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  1. I have not forgotten about this, one of my of my classes ends this week so, getting all of that finished, but will load it on there and try it out.
  2. My brother had a Tungsten T5 I can attest that it was rad
  3. Cute game! Reminds me a lot of Boulder Dash, and the like. :3
  4. Yes I hope you can find a suitable laptop that you can like. You are sending me a down a rabbit hole though. I am curious now about the performance and suitability of the PocketDOS. I have not tried it yet and I am furloughed next week for COVID-19. I think I will give it a go with a few games. I found the 486 Plugin. It is called BOCH 486. I will upload some pics and such of the actual 486DX-II I have for sale as well later this weekend.
  5. No worries everyone has their strengths. The Jornada and MobilePro have a program called PocketDOS, it is a DOS virtual machine that emulates x86 PCs up to 80286. Basically with PocketDOS you install a DOS OS as a VM into your Handheld PC. And it functions precisely as a DOS system. So that is an option. http://www.mediator-software.com/pocketdos/specifications.htm The Jornada and MobilePro blow away the recommended specs. A Handheld PC or Pocket PC with: The Microsoft Windows CE 2.11 (or later) or Windows Mobile Operating System. An ARM-compatible (eg. StrongARM, XScale) CPU. A 16bit colour display. At least 4Mb free program memory. At least 4Mb free storage. The performance difference between the Jornada and MobilePro are not very much, though I do like the form factor of the MobilePro a bit better as the keys are a bit larger. The Jornada is nice though as well as it is a bit more portable. Specs MobilePro: CPU: 400 MHz Intel XScale PXA255 Memory: 64MB RAM SDRAM / 64MB Flash ROM (32MB for user applications and data) Specs Jornada: CPU: 206 MHz StrongArm Memory: 32MB RAM RAM I have another MobilePro 900 that is nearly brand new mint in box, but not sure if I want to part with it.
  6. Excellent questions! These both are Windows CE machines and run StrongARM processors. The Jornada is clocked at 200mhz. The NEC is slightly faster, but both are very capable and fun to play with. https://www.hpcfactor.com has a huge list of software that is compatible and the download links. I was a Win32 coder for many years and porting from Windows 32 to Windows CE is nearly 1:1 if use use Visual C++ Embedded 5.0. So if you are a coder, it is good fun that way too. You can also load JLIME Linux on the Jornada and run other things that way. I have run Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, on these. I have some videos of them in action I will upload later. At work I have a weak signal. The Jornada also can connect to your PC with the dock. It has a 56k modem, internal storage, the whole 9 yards.
  7. My younger brother and his friend used to play this. I remember it was pretty neat. The one where you build the ships from the flat sheets?
  8. I was bummed I was at work when this went live. x3 Oh well I will definitely get in too on the next run. :3
  9. That is funny. Great book, but the funny part is @darryl1970 and I used to work with Jonathan Harbour. Good guy, great to work with. I used to do GBA coding. Then later, after I met him, I found a PDF and took a curious look at it, great read for beginners. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Exactly, not quite a Falcon, but a Modern TOS based machine.
  11. Firebee would be awesome to splurge on. A few of us have been inquiring about Firebees and have not heard a response. So I am not sure if anyone can even get on the list.
  12. Super cool dude! Great communication, fair, easy to work with.
  13. Oh wow very cool! Great lineup! I would really like that 1.44 for my Mega ST4. :3
  14. I had considered this with Carrot Kingdom™, before, for seeing if I what I can re-use for a super charged 7800 port. I could re-use some of the code for some of the movement, physics, some of the sound handling, and put a prettier coat of paint over it, but it would require quite a bit of re-coding. Even with some of the similarities to the hardware.
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