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  1. Very nice score. I rarely find any 2600 stuff in the wild.
  2. Adventure Dragonstomper Arcade Pinball Dragster
  3. I read all the posts and agree with most of them, especially the third party pay system. That has to be the stupidest thing on buying an item that I have ever experienced. I just do not get it. Why the hell as a seller pay some 3rd party to process your order? Lazy? As far as caps. lock or font size I am O.K. with that. When did those things become annoying? I guess some folks read alot of Maddox' website. What does drive me crazy is that idiot AnGiE ThAt DoEs HeR AuCtIoNs LiKe ThIs. VERY ANNOYING AND HARD TO READ! Especially since she sells alot of the games I need to finish my 2600 collection.
  4. Is that for cart alone or complete in box? A big difference. Phil It says C.I.B. in the ad. Fairly good deal too. EDIT: Question already answered. Sorry.
  5. I have been trying for awhile now to get a loose Custers Revenge cart. The last one I tried to get sold for $65 and that was just for the cart. Sealed would probably fetch $120-$160. I bought mine C.I.B. for around $100 a few years back, but the cart. does not work.
  6. I guess the worst thing that happened to me was finding out my favorite arcade shut down. No warning at all, just closed.
  7. WOW!!! Crazy stuff. You can still buy stuff from Farakhan and the Black Panthers. At least there is still some racist crap you can buy.
  8. They sell for that and less on ebay at times and on vaps. See if you have an arcade auction in your area. I have no idea what vaps is. As far as E-Bay goes , please send me an auction link where a good cab. and perfectly working machine goes for $400. Well considering I bought my nearly mint tabletop model last year on ebay for $400, that would make my point. Also the tabletop versions sell for more usually and mine had the speed up mod. There are 3 on epay now in the $210 (so far) and some with BIN of 499 and 599. Auction prices would be much lower, usually in the $275 to $350 range. Vaps is part of klov.com, give it a try, there is much more activity there, seems most everyone moved over to vaps about 2 years ago. Lots of op's and nice folks. Here is an example (and some auctions are much cheaper) of a superauctions.com auction Jan 2010. http://www.villagebbs.com/forum/index.php?topic=4624.0 Good info. I have been all around the country and have not found a nice cabinet machine for under $400. I hope to get one soon in the Seattle/Portland area.
  9. All three of the Swordquest titles. I understood the mini-games, but not what rooms to items into.
  10. They sell for that and less on ebay at times and on vaps. See if you have an arcade auction in your area. I have no idea what vaps is. As far as E-Bay goes , please send me an auction link where a good cab. and perfectly working machine goes for $400.
  11. You're not - Donkey Kong was voted the toughest arcade game of all time. I guess it depends on which list you go by, but the lists I have seen voted Ghosts and goblins the hardest. And I agree it is a pretty impossible game.
  12. I have a new one to add after playing it in emulation : Lunar Lander. This is a very tough game to do well on. I watched the video of the guy setting the world record and I was truly amazed. I could not get half his score even after I used his tricks.
  13. The problems you described are not too bad at all for a 25+ year old machine. $775 is a little high, but not a rip-off. If you can get it for $600 you got a good deal. Good luck getting one for the aforementioned price of $400 as this price will never come about.
  14. I have to go with Krull also. Great game, great movie (in its time). E.T was a great movie, but an awful game. And yes I have played E.T. many times and hate it. E.T. just sucks, simple as that. I have never finished it, but I can honestly say that I fell into the pits hundreds of times. Not fun.
  15. His site is up and running now. Not bad. Seems pretty legit. I did not find anything Atari though, maybe I did not look hard enough. Probably just some guy spamming boards for customers.
  16. You have what I hope to one day have. Truly amazing arcade, good job.
  17. Is that really necessary? Fall out of bed this morning? You chose to read his post, nobody forced you. If you don't give a shit just go read a different post or don't respond. He didn't post anything offensive or anything that warrants such a response............ That's just how he is, just ignore it. As for the NES, it was very popular when new with many millions more units sold than the 2600. It was destined to someday be a more significant force in this hobby out of pure statistics. And many of that generation are now reaching the point if their lives where things are finally in place and they've established themselves and have a significant amount of disposable income to use to go after something like a complete NES collection. Also, the 2600 generation is aging. Many of those people that were a teen in the late 70's and starting doing this 10 years ago or more have pretty much reached a point where they can conclude their collections of 2600 titles besides the occasional homebrew release and wishing they had the means to go after the ultra rare items. I don't see it ever changing since there aren't enough people that didn't grow up with this console like we did that will ever become interested in it. This stuff never rebounds. It's no different than things like interest in classic movies and television. No one even knows who Deanna Durbin was today, despite being one of the most popular woman stars in Hollywood in the 30s and 40s. Today, most of her films aren't even on DVD here in the States. Atari 2600 collecting will be no different. There was a boost due to demographics and the internet in previous years, but it was destined to be in a decline eventually. Some of what you wrote is kind of sad, but I agree with you. I am definitely seeing a shift in interest from the 2600 to the NES and probably the SNES in 5 years or so. Oh well, more 2600 stuff for me.
  18. So? Who gives a shit? I would guess Mr. Galaxian does, as he started this thread.
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