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  1. I think you did right in posting this issue in the ToToTEK support sub-forum "Complaint or Need Help from ToToTEK" - that is what that sub-forum is for. Looks like Tomy offered you a refund today? Hope things work out for you. Tomy has been trustworthy for years.
  2. Thank you!! Just got the VBXE 2.1 boards and now this! Can't be better
  3. Thank you candle! XE versions for an XEGS and a 5200 project preordered and paid
  4. I was hoping this guide would be a good start; http://www.dereatari.republika.pl/VBXE5200.doc ..but which version to preorder..
  5. What is the difference between the XE and XL versions? Which would be best for modding a 5200?
  6. Sorry. Question moved to lotharek's thread.
  7. cfn


    Greate news indeed! E-mail sent :-)
  8. If there is a second run, I need to get one of these
  9. Hi! I am interested in one of these: Atari Jaguar Rotary Controller "Limited Tronpheus Edition" with black knob 56€ + shipping
  10. It would be great if I could use a VBXE 2 to get RGB from an Atari 5200. Would it be possible to follow this guide? http://www.atariage....21-rgb-in-5200/ The guide states that "If the module VBXE has batch other than 1.02 must be reprogrammed."...
  11. Just want to show my interest as well. This will be an exciting project to follow.
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