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  1. Thank you for the well wishes. My vision will remain impaired unfortunately, by the time the doctors figured out what was going on the window to save what sight I lost, had passed. 😕 Sorry to hear about your ear as well. That must have been very trying as a child. There is an e-mail sign up on http://carrotkingdom.net to get notified of the next batch.
  2. Very generous. I will throw my hat in the ring. ❤️
  3. Thank you for the well wishes! <3 I really appreciate it. I will keep you in mind, I will be happy when it can be in your hands too. 😸
  4. No problem. Glad it is on your radar. ❤️ I can't say 100% for sure, though maybe later this summer. The stroke really slowed me down, it's contingent on getting everyone who helped me coordinated, since I can't do the assembly myself.
  5. The final version is much more polished than that old demo, things like, Music during levels, Jinny has an invincible flashing state when hit, ability to use Sega Genesis controllers, 3 boss battles, the fast paced lava surfing section, story bits told during different parts of the game, 2 difficulty modes, some really great animations especially for Chocolat and Jinny. I really crammed everything I could into 32K. 😺 Glad you liked the original demo, this is a ton better than that. 😸
  6. Sorry my friend, the 2017 ROM was the only digital binary version released.
  7. Sure thing, don’t want you to miss out either. :)
  8. Sorry my friend, they are all out at the moment, but later, there will be another batch from the remaining materials. ❤️ Awesome hope you have fun!
  9. Good catch! It always drove me crazy when I put cartridges up so you could see the top label and the front and the front label was upside down so that was my personal aesthetic choice for displaying the carts. So glad everyone is enjoying their games! It feels good for 5 years or long nights to come to fruition. I survived a serious stroke 9 days after the Kickstarter launched, and was hospitalized for a while. I was paralyzed for a while and lost one of my eyes. Relying on everyone else to do the physical work did not make things easier to get the games out, but it turned out great! Corey at @8bitclassics manufactured the PCBs and has been a phenomenal help. Not to mention a great guy. Thank you again everyone for your support. ❤️ Much love!
  10. Phenomenal device @masteries! Once I found a suitable power supply and a micro-SD card it works flawlessly with my Mega STe. My USB Floppy Drive broke for my PC so this makes me able to transfer files again! Thank you for your development of this really great device. ❤️ If you have been thinking about it, go ahead and order it, you will not be disappointed.
  11. Phenomenal work! Progress towards a great version of a great game on our beloved 16-bits. ❤️
  12. Looks neat! I like the time swapping mechanic! It looks like it will be a fun adventure. ❤️
  13. Super Stoked! Been following via Twitter, and really appreciative of all the hard work you all did! ❤️
  14. Very cool to see a new Boulder Dash engine. Even as WIP, it is super smooth already. R for Rockford is fitting at the moment. Even so early a lot is going on. I look forward to staying tuned.
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