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  1. Good news my friends!! A new Carrot Kingdom® teaser is here! I just finished implementing the music player and it turned out nicely! If you look closely you can see a few other teasy changes as well. ;3 I am feeling well, and it is progressing more smoothly than the last few months. :3 Thanks for hanging with me! ❤️
  2. BUMP Andras is sold, added Bigfoot Bill Autographed book. Would also trade for Atari 8-bit or Atari ST things.
  3. Bump added some Transformers. Edit: Cyclonus is sold.
  4. I think an Amstrad would be neat, but I cannot think of anything I could trade atm. I hope you get some cool things!:3
  5. Hi all! Trying to get some cash for a few other things so thinning out the collection a bit. Would also trade for Atari 8-bit or Atari ST things. Senran Kagura Lot - $85 Shipped Includes: Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Collector's Edition (PS4) Senran Kagura Estival Versus Collector's Edition (PS Vita) Senran Kagura Deep Crimson (3DS) Senran Kagura #1 Manga All items complete with special swag like the art books, CDs, etc. Bigfoot Bill Autographed Hardcover Graphic Novel with Swag - $150 OBO Includes: Autographed Hardcover Graphic Novel Patch Cards Bookmark SOLD THINGS X-Transbots MK-II Andras (Scourge) - Sold Complete with original box instructions, card, accessories, target master, minty shape. X-Transbots MK-III Eligos (Cyclonus) - Sold One foot has come unattached, one tiny piece is missing from the back tab. Otherwise great shape and includes, original box, card, instructions, accessories, and target master.
  6. Oh rad, I had not heard of this game. I am going to have to give it a try.
  7. Im with you there. My 800XL is not booting but thanks to Paul I see is Hong Kong. IIRC the last tests I ran indicated faulty RAM? Its been a while.
  8. Omg! 😻 Frank is such a cutie! Just finished up the PAL colour code for the sidescrolling levels last night. I am thinking of you PAL friends. :3
  9. Ugh sorry man I know how you feel about having to re-do it. Even just re-coding Carrot Kingdom® into its new 32K form has been something that is daunting. I support you no matter how you intend to bring Trash back to life it was such a rad game. I am looking at possibly doing the 'director's cut' of Carrot Kingdom® as a 7800 game. I started updating my tools for the A8 and adding export to the 7800 so maybe I will do that. Not sure yet. I think your game would look pretty sweet on the A8 or 7800. ^^
  10. Oh man! I am so sick to hear that you lost all of your work. T.T So sorry man. :/ The 8-bit Family would also be a good choice I think, given its BASIC languages are very mature and you can get some really nice graphics out of it. I have been working on 7800 as well to see if I want to travel that path too. I think Trash would be great fun on either one.
  11. Thank you for the encouragement! Also apologies for everything for being so quiet, lot of work, busy busy at my day job, but development has just had a nice breakthrough! I am hoping (I keep saying this, but bugs needed squashed and slowing things down) to have the next demo out SOON. In any case, the main menu has a newly added indicator for PAL and NTSC modes for all of you rad PAL guys, it will be switchable with the TV switch. I do not want to leave anyone out of enjoying Jinny's adventure. :3 Also working on a lot of polish and quality of life improvements. I think you guys will find the next demo much more familiar and nice to your sensibilities.
  12. Super rad! I am ready and waiting to be able to get my hands on it as well. :3 Grest sounds with the Yamaha! Though Yamahas always sound great.
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