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  1. Ok, I went back to school, and tonight I managed to score 1888. Anybody got that beat? Truly an excellent game, and the deadly abyss is not a bad ending to the game either - you can try to cheat it, but eventually random effects will get you! (I'm thinking at that point the game has wrapped past the rom and is scrolling from ram.) This post is also an excellent excuse to ask if anyone has heard from Alex, so I'm asking.
  2. HDMI would be overkill and not enough bang-for-buck. Most of these are the updated features mentioned in this thread that I think would be obtainable: -7800 compatibility -wireless controlls with select/reset. (Likely bluetooth) -plugs for traditional controls -pause -s-video or compnent output -stereo output -Harmony compatability (all useful undocumented opcodes implemented) And here are some more controversial ones that can be done, but are more controversial: -support for 4 joystick controllers -scan-line doubler (probably too costly) -built-in optional atarivox, pokey or other sound enhancement
  3. I'm posting from my cell, so I can't review your code or be sure of my syntax, but it sounds like you want something like... if switchreset then frame=frame+1 rem change the 1 below to total number of frames your code has, less 1 if frame>1 then frame=0 on frame goto frame0 frame1 frame0 rem if we're here, frame=0 playfield: ...X.................... ........X............... end goto framesdone frame1 rem if we're here, frame=1 playfield: ........................ ......XXXXXXXXXXX....... end goto framesdone framesdone rem whatever code follows your frame setting goes here There's some finer points that I didn't include, like you'll probably want to debounce the reset switch or delay the change of frames, but hopefully that gets you started.
  4. Hi CA. You do realize we have a whole forum dedicated to homebrew discussion, and an Atari 2600 programming subforum where authors show off their WIPs all the time, right? Its not exactly clear what this thread is trying accomplish that those forums don't already cover.
  5. I think its an anti-hack filter on the form submission. Its doing that to avoid getting a literal zero char in the middle of a text form. If you add an extra percent and 2 extra zeros you can get around it. Eg. Use %%00001 to get %001
  6. 2 questions... 1. Couldn't a capacitor across the power lines of the cart keep it alive for a second or two, and ensure that Harmony only lost the powerup race once? 2. Is there a simple mod one could perform to delay power (or otherwise trigger a wait) in the 6507 itself?
  7. Is this the real-world handywork of duct tape programmers?
  8. Actually, its a little know fact that pacman was designed by none other than the father of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud. It was a means of teaching his theories to the unwashed masses. Pac is meant to represent a classic oral fixation case. Pacman's mother was a prostitute that abandoned him at an early age, leaving him in stuck in the childlike oral fixation stage - hence the character's lack of secodary sexual characteristics, such as pubic hair or deep voice. Given the massive success of Pacman, its a complete mystery as to why Namco eventually pulled the plug on Freud's anal-fixation based sequel!
  9. I get the feeling that the "Atari" part was added on by a clueless editor. At least I want to believe that nobody who played either Colecovision or Atari back in the day would confuse the two. Its kinda like saying you were a fan of Michael Jackson until he changed his name from Prince to the symbol, or that you enjoyed drinking Pepsi's Coke.
  10. I think the idea of a 7800 clone is even more exciting than the idea of a 2600 clone! There's a number of ways this could proceed, and everything seems to lead from where the funding would come from. What are your thoughts on... 1) A crowd-funded project. Is $500 from 100 people in the ballpark, or is it laughable? 2) A traditional VC allowing the additional expense of a cart slot to be in the design? 3) Taking Legacy public so it can finance this and other projects. If this question is too intrusive or personal, feel free to just ignore it. But I believe in what Legacy does and would be willing to invest.
  11. The kind of memory chips that can be affected by gamma rays are high density RAM chips. The gamma ray knocks an electron out of position, which flips a 1 to a 0. Unless this was a proto cart or a loaner cart, or was similarly unique, its going to be made with a mask ROM, which is a physical structure. I'm not a physicist, but with a mask ROM I'm fairly sure you'd need more energy than a stray gamma ray is going to provide, to flip a bit by knocking an atom or molecule out of place. But other methods are definitely possible - a strong static discharge for one.
  12. If the label is glossy then I think an oil based solvent like CITRA-SOLV or similar would be best, but you need to be careful about not letting it actually penetrate the label. You also might try an artist's eraser first. (something suitable for pastels) Just don't be too agressive in your attempt, or you'll roughen up the surface and lessen the chance of success of a solvent-based cleanup.
  13. Mostly it depends on the situation. I naturally tend toward being a "make it beautiful" programmer, even if it takes multiple iterations to do it. Elegance usually goes hand-in-hand with maintainability and flexibility. However, when I'm coding at work, working to someone else's conflicting requirements with an ugly spec that was laid out by a bunch of monkeys, I'd rather just churn it out as fast as I can, warts and all. If the code is going to be a turd anyway, why bother polishing it? The same goes for short throw-away programs. No point in beautifying code that just needs to do a single job once. Balance is needed, of course, but I worry more about the programmer that doesn't understand how code can be beautiful than the guy who polishes up his code too much.
  14. I thought Legacy Engineering owned the rights to the FB2 core. (Though not the trademark) If so, then there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Someone with a thick enough bankroll could pay Curt et al to implement the fixes and feature for the new 2600. It would certainly be a lot cheaper than starting from scratch. BTW, remember how Intel named their 586 the "Pentium" because they found out they couldn't legally trademark a number? There's no reason this new box couldn't simply be called "the 2600".
  15. Yeah, not really sure what Q-bert uses for randomness, if anything. Stella seems to play the bin with the exact same moves from the enemies every time, but they don't do what Despina83 described. Either that's the way its supposed to be, or its using something that Stella isn't emulating.
  16. Wow, thanks for all the help guys! $50 or less is totally in the budget, and I feel better dealing now that I know the range. Can't wait to get my hands on one!
  17. I used to own a microvision back in the day and would like to get one again, but ebay only has "buy it now's" that are out of my budget. Has anybody bought one of these recently? What should a decent condition unit go for? And the games?
  18. Hmm, souns like something is off either in the colour-burst or chroma circuitry. Sometimes a change in behaviour after electronics warm up can mean a cold/cracked solder joint. (Though it could also be something else)
  19. 100% agreed with Thomas. Mask ROM isn't particularly fragile, and I'd expect a failure to be more dramatic. Somewhat more likely would be a failure of something in the VCS itself caused whatever the game was using for random entropy to be static. (A floating gate got grounded, or???) Frying just means the 6507 didn't run through its initialization, so the RAM/PC is random. It happens all the time, especially when power switches go dodgy, but it doesn't harm the cart. Suggest you run the game in an emulator and see if it plays randomly. Perhaps your little grey cells had a bit flip.
  20. The chroma signal is handled differently between NTSC and PAL systems. Its normal for a PAL source to show up as B&W on an NTSC tv. I'm guessing your TV has some kind of detection+adjustment for PAL sources that takes a few seconds to kick in.
  21. That would seem to put at least one bracket on the lifespan of a Melody cart then. Refreshing the flash periodically could be problematic, from a power-interruption point of view.
  22. Just a brain-cramp - I intended EPROM. I posted the original post while I was sitting in traffic, on my cell. Sounds like you guys are confident. I'll stop worrying.
  23. I think the advantages of homebrewers using the Melody cart are undisputable... It will allow for extended ram, large cart formats, co-processing capabilities, SPI bus interfacing, and even more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. But lately one of the potential cons has been weighing on me... Will a homebrew on Melody last as long as a homebrew on a traditional eeprom cart? On the face of it I'd expect the answer to be "no". More components means less MTBF for the overall cart. Smaller components generally have tighter tolerances. Are lead-free components going to be used, and if so, what about tin whiskers? What kind of capacitors will it have? I'm not trying to bash Melody in the slightest amount. I'm eager to see it hit the scene. I'd just like to understand the trade-offs. Does this concern any of you homebrewers and would-be-homebrewers?
  24. Those are my top 2 reasons to own a Sega CD. I loved OOTW, and Heart of the Alien gives the series closure. IMO the cinematic scenes and rotoscoping graphics still hold up quite well. And Road Rash with the grunge soundtrack while playing is a no brainer.
  25. A more complicated example, without the 256-byte limitation on the total level data... levelloader.bas levelloader.bas.bin ...it loads the data into the score variable, but there's no reason why it couldn't be playfield data or any other variables. rem *********************************************************************** rem arbitrary level data loader example rem rem features rem ...level data is loaded from an indexed array rem ...total level data can be bigger than 256 bytes rem rem limitations rem ...level for any one level must be <257 bytes rem ...eats up cycles because in-ram routine is a subroutine and uses one rem sub call per byte. this could be fixed easily if you dedicate more rem ram to the ram-based asm routine. rem rem notes rem ...requires all-in-one score_graphics.asm file, found here: rem http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/147450-custom-fonts-for-bb-all-in-one-score-graphicsasm rem rem *********************************************************************** const fontstyle=CURVES const fontcharSPACE = 1 const fontcharARIFACE = 1 const lvl1lo = #>lvl1 const lvl1hi = #<lvl1 const lvl2lo = #>lvl2 const lvl2hi = #<lvl2 const lvl3lo = #>lvl3 const lvl3hi = #<lvl3 const lvl4lo = #>lvl4 const lvl4hi = #<lvl4 rem *** the size of the level data, in bytes const levelsize = 3 def sc1=score def sc2=score+1 def sc3=score+2 def level=a def delay=b scorecolor=$0f level=0 initlevel rem *** call our level loader... gosub loadlvldata rem *** do any other level initialization delay=0 gameloop drawscreen rem *** wait for 120 frames and then increment the level. If it's >3 make it smaller if delay=120 then level=level+1 : level=level & 00011 : goto initlevel delay=delay+1 goto gameloop data lvlhipointers lvl1hi, lvl2hi, lvl3hi, lvl4hi end data lvllopointers lvl1lo, lvl2lo, lvl3lo, lvl4lo end data lvl1 $1a,$aa,$ab end data lvl2 $2a,$aa,$ba end data lvl3 $3a,$ab,$aa end data lvl4 $4a,$ba,$aa end loadlvldata rem the following code loads theses opcodes into the temp variables: rem ldx $XXXX,y ($BE,XX,XX) rem stx $XX,y ($96,XX) rem rts ($60) temp1=$be temp2=lvlhipointers[level] temp3=lvllopointers[level] temp4=$96 temp5=#score temp6=$60 asm ldy levelsize keeploadinglvl jsr temp1 dey bpl keeploadinglvl clc end return
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