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  1. I agree, wow this looks really lovely!
  2. Everything is all claimed for the moment. I have some more stuff to list, but I have to wait until a week when I have more time to post it all. Thank you everyone! ❤️
  3. T.T That is heartbreaking to hear! Please take it easy and recover well @CPUWIZ. ❤️
  4. All pending atm. I will update with what comes available if any, later.
  5. PM sent. -7 Claimed, the rest are still up for grabs. 2 DKs there, Frogger, some good ones left!
  6. Added a batch of VCS carts that I got while gathering shells for Carrot Kingdom™, and these are non-Atari shells. I have a few more after this batch, but these are the best of the bunch so I figured I would do them first. They are varying degrees of roughness. None have been tested, but I am paying them forward, just pay shipping.
  7. Yes it is super rad. If I needed an AM/FM Radio I would keep it, but someone else can appreciate it. I am furloughed this week, so I am going to go through my garage and see what other cool things I can give away.
  8. PM sent to both Edit: Both claimed and pending
  9. Edit: All gone for the moment, more to list later, but have to wait until I get a week I will have the time to post it all out. Gorf, Star Voyager, Atlantis, Word Zapper, Mega Mania, Pitfall, Crackpots - Claimed By Ghost1313 - Gone! Just pay shipping, and I will list more as I find. Microcassette recorder is still brand new. Claimed by Sethbramwell - Pending. AM/FM Radio - works. Claimed by NinjaWarrior - Gone!
  10. I would be interested one of my poor friends back in the old country needs a new PC. :3
  11. Yes, easy enough to engineer a new one, but yes, an injection moulded one would have been nicer. 😕
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