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  1. Ok, SmittyB and I worked it out. It seems there was a bug introduced between bankswitching and dmahole. I've resolved the bug, and I've created a new pre-release version at github. If anybody encounters other problems, let me know. If a week or so passes in silence, I'll promote the pre-release to a full release.
  2. Can you send me the generated list file, in a PM? I don't think this is a general problem with dmahole, because I've been testing with code that uses dmahole extensively. But maybe it's a combination of features issue, or perhaps it's limited to the 144k rom format.
  3. Thanks! Working on it, for sure. I spent a good chunk of the weekend coding up a parser for DFM files, and it's at the point where it can print out all of the song info, instrument data, the pattern matrix, and the pattern note data, all in human readable format. The program still needs work though, because the DFM data layout is structured for deflemask to easily load it's stuff, and to match internal structures. e.g. empty bits of the song are comprised of a lot of contiguous short rest notes that eat up space. I need to massage the program to output the data in structures that make sense for a 6502 driver, in addition to culling unused patterns and other stuff that won't be used. Then I actually need to write the 6502 driver that uses that data and sends it to the YM. But the good news is, the format is decoded, and there are no longer any big unknown issues that might stop me. It's just a matter of putting in the time.
  4. No, the YM2151 is stricly FM. Many arcade boards that used the YM2151, like Sega X, include a separate chip for PCM.
  5. Now you're just being silly. 🙄 It's the name of the new MacOS release.
  6. One more idea to kill any potential coronavirus surfaces - heat them to at least 56°C for over 15 minutes. That info is for the SARs coronavirus variant in a cultured medium, but it's likely to translate to the current COVID-19 strain as well. In this case the survival medium wouldn't be as ideal as the lab tests, though with an unknown starting load of virus, I'd still zap the suckers a bit longer and/or hotter. Easy enough to do if you have a temp-controlled reflow oven. Or any temp controlled oven, provided a significant other won't shoot you for sticking potentially contaminated stuff in it. Starting with heat treatment would minimize your potential exposure to the virus, since you'd only handle the boards minimally.
  7. Ok, I've reverted the byte scrounging for DPC+ for now, which was causing the bug. I've released v1.4. A big thanks to TwentySixHundred for finding the bug in the first place, and helping with QA testing for v1.4. 👍
  8. Hold off on updating to 1.3 for now. TwentySixHundred found a show-stopper bug. Thanks
  9. I've updated github with the 1.3 release, which mainly incorporates: the DPC+ custom-score bug fix a few extra bytes of breathing room for the first DPC+ bank an updated DPC arm file (posted by SpiceWare in the forums) which should help with compatibility with old-firmware Encore carts I wasn't able to incorporate Omegamatrix's split score for DPC+... a lot of the operations he changed to scrounge the required space weren't the same anymore. You can still, of course, use his custom files in your project directory, which will replace the official files.
  10. Ok, so no AV... so my theory changes to just V then. Honestly, no idea on the differences. I didn't have a version by version change log back then, except for the AA bB release posts. These days the latest bB versions are at github, so it's easier to track that sort of thing. Speaking of which...
  11. If I recall correctly, the people who supported digital downloads in the past also said they wanted to pay mobile-type download prices for roms. i.e. a couple bucks, and many saying even five bucks was too much. That's a non-starter, for obvious reasons.
  12. I don't think it's a problem with v40 generally. There would have been a lot more complaints before today - that one was released a couple years ago. Really, I think you're either running into Windows permission or AV trouble.
  13. If it won't run "2600bas.bat" (did you type the extension too?) then it seems like either you have 2600basic.exe in the current directory, somwhere else in PATH, and/or the PATH and bB variables point elsewhere. Follow the instructions here to modify PATH for Windows 7 and ensure it's pointing at c:\Atari2600\bB.1.1d.reveng40, and make sure there's a bB=c:\Atari2600\bB.1.1d.reveng40 environment (system) variable too. After doing that, you'll need to close any CMD window, and reopen them to try 2600bat.bat again.
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