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  1. It takes you two battalions of troops to clean a cartridge's contacts? 850726[/snapback] Hello, that's why I said I need to dig it up and see what it is exactly I need to do: I had heard if just a simple cleaning of the q-tip doesn't work, doing it in a certain order usually does it for good, but I don't recall exactly what it is, if it's using the sandpaper, q-tip, eraser, or eraser, sandpaper, then q-tip, whatever. Supposedly, if you do it in a certain order, and the cartridge still doesn't work, then it's DOA.
  2. Since ol' joey hasn't been on in a couple days, figured I'd help him out (let me know if you need me to re-send that article): Nope, the game crashes...it's level 127 or 121, I can't remember which (and I'm being too lazy to look it up ). Yeah, but on an emulator; the highest I ever got back in the day was the Runs in the early 100s, like 105-108 or somewhere around there. I still have my notes to it and all, as I want to do it "for real" one day, but T. Runner is currently THE only 2600 game I have that doesn't work (figures! ). I tried to get it to work once or twice, but couldn't...need to dig up and go through that regiment of using the pencil eraser, the sandpaper, and/or the q-tip, I forget what all is supposedly a sure-fire way to get all so-called "dead" cartridges back to working like 90-99% of the time. That'd go something like this: *the game starts off with two Zot Monsters, two more get added after a few levels *you start off slow, then speed up *the map stops showing the Zot Monsters at times *the map stops showing the maze at times *the map stops showing YOU at times (these are real fun!) *the map stops showing the key at times (ditto) *really late in the game, you get these mazes that are so (*#! dark you can't tell what door you're about to enter, if it's a single-, double-up, or down door (I hate most of these) And to NE146 (hi, by the way): go through a few levels of the game before you dismiss it; you start off real slow, but after a few Runs, you start moving faster and all. Let us know what you think of it!
  3. Tunnel Runner--rarity 5.
  4. Not really, the original one DID have a lot of pages, this one's been around for a few months and only has four. The idea is to have one post per person, and with 25 posts per page, that's a pretty decent number.
  5. I still have my original heavy sixer, but it doesn't work well at all. I'll eventually put up a post about what it's (not) doing and to see what needs to be done with it in order to try to fix it.
  6. It might seem to be a straight-forward shooter and platformer, but the Genesis' Fatal Rewind has some really tough, challenging puzzles to solve, and during the last few levels you're really pressed for time to solve them.
  7. Tunnel Runner had additional RAM to bring out a 3-D effect, and after completing several levels, you start moving faster and faster, and the scaling/speed is amazing.
  8. Just the typical unprofessional jackass who works at a games store who's supposed dream job isn't working out like he thought it would, with the probably low pay and parents coming in there with bratty, noisy kids at times. Tell him I said "up yours" the next time you're there
  9. Wow, that kicks butt, you rock! The tune was good too, it went through my head for an hour or two after having downloaded it. Nice to see Jinks and Tower Toppler get their due, and yeah, the ending was funny. However--and don't you guys hate me for this, I don't own, much less have played every 7800 game out there, ok?--what's the game not long after it starts with the giant vampire dude filling up most of the screen, is that from Midnight Mutants? Nice to see some games I'm not familiar with (yet ), and the ad shows some really good elements/action from all of them.
  10. The only problem would be if the battery gives out, then it'd have to be replaced. But at least it was made by Electronic Arts, so they'd probably still be able to do it. Personally I missed the ruins on this version though, the abundance of funny messages was seriously lacking as compared to the original, but this one runs much faster and smoother than the original though, switching from conversation to battle bode to raise shields and arm weapons was WAY easier on this version than with the clunky first.
  11. Your credibility falters due to that one statement alone.. Doom for the 32X is as buggy as they come and locks up frequently. No saving, no passwords. If you leave long games on pause and come back to them later, yeah, it'll fry your 32X, big time. But other than that, once I got another 32X to replace the one I fried (luckily I had gotten tired of Doom by then), it never froze up since. If it starts getting jittery, then it's about to go, so lay off the Doom then!
  12. Oh trust me, it ain't just YOU
  13. Another thing to consider is that some of us might eventually get bored with our names and might want to change them as well, so there should be some kind of either post or time level where we could be able to change our names if we wished. (But not every other blippin' week, of course )
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