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  1. Oh wow! I just saw the one recently that was like $4000. I could have actually afforded $450.
  2. Agreed a great guy. Packed things impeccably well too, bought his Lynx and Zaku bundle. Easy communication, amazing packaging, and good price. Super cool guy! ❤️
  3. Best of luck! Interesting finding! I hope you can get your soldering iron out soon. I have not had a chance to open mine up yet, but I have an 800XL that has a similar problem. No BASIC at Boot, just a black screen. However if I put a cartridge in, like Donkey Kong or Pole Position, it runs fine. I will open it now, maybe a loose solder joint as well, or a bad BASIC ROM.
  4. Wow! Really lovely kernel! Adds much needed depth to the pieces. I think running a Chess engine on an ARM would be a pretty phenomenal idea. A much more robust opponent could be achieved.
  5. Rad! thank you! I just installed a Hard Disk so this will be very useful! ❤️
  6. I have some Persian ancestors, and I approve. x3 I think that sprite looks amazing!!! ❤️
  7. Cyber Monday Bump! The Mr. Backup is still available, I added a bunch more photos.
  8. PM sent for Mega ST4 and Mega STe pricing.
  9. Good luck with your search! ❤️ I have been looking for a Falcon as well for a few years, but I am beginning to accept that they are quickly floating away from my grasp like so many red balloons.
  10. Oh wow! Beautiful work everyone!! Just the first level, but still lovely and showing more of our lovely 8-bit's power! ❤️ Also making me want to keep pushing to finish my VCS project and get back to the 8-bit! Inspiring work.
  11. Black Friday Bumparooski. These are super cool.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on AA. :3


    I am thankful for all of you. ❤️

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jinroh


      I hope you are all having yum and fun! ❤️


    3. GoldLeader


      To you as well!  Hope you are enjoying your day!

    4. Jinroh


      Thank you! It was fun, though now I am sleepy. ^^;

  13. Chicgamer is super rad. We met after driving a few hours to meet half way. Traded some things, and the items were just as she described. She is a super cool Atarian, very great communication and pleasant to deal with!
  14. Would like one of these units.
  15. I have not seen one available for sale, but if you just want it for development, I snagged a copy from here and wrote some disks. https://sites.google.com/site/stessential/development/devpac
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