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  1. Very cool. You made it a business and pleasure trip. x3
  2. I am up for trades as well. :3 Another member and I drove like 4 hours each to trade some PCs. :3 It was fun, we met at an arcade and despite the threat of snow, a decent drive.
  3. The first Mega Man PC, that was the first game I bought with my own money for my old Tandy 1000. x3
  4. Very great updates, I am looking forward to getting one, so I can get back to developing on my ST again.
  5. Killer job guys! ❤️ Really smooth sprites and amazing colours. :3 Look forward to giving it a go.
  6. Yes that is it! Scumm-VM-Lite! I played it on my Mega ST4 not long ago too.
  7. Very nice, this would be perfect for my Mega STE, the 1GB SCSI Internal drive does not seem to be working anymore.
  8. Super cool! Thank you for sharing. I love that setup! Very impressive to do black box testing on that rig. Especially with the ST being a crucial piece of development. I used to do aircraft telemetry and flight sims for Northrop Grumman, and we had equipment that was 1000x more powerful, so seeing aircraft data on this rig is super cool! ❤️
  9. Oh killer those are some awesome pins!
  10. Haha yes I know, saying it was “free advertising” was hyperbole. Paying a small percentage fee for the exposure and other amenities Kickstarter affords is worth it to me. We are 86% funded in a week, so I think that is phenomenal for an unknown project. I am confident we will be funded, and have had great response. I am not going to keep going in circles arguing over this, there is enough discord in the thread and the world quite frankly. I love you guys, and I appreciate your comments and support. If you want to back it, thanks, if not no hard feelings either. ❤️ Love you all for being my AA friends.
  11. Thanks guys. The publisher is not officially affiliated, and they have their own 7 new releases coming out. If people end up not liking me, for whatever reason I do not want to affect their business. I appreciate the constructive criticism, and encouragement. Love it or hate it, Kickstarter was a measured decision, it is essentially free advertising that can get the project on eyes that are well outside my sphere of influence. The project has been featured in Kicktraq's top 10 hot list for video games, and front and centre on Video Games Kickstarter bulletin for Monday the 4th. I appreciate the support, the Kickstarter will be seen through to the end, I do not want to pull the rug out from the existing backers, but we will see how it ends up and go from there. I appreciate the words too @neotokeo2001, you have a lot of great releases.
  12. Let me try this again, now that I have had some sleep, and such. x3 Thank you everyone for your responses. @CPUWIZ @Shawn @Swami Everyone else, I appreciate the feedback, advice, and constructive criticism. I will try and address some things, as I would like to hopefully remain a goodstanding member of the community. I was a bit nervous or overzealous before, haha, but 'We' are the artist, tester, and designer, who helped me create the game. We are a bit of a development group amongst ourselves. I could not have made the cute Jinny art and such for the box, well at least in that style, by myself. @darryl1970 Is a close friend, and can vouch for my ability to finish production of the boxes, manuals, carts, etc. He has also been a tester and given great feedback since I started the game back in 2015. I am also good friends with an Atari Distributor and Homebrew Publisher, who has been around for a long time. He has been really supportive and given me a lot of advice since we decided to start this project. If I run into any snags, he is always happy to give me advice. Thanks for this, that was a misfire there, that I did not notice. I have corrected it. | V The development thread has been updated since April of 2020 (I did not just disappear for 18 months, but maybe I am easy to miss. ) sections with Chocolat's battle, the Lava Surfing section have been posted in there, but I can post here if you like. I have a good reputation in the feedback forum: If you have trepidation about backing the Kickstarter, it does not hurt my feelings. I am happy we can all love Atari stuff together, and if there is a second run, maybe you can pick one up. I did spec out the costs, but I think my problem is that I am an awkward front man, a great programmer, but an awkward front man. In any case, ramble over, thanks everyone. I hope to see you on Kickstarter, if not, see you around here anyway. Also, here is up to the Bread Cat, in the final version, you can see the additional flashing damage effects, flashing invincibility state for Jinny, story text, and things that you may not have seen yet. I am trying not to spoil too much of the game, but I can make some other videos, if you REALLY want to spoil it. x3 There are also TWO difficulty modes, and you need to beat the game on HARD to get the true ending. Much love! ❤️
  13. Too much jumping to conclusions. The question was about cartridges, we will be assembling them in house from the required materials. We have a large quantity of shells already gathered. However, nothing was asked about PCBs. We have previously inquired with existing Atari PCB makers back in 2019 when gathering research, but have not inquired about the order with any yet, as the Kickstarter is not funded. We are just trying to have a little fun during the pandemic and release a neat game that a lot of hard work went into. ^^
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