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  1. I would pay big bucks to play Moon Patrol on Colecovision !!
  2. Just got my new Retron 77...I updated with the latest Stella release (6.4.0). Sadly, my 2 favorite games (Montezuma's Revenge & Tutankham) do NOT play. Paddles are jittery with Astroblast and Circus Atari. Guess there is no use even buying homebrew games like Spacerocks, Scramble, and Galaga. sucks
  3. jhammond

    RetroN 77

    Can anyone answer a question for me: If I buy this Retron 77 will it play my two favorite games carts: Montezuma's Revenge and Tutankham? I heard a rumor the Parker Brother's carts are not playing on this console. Just trying to verify.
  4. Holy Cow, this Sydney Hunter: Caverns of Death pack in game is freaking awesome! No way to describe it, but FUN !!! I beat level 5 and now trying to beat level 6. With 10 levels, there is plenty good times ahead. Anyone beat level 10 yet? just curious.
  5. I started playing this game today on my new Phoenix console...lots of fun!!!
  6. I got my Phoenix today...I love it!! Everything worked perfect. I played my top 4 favorite games on Colecovision cartridges...and I was super impressed. My old Coleco controller worked great and well as my SNES controller. Sound and video was flawless. Sooooo glad I paid for this system
  7. I got my Collectorvision Phoenix today!! It works flawless! I played my top 4 cartridge games...and it's amazing! Well worth the wait
  8. I finally got my Collectorvision Pheonix today...it works PERFECT !!! I played my favorite game of all time, TUTANKHAM, and everything played awesome. Also, I played Frogger, Burgertime, and Jumpman Jr. ….again everything played perfect. I believe I've made the best investment in a video gaming console ever...thank you folks at Collectorvision!!! I long time waiting was well worth it
  9. I ordered a long time ago. No emails giving me updates. I had to email them...some guy named Toby. He said "will be shipping in a few weeks"...course he said that on two different emails and that was a couple months ago. I hope this in not a scam. Has anyone actually received a working unit yet???
  10. After a year of enjoyment with my 2600daptor & original Atari joystick, I can no longer move UP with my joystick...everything else still works. I tried uninstall, and reinstalling Stella....no luck. Anyone have suggestions?
  11. I wish I knew how to put ROMs on the SD card on this Retron 77. Would anyone please like to explain?
  12. retron 77 was a bust...I got it today and does not play my favorite 3 cart games, then the fire button stopped working. Software related because I tried many joysticks...same issue. Hopefully newer Atari flashbacks will have cart slot (like the Sega Genesis flashback does).
  13. when registering my Retron 77 with the Hyperkin website...there was no dropdown menu to select Retron 77 ! WTF? How can you register without the correct console model available?? arrrrrrrrg
  14. played my new Retron 77 today...angry with this box. My favorite 3 games did NOT play: Montezuma's Revenge, Tutankham, and Beamrider. In addition, these games did NOT play either: Gyruss, Plaque Attack, Jawbreaker, & Popeye. Then...the whole fire button (software related) stopped working!!! I tried unplugging/rebooting...nothing, the button no longer works!!! very disappointed. I'll be asking for my money back.
  16. if this games comes available for Colecovision, I'll buy it for sure!!!
  17. Just send him back to Washington, D.C. or play on game 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcAoIThBDyA when you send detectives/doctor back to Washington, it doesn't last long and they are right back again. right?
  18. I'm in the same boat, and I can use a Harmony. Get the Deluxe version or whatever it's called. It's the one that costs a little more but it comes with a pre-programmed SD card. You push in the SD card and it pops out and you plug it into your computer. My printer had a slot for an SD card, some computers do also. I got a new printer so I had to purchase an SD card reader that plugs into an USB slot from Radioshack. The Harmony card has a hookup for a cord that can go to a USB slot, but that never worked for me. Once you have the card plugged into your computer, double click "Computer" on your desktop or Start-up and you should see the Harmony. Double click it and a box will come up. Now for the ROMS. I don't know what they mean either. All I know is they are a file that ends with .bin and allows you to transport games. To download a ROM, go to the AtariAge database (there are other sources for ROMs, too) and type in the game you want. You'll see a Pac-Man icon that says "Download ROM." Double click it and either save it to your desktop or it will go to your Downloads folder. Then all you need to do is drag it and drop it into the Harmony box. When you put the card back in the Harmony and turn on the console, the game will be there ready to play. It is that easy. nice detail in your description...you make it sound easy. I think I could do it now. thanks.
  19. good point! I have Jawbreaker and it's so much fun...In fact, I choose it over Ms. Pac Man anyday.
  20. Really? Honestly, when you get to the heart of it if you can read/write to an SD card that is pretty much all the skill you require. When it boils all down you simply drop the ROMS to SD card, insert in Harmony, insert Harmony into 2600 and turn on your console, select game from menu and your off........ Well for starters, I have no idea what ROMS means, and I only have a vague idea of what SD card means (I think it's some kind of flashdrive people use on their cameras).
  21. I finally beat this game Raiders of the Lost Ark today...but no score?? Wierd. anyone know why that is?? Yeah, how close you are to the Ark is your score, so I guess counting the number of diamond shapes is a way to put a numerical value to it. You have to find the easter eggs and find the ark a certain way to get the 'max' score. thanks for the reply. That is interesting. Got to give it originality points for being creating with the scoring system as well.
  22. seriously? anyone who can stand Laser Blast for more than 5 minutes gets my "patience award" cause that game was so lame...I had it as a kid Boy do I regreat not getting that River Raid game instead. Ha! Things I like about laser blast. 1 The sound has bass punch with a good TV. 2 The nice deep black background and the stunning brite lasers against it. I used to turn the contrast and color so far up, and play in a pitch black room. The laser blast's would linger on the screen for like a half second. imo, a good effect! Talk about phosphor burn-in... 3 The way your ship falls out of the sky when you get tagged. And the way you can take out another base with it "In your 'last' desperate act"...Hahaha!!! 4 How they advertised it so fn' bitd much that you 'HAD' to buy it...LOL Nice follow up points... I respect the way you defend the game. I just might have to brush the dust off of it and give it another whirl (chance). Later.
  23. http://www.randomter...-cartridge.html thanks for the link. I'm starting to see what it's about. Sounds like it's probably over my "computer skill" limits though. I'll keep reading.
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