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  1. And yet there were two basketball games!
  2. TOKI for Nintendo Switch down from $30 to a much more reasonable and appropriate $12. 


    I kinda sorta liked the Atari Lynx game many years ago. 

    1. save2600


      Remember all those years ago when Toki was found for the 7800? I barely do...  lol

  3. You all beat me to it. All I have to add is that it looks like even "Atari" wants nothing to do with Biff and his "forems." Popeye has really big forearms, maybe that's what he meant. I like this gross parody cartoon and I hope you do, too. NSF anyone with taste. Y'all should be fine.
  4. Sure, but they're all privately owned, not a big franchise hegemony like GameStop. It would also be tough to get staff trained to be useful/fun in this setting. They've got to do something to differentiate themselves from Amazon or Target (or downloads).
  5. I almost feel bad for the social media minion who has to get out there and say, "sorry the email address we provided isn't working, please try this one." Remember kids: designing, manufacturing, distributing, and supporting a piece of computer hardware is orders of magnitude more difficult than creating and managing an email address, which is easily done by an 11-year-old of average intelligence.
  6. I agree that it would make GameStop a more attractive hangout spot. I would think making a newbie-friendly spot for boardgame demos could be an unfilled niche for many people. Personally, I often play games to avoid interacting with people, but not everyone is as awful as me. It doesn't necessarily follow that they'd make enough extra money to offset the liability of having so many nerds hanging around all day. Maybe if they sold candy, coffee, or beer?
  7. Is it really a "they?" I know exactly why they don't hire a kid to do menial dead-end retail work in the middle of Silicon Valley, which has one of the highest costs of living in the country. I guess so ... but how many people could there really be, to generate the kind of demand that would stress him out so much? The website is the equivalent of a xeroxed and stapled fanzine, which is fine I suppose, but frankly I'm surprised he even takes credit cards at all. Those of you who have done business with them are going to have a story to tell for the rest of your lives; there aren't many left like this anymore. It makes me better appreciate the modernity of places like MicroCenter (which is even older) and their 18-minute pickup service. There's enough "character" on that webpage for several short stories, or maybe an independent film. Maybe an underground comic would be the most appropriate. Preserved here Atari - Best Electronics Home.pdf ... you know, so you can print it out and study it offline or something. I should make this my email signature.
  8. I could. Don't know about you, it depends how picky you are.
  9. If you don't mind my asking, are you coming to this at a (relative to us) young age?
  10. There are two kinds of people following this situation: 1. The kind of person who sees a firm that can't manage to create a working email address, and assumes incompetence all the way down, and 2. The kind of person who sees a firm that can't manage to create a working email address, but says "hey, no problem, building and shipping and supporting a piece of computer electronics is a completely different enterprise, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. and throw money at them." I hope Jansen gets answers to all the questions.
  11. I'd love to watch that (and only that) Hey look, a short clip of that scene is on YouTube, and it's done with such over-the-top religious reverence (and presented by a breathless uncanny valley avatar), I hate it even more. Yeah, I'm old and cranky, so what?
  12. @CZroe I agree that an all-in-one solution would be preferable, like a Sega Neptune with solid state support for CD ISOs. Look, I'm not trying to argue with you. Unless you're the person who wrote the words ... ... I don't get why anyone would take issue with someone pointing out that the phrasing is confusing at best. In truth, it plays everything on that list EXCEPT 32X games. "The Mega SD is a Genesis / Mega Drive ROM cart that plays Genesis, SMS, AND Sega CD games, from all regions, all on one cartridge!" There, I fixed it. The video review spends about 6 minutes talking about the (lack of) compatibility with 32X, starting at about 9:52.
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