures it takes, and fully trust you to do it in the most tasteful way.
  12. Ok, who lives close enough to Melbourne to confiscate this distraction?
  13. Perhaps consider a 7800, in case you wish to enter the wonderful world of 7800 homebrew some day? It would serve as a spare for 2600 reviews too. Anyway, agreed that you need to start with checking out power on your 2600, once you get your hands on a multimeter. Check the 7805 5v power regulator first (edit: just read iesposta's post. This advice would apply to the 7805 replacement board, in your caase) and then move on to the other chips. Before you get your hands on a multimeter, you might also visually check out the power jack and the power switch connections.
  14. Java isn't my thing either, but I don't think your carry code is quite right, as the rand16 ROL-shift doesn't affect carry like it should. Here's a C implementation that spits out 512 numbers, which should be easier to translate. I confirmed the output compared to bB for the first few digits... #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(int argc,char **argv) { int t; int rand, rand16, A, carry, bitmode; bitmode=8; rand=42; rand16=42; // a seed picked at random // with the above seed... // expected rand sequence: (42) 21 190 95 155 ... // expected rand16 sequence: (42) 65 163 227 253 ... for(t=0;t<512;t++) { A=rand; carry=A&1; // save the bit about to be right-shifted away A=A>>1; if(bitmode==16) { rand16=(rand16<<1)|carry; carry=rand16&0x100; // save the carry via the 9th bit rand16=rand16&0xff; // and then mask off the 9th bit } if(carry!=0) A=A^0xB4; rand=A; if(bitmode==16) A=A^rand16; printf("%d ",A); if(t==254) printf("\n\n"); } } Note that the final A value is the result I printf, not rand - it's the same thing in 8-bit mode, but different in 16-bit mode. (bB uses A to update whatever variable you assigned the random number to, after the subroutine return) If the ultimate goal here is to port a bB game, one needs to keep in mind that bB only runs the random number routine if "rand" is referenced in a variable assignment. If you use rand as a loop end condition or if...then condition, then the old rand variable contents are used, without a new random number being generated.
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