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  1. My 520STe does not like my hard drive, but I have a Mega ST4 (16mhz upgrade) that I can use to test a few out here and there.
  2. Super cool, I love seeing these Supercharger updates. I would love to have one someday if I can find one. Good luck getting it online Bee! Would love to see what you load up on it. ^^
  3. Righteous, I was just thinking about playing this again today! Thanks for the work!
  4. Pretty sure I have maybe all of them. I know at least River Raid and Ice Hockey. I'll send you a PM.
  5. Yes it looks fun from what I see. :3 Yes, maybe next year things will line up more conveniently.
  6. It looks like a neat one! It is only 5 hours, from me, so doable. The downside is that it is my wife's birthday weekend, and she cannot travel atm due to injury. So it is a no-go .
  7. Please add me to the pre-order list for Lynx II. :3
  8. Oh yes that is right they have some difference, I had forgotten! Nevertheless I do love the form factors. ❤️
  9. Congrats that is a beauty! :3 Glad to see this sweet machine working again! ❤️ I love the Mega ST form factor. I recently got a MegaST4 that is upgraded with an Turbo 16, and it is also a peach of a system.
  10. PushChocolat.mp4 Tease tease. (Push by Matchbox Twenty used non-profit, just for funsies.)
  11. Jinroh

    PAX South 2020

    Rad Bruce! Just got mine yesterday and registered online as well.
  12. Tempting bleh, maybe someone will give me cash for Christmas.
  13. Got a unit from @docman, super cool guy! Unit was well packed, amazing shape, just as described, he was easy to deal with, and just a rad dude.
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