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  1. rubiks revolution $8 star wars $15 pacman $10 plus actual shipping. Tested. Working. see pics. obo - pm me.
  2. Pm me if you want any of this - see pics. Boxes only
  3. I’m in - add me to the list for a cased cart, please
  4. Up for sale is my Vectrex Vectorcade #6 for $650 plus shipping. Purple with black buttons. PM me if interested. Kevin
  5. Looking for working system and power supply - Vic-20 and Atari 800XL Kevin
  6. Thanks for no box options on these great games. There was some talk a few years back about selling rom downloads in the store as well as physical cartridges. I would love to play the new games and support the developers, but Im not always interested in physical medium: what happened to that?
  7. Anyone got one for sale or trade? Kevin
  8. No cables needed. Anyone have an extra one lying around they'd be willing to sell me for.a reasonable price? Please. Mine has a sound chip problem. Kevin
  9. I have an OK box for the Colecovision Steering Wheel and original Styrofoam. Will post pictures this evening. Looking to trade for one of the following Atari 2600 games (cart only): Xenophobe Frostbite Double Dragon PM me if you are interested.
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