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  1. Zzap

    Chunkout ROM?

    And here we go! http://chunkout.com/Chunkout2600.v1.0.bin
  2. Zzap

    Chunkout ROM?

    Just emailed Rick back, happy to release the ROM now
  3. Thanks Sean and NML32, list updated!
  4. Chunkout for the Gameboy Color Now on sale! Here's your chance to buy a piece of history, the first mass produced homebrew game for the Gameboy Color platform! Chunkout is a puzzle game of tile destroying fun that will keep drawing you back for one last go! Perfect for playing on a long train trip or daily commute! Only 100 copies available for sale! Details about the game including some history of its predecessors including the NES and Atari 2600 versions can be found over at http://chunkout.com/ Great unboxing video here: What's included in the package: * Game cartridge * Cartridge holder * Box * Instruction manual * Box protector Cost: $55 shipped (US & Canada) $60 shipped (Rest of the world) How do I get a copy! Post here which number you would like to reserve, then send the appropriate amount above via PayPal to Josh at [email protected] Copies sold to date (including NintendoAge members): 1. Zzap 2. qixmaster 3. TheFrisbee 4. Dain 5. bunnyboy 6. Rick Weis 7. Reserved 8. Reserved 9. Reserved 10. Reserved 11. seanhq - PRGE 12. swlovinist - PRGE 13. Penguin - PRGE 14. Sean3614 15. GottaHaveGamer 16. kcsims 17. skylersz 18. MrMiniMog 19. OzNEScollector 20. RpgCollector 21. DreamTR 22. Robert 23. gorbct 24. - Basti - 25. albailey 26. nesworld 27. Ryder4864 28. 29. 30. NML32 (AA) 31. 32. 33. srh201 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. AceEbb 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. Mark & Matt 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. Hades Rejects 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. BenG76 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. mcetak8 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. Thorium 100. pooch
  5. Thanks for the continued support guys
  6. Long overdue gameplay video up on youtube!
  7. 4 more sold, just 19 left!
  8. There's still some available, get 'em while they're hot!
  9. I received my box from Marc yesterday, great construction as always!
  10. Still got quite a few of these to go, there won't be another print run of this game, so get them while they are still available!
  11. Brilliant piece of engineering, well done to everyone involved (especially Fred). As has been mentioned, this surpassed my expectations also, and is a fantastic way to enjoy a wide variety of Atari games without switching carts. Thanks guys!
  12. Hi guys, following the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in September Rick Weis and I still have quite a few copies of Chunkout 2600 cart, manual and warranty available for sale. This simple puzzle game has won the hearts of many who have played it, and this may be your last chance to own a copy! If you'd like to pick one up they are selling for $25 plus shipping, just email Rick at [email protected] Storyline: Jon (Lord Thag) did a fantastic job with the storyline in this manual. It really transforms this game into a genuine late 1970's classic Exerpt from the back of the box: Those evil Xotec are at it again, and this time, only you can save the peaceful planet of Zarilon from certain destruction! Equipped with the latest Atari Z2PA Advanced Calculation Computer, you must break through the Xotec Homeworld's dangerous Pulsar Fields, and take them down, piece by piece. It won't be easy. Aim your mining laser and fire! The colors disappear as you go. One wrong move and Zarilon is doomed! The Pulsar Fields get tougher the farther you go in. Do you have what it takes? Join the Zarilon Defense forces and find out! Only on Chunkout, for Atari Video Computer Systems Reviews: SoCalMike of Game Gavel / Chase the Chuckwagon fame recently recorded a review of the game over on the Retrogaming Roundup Podcast. We really appreciate the kind words Mike! Many great comments about the game can be found over in the launch thread. Further details of the game can be found over on my Chunkout 2600 Site. Screenshots: Boxes available: One thing we've had a few requests for was whether we could get a few more boxes made for these carts. While we don't want to detract from the limited edition released at the expo, we'd like to help out those collectors that would like a CIB copy of the game. If you'd like a nice box to add to your cart and manual, Marc Oberhauser is currently offering to make up the following design for 14 Euros plus shipping. Note that there are some differences in the design compared to the limited edition box sold at the expo, also these boxes won't be numbered. Marc's boxes are well known for their high quality German construction Send a PM to Marc Oberhauser to order a box.
  13. Thanks for the purchases and support guys. There's a great review of this done by So Cal Mike of Game Gavel/Chase the Chuckwagon fame over in the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast Thanksgiving Special. Review is at 4:09. http://retrogamingroundup.com/shownotes/2009/roundup011_2009.11.htm
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