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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a simple SIO2USB cable based on the instructions on this website: http://www.stephens-home.com/sio2usb/ I recently purchased a FTDI Basic Breakout board (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9716) and now discovered that my board is slightly different than the one on Stephen's website. On Stephen's site it instructs you to connect the Atari SIO cable to 4 headers: TX, RX, GND and RI (Transmit, Receive, Ground, Command). The board I purchased has inputs for GND, CTS, POWER, TXO, RXI and DTR. I'm guessing the mapping would be as follows: TX --> TXO RX --> RXI GND --> GND RI --> ? Does that sound correct and does anyone know what the RI (Command) would map to on my board?
  2. I'm about to attempt to build a SIO2PC cable and I've decided to go with the schematic that I've attached to this message. It's been a while since I've read these things and for the life of me I can't remember how to deal with the negative/ground in the diagram. If you look at the bottom right corner you'll see that two lines end with the ground symbol. Can I simply connect those back to P6(GND) on the SIO connector? Or am I supposed to do something else with them?
  3. Thanks for your help! I'll give it a shot with the 1N5819
  4. Can anyone tell me if I'll damage my 130xe if I build the cable at the top of this site: http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/atari_forever/Extension/Sio2PC/The%20SIO2PC%20interface.htm and exclude the diode? I'm having trouble finding the diode that is specified in the diagram. I have a spare 1N5819 diode, would it be better to use that or no diode at all? Or is it recommended to just keep searching for the needed diode before building the cable? I'm also wondering where I could install a LED in that diagram so I could see the activity while files are loading. Any idea? Any help is greatly appreciated
  5. Thanks for the quick response! Bye worked perfectly
  6. I couldn't find the answer to this by searching.. Hoping someone can tell me how to manually enter the memory test screen on a 130xe. I have 3 with bad ram so they automatically go to the test but I just acquired a good one that boots to a blue screen with a "ready" prompt. I'm guessing it's good because it doesn't go to the memory test screen? I'd like to see a fully successful memory test on one of these machines. How can I enter the memory test mode? Is there a special key sequence?
  7. Thanks for the tip. Can you tell me how I can check this? Edit: I responded too quickly. I'm pretty sure I have 16 chip machines because they each have 16 chips in them. Is that a fair assumption?
  8. ram in 130XE's is commonly MT, Micron Technologies. and it is notoriously bad... dont use it for anything... sloopy. So bad RAM can be the reason for no video?
  9. I figured I should ask another question as this forum seems really helpful. I actually have 2 x 130XE's and they both have issues. One of them fails the memory test and the other shows no video just a black screen when powered on. My original idea was to take the good RAM out of the no video machine and put it into the memory fail machine. Now that I've opened them up and discovered that the RAM doesn't just pop out and needs to be desoldered/resoldered I realize that it will be less work to just buy replacement RAM for the surgery rather than try to repurpose RAM from another machine. Once I receieve the new RAM I'll try this piggy back technique that I've been reading about. Then when I've determined which chips are bad I plan to snip them and trash them, clean up the board and install the new eBay RAM. Because of this change of plans I will have a 130XE with all the parts still intact but still no video. Can someone point me in the right direction on what to check for this type of problem? I'm sure the video cable/connection is correct because I'm using the same cable that works for the memory test machine. I also tried using the DIN connector hoping that the issue was only with the RF component but both connections yield the same result (no video). Any ideas on what to check/replace would be most appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the quick response sloopy. I consider myself a soldering newbie so it will be a big enough accomplishment to just replace the RAM with good RAM. For this reason I prefer not to tackle "tieing pin 1 to ground" with the other chips you suggested because that will just increase my odds for failure.. I don't have any intention to ever upgrade the computer, I just want it working stock. Thanks again for your help
  11. I tried searching Google and this forum and I think I'm ok but I want be sure before I buy some replacement RAM for my 130XE which is failing the memory test. Can someone confirm that the following memory will work in a 130XE --> eBay Auction -- Item Number: 310127868116
  12. I'm in BC, Canada and looking for 2 driving controllers for the 2600. Please let me know if you have any available for sale
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