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  1. Would love to have a paddle for BitTrip games. Anyone know if it would work? Right now it works on motion (rotation of the controller). A paddle would be killer for that.
  2. In multiple directions with the seams in tact. Unlikely.
  3. Will this fit my jag CD attachment? Looks like real Puma skin.
  4. C'mon gang. That's a wireless controller prototype dongle. Worth big bucks... U gonna be rich!
  5. Game collector hete... My yotube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/RubiKonAdventures Not video game related though. Currently on my bike heading to the Northwest territories... the Beaufort sea.:-)
  6. Digital D/L Only? Physical Release coming?
  7. I may be selling off my Nuon Collection in a bit. First I have to find it all. I moved last year into a new home and I am still unpacking my game collection. Make me a "worthy" offer to motivate me to find and unpack these. Otherwise, I will probably list this next fall when I get around to it and auction them off. :-) As you can tell, I'm in no hurry. I have various hardware versions and controllers. Some will be sold as sets with a game and controller. Here is a list of the software. Software //////////////// Ballistic (Pack-in w/Samsung N501) Ballistic (Pack-in w/Samsung N501) Freefall 3050 A.D. Freefall 3050 A.D. Games & Demos CD (NUON DOME) Iron Soldier 3 Merlin Racing Next Tetris Space Invaders XL Tempest 3000 Tempest 3000 Non Nuon Games (Not sure if these are going or not). //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Dragons Lair II: Time Warp (DVD) Space Ace (DVD) Time Travel (3D DVD) w/3D Glasses
  8. For the most part, I'd have to agree with all your complaints about the XBONE. By design, it really only works when online persistently. I long for the days of plugging a cartridge or disc in and playing. Even having it installed on the HD should work w/o issues of having to be online. And yes, both of my XBONEs have frozen. One even had to be replaced soon after I bought it because of constant failures and hours on the phone and arguing with MS support about it (This coming after I had 4 RRD XBOX 360's .. you'd thought that I would have learned..) I don't have a PS4, so I can't comment how it works, but MS really missed the boat on the essence of what gaming is about. No longer can I buy a game and come home, plug it in and play it... Nope, I must wait several hours for it to "install" and update the friggin patches to the buggy shit that I plugged into my multi-media... do-it-all device powered by MS shipe. I am not a Call of Duty, Battlefield, mmorpg gamer, so maybe I am an oddity in thier market profile. As it stands now, I will never buy another MS "gaming" machine again. I loved Halo back in the day and that is what initially attracted me to the XBONE... but Halo 5 was a shipwreck of a story... Ruined the franchise IMHO. I hear the Switch is pretty cool. May have a look see there at some point. As far as bing goes... bleh... My Win 10 PC keeps barking at me to switch to Edge and drop both Firefox and Google... wants me to leave feedback on my WIn10 experience... constantly updates in the middle of work. Leave me the hell alone MS. If I want your products, I'll use them... otherwise, stay the hell off my box and work on improving your customer experience. Microsoft can go suck an egg for all I care.
  9. Just found this. :-( If anymore ever made, or someone wants to make me one or two. Lemme know
  10. I can see them doing Mario Maker on the Switch. That one is a no brainer. Looking through that list is sad though. The reality is, the Wii U just didn't cut it. Too bad, because I loved the Wind Waker HD remake and Mario world 3D. Aside from Mario Maker, It seem to have died for me there.
  11. Hmmm, that is strange. I've had no issues purchasing 360 games online and playing them. But I must admit, they were games like Geometry Wars 1&2, etc.. Portal 2 is available for purchase I see as well as Portal: Still Alive. But yes, Portal is amiss. The games I am having specific issues with is Dead Fall Adventures and the Force Unleashed. I bought the special edition of DF a couple of years back and never played it. When it came up on games with gold I did the D/L and began playing it. The achievements I get don't show in my recent achievements or monthly leader board totals (same for Star Wars UL), but they do appear in my list of overall achievements. Why this is important to me is that my son, who is now on his own and his friends .... we all mildly compete for monthly achievements. I rarely beat them. But last month I did and so far, I am in the lead this month. I woudl be even farther ahead if the XBOX 360 achievements registered. I just wanted to show them that this "old man" still has some fight left in him. 'cause you know => "Old Guys Rule!"
  12. Nope thats,not it according to ms support. However, they tell me to goto the xbox forums for help. Bastards. Why do they call it customer support then. No help over there.
  13. I'm playing some of the games with gold program. I noticed that my acheivements not showing up on my monthly leaderboard when I am playing 360 games. My overall gamers score is going up, but not on my acheivements list. The xboxone only games, with gold, do show up however. Scratching my head on this one.
  14. I am suspect of this too. The disc is a licenise.
  15. I had an Aquarius and multicart for sale there... Still have it. The Aussie cassettes are a cool score.
  16. With his Warthog in bad shape and disrepair, the Master Chief was asked to reviews new combat vehicles. This time around, he is looking at 2 wheels. The hope is to find an all terrain vehicle that can navigate narrow hallways on Covenant warships and slotted canyons while carrying all the necessary ammo for his massive arsenal of weaponry. The big dual sport bikes may fit the bill...... More here: Master Chief Test Ride
  17. Cra Store displays I got from Game stores, craigslist and friends.
  18. Just found these pics as well. Some posters I made for NWCGE in 2006. They are hanging in my stairwell
  19. A couple more pics ... Years ago I acquired a Sears Atari POP display. Unfortunately, the gentlemen I got it from didn't realize the value and stored the side pieces (made from particle board) and such outside in a leaky carport here in the PacNorthWet. This essentially ruined them. So I have been re-purposing some IKEA shelves. I need to take better pics as some point. Also need to fix my Imagic Store display.. It is finicky. Bad caps, PS, etc.. I dunno.
  20. Oh, and the log home Also a work in progress.
  21. 2 Years ago I moved to a Log home on acreage. Sadly, my game room has been neglected. I have a bigger space for it than in the old house... an apt above my workshop. I started the process of painting and unpacking my goodies since it has been so wet this winter. Here is where I am at...
  22. Twin stick shump type game. See video here. https://youtu.be/4nidzLO8j4s
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