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  1. Sorry to hear this, we can tell that you loved her so very much. That is a neat tribute, you've been such a great supporter of this community. My sympathy goes out for you and your family.
  2. Congratulations on finishing the book, @UKMike! I could scarcely believe it when I saw a flurry of posts in this crazy old thread. I hope there are lots of original artifacts in there. It was fun to follow the exploits of this doomed project from the outside, so I can only imagine the nonsense that didn't make it into print. This is the best part from a buyer's/backer's perspective: I hope you hit your goals and I look forward to consuming this tome. 600 pages!
  3. All the best to you, CPUWIZ!
  4. Atari Vs. RageOn (t-shirt maker) is over. Atari wins default judgment (defendant didn't show up) of $800,000. Now they get to try and collect that from a company that probably isn't in the shape to deliver. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/16618437/16/atari-interactive-inc-v-rageon-inc/
  5. @bluejay do you know about https://68kmla.org/forums/ ?
  6. Hey has anyone seen their latest financial report? I thought this is when they usually come out. They had a press release about their Token gimmick a few days ago. It was a good move not to post it on April 1.
  7. They look like red balloons 🎈 (many fewer than 99 of them, even at the biggest Target 🎯) but I believe they're bollards. Not to be confused with bollocks, which better describes "Atari's" hardware efforts.
  8. I like the old Macs but don't think there's enough discussion or experience on here to justify a dedicated section for them. I could count the annual number of topics on one hand. Lowendmac is still the best source for help and advice with old Mac hardware, and Macintoshgarden has the software side nicely covered. I understand and appreciate the impulse to find another home for the classic Mac scene, but I don't think this is the place you're looking for.
  9. ^^ I'm like this, too. Early Saturn adopter and have no problem with the price. It will go on sale before long for those who want to wait, but I wanted it now.
  10. Thank goodness I resisted the Square Enix sale on Switch. There's no way I can play thru all those 30 hour games, half price or not.
  11. Sure, as long as you install Windows on it. Oh, and you would actually need to receive an AtariBox to run it. The Steam wishlist page is up, including system specs. It's tiny, and can run on a potato. I expect a mobile release before long, but PC/consoles have more prestige nowadays. Or as they say, "no balls, no problem!" This is the kind of ridiculous game I enjoy. I'll give it a spin when it goes on sale for a dollar or two. No balls, no problem!
  12. TWO finance-related Atari press releases today, ahead of some almost certainly awful fiscal reports. ATARI: Redemption of the OCEANE 2003-2020 maturing on April 1, 2020 Seems to be some old bond from one of their bankruptcies. and Iconic Atari®️ Properties are Headed to the Revolutionary Blockchain-based Gaming Metaverse, The Sandbox Sounds like some kind of Roblox-type virtual world, combined with their oh-so-gimmicky blockchain promises. Get psyched! or not. ATARI VCS is still "Managing the Unexpected," of course. We didn't expect the global pandemic, but we kinda did expect this
  13. And if you buy the iOS version, it's got a nice AppleTV version as well. Those are unique little games and I'm pleased that SquareEnix has kept them up to date and in the store.
  14. Nice list of premium games reduced to free in this time of emergency. https://www.pocketgamer.com/articles/082506/the-best-free-games-to-play-on-your-iphone-ipad-or-android-phone-in-2020-updating-daily/list/
  15. Agreed that it means BROKEN. You could always buy it, test it, and if it doesn't work, send it back at the seller's expense if you wanted to teach them a rude lesson about not selling broken crap on eBay. They can say "no refunds" but eBay will stand behind the buyer. This has happened to me as both buyer and seller enough that I won't put anything up for auction that I wouldn't want myself.
  16. I'm pretty gentle with my stuff and the controls have been fine, but that battery has got to have a limited lifespan. Replacing it looks like a hassle. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Nintendo+Switch+Battery+Replacement/112995
  17. TIL that a single spaghetti noodle is called a Spaghetto. In Italian, an “i” at the end is plural, and “o” is singular. This goes for other italian dishes too: panino, raviolo, fettucino, gnocco, etc.

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    2. Spriggy


      On that note, I'm off to buy some Taci. 😎

    3. DuggerVideoGames


      E vero.  Mia nonna e Italiana ma non mi ha mai insegnato Italiano.  E morta molti anni fa.  Ho studiato per quasi quaranta giorni e voglio migliorare il mio Italiano.


      I don't remember how to type in the letters with the accent marks over them, so pardon the lack of those.  I found this old status of yours by accident as I searched the word Italian, because I could've sworn there was an Italian language thread - among other foreign language threads - here on AtariAge somewhere.

    4. DuggerVideoGames


      And yes, i at the end is plural while o at the end is singular; however, feminine words (words ending in a) end with an e when they are plural (donna = woman; donne = women).  Some singular words end in e, however (chiave = key) but end in i for plural (chiavi = keys).

  18. Ars Technica just now https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/03/nintendo-switch-sells-out-at-retail-leading-to-third-party-price-gouging/
  19. It has nothing to do with the Macintosh. It's a II with some extra stuff on it. The Atari 7800 is its own thing, but it can run 2600 software. It is not, however, an Atari Jaguar.
  20. So far it's much prettier than the Saturn original and plays well. Besides the longish loading screens, I haven't seen anything that crashed or seemed bugged. I haven't spent a lot of time with it but it seems yummy so far.
  21. @cimerians thanks for the word on RAID. I am of the opinion that if something earns my time, it can have some of my money. My game of choice for this style of character collector is Star Trek Timelines. In many years into it so it's hard to start another thing like it. Star Wars Heroes should do it but it's not as fun for me somehow.
  22. @digdugnate I know the feeling -- I still prefer my phone, but Switch is pretty great too. They're two great tastes that taste great together. TouchArcade has a regular SwitchArcade roundup which covers my interests nicely. Shaun is well versed in retro and has excellent taste in games. Info on sales, too. the latest https://toucharcade.com/2020/03/27/switcharcade-round-up-the-latest-nintendo-direct-brought-surprises-saints-row-iv-re-elected-and-todays-other-new-releases-the-latest-sales-and-more/
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