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  1. Time on Taris is toooooo looooooong. It's probably the weakest aspect of the otherwise great game, in my opinion. That and the fact that Aspyr hasn't gotten around to updating the iPhone version to work on iPhone 11 Pro. :sad:


    I wish we could have some more episodes like this. SWTOR was supposed to be it, but the MMO structure kinda wrecks it. I'd love a KOTOR Maker which would allow us to design characters, environments, stories, and voice acting to do our own thing in this world. 

  2. The early DOS games are sublime, Dark Forces and TIE Fighter in particular. make sure you play X-Wing before you touch TIE Fighter, because it's hard to go back from the much more refined design. 

    I also like Shadows of the Empire quite a lot for what it is. There's a train level early in Star Wars Uncharted, I mean Jedi Fallen Order that takes it to 3000. 

    The Amiga port of the Star Wars Arcade game is quite nice. I suspect the Atari ST port is very similar if you swing that way. I liked the Mac version THIRTY YEARS AGO and only just now have my very own mini Star Wars Arcade home machine, 35 years later. 

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  3. Are you sick of Star Wars yet? Clone Wars, Rebels, and Resistance await! Since you ranked everything 6/10 or higher, I think you're officially a fan. 

    I've only watched all of Rebels, which is very kiddie, but has an original trilogy feeling and art to match. Looks like a combo of Ralph McQuarrie paintings and a Kenner toy catalog. Consistently solid. 

    Clone Wars is episodic, you can jump around a fair amount from arc to arc (I've yet to see all of the clone buddy stories; they're probably better than I'm thinking they would be). Some of it is very trippy. Much of it is very bland. 

    Resistance is serialized but short. I've begun it but haven't followed through. It's ...fine. Very "Big Hero 6." Looks good, well acted, made for nine-year-olds. 

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  4. I kinda sorta liked this game when it was new, especially how they snuck on developer commentary -- on a cartridge!


    Its biggest problem is its lack of originality -- a bunch of Star Wars vehicular action games around this period had very similar play mechanics. 

    on the n64,

    Rogue Squadron

    Battle for Naboo (same engine, I think)


    on gamecube

    Rogue Leader

    Rebel Strike

    Clone Wars


    on xbox

    Clone wars


    Jedi Starfighter


    It was ok at the time but nowadays it's for completists only. 

  5. I'm big on Star Wars. My family got me that poster, signed by Lucas, Carrie Fisher (RIP), Hamill, and Ford ...very cool.

    I also recently treated myself to the 1Up mini arcade machine of the old Atari Star Wars games (the first game brilliant, the other two, less so). When you play Rebel Strike, remember they're available as bonuses to unlock and you can do it with cheats if you must. 

    KOTOR is very newbie friendly and you can just bash through it for the story if you want. Stick with it! I've yet to complete the sequel, for  lack of time and attention. 

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  6. Good comparisons. Starmaster pisses on Star Raiders from a great height, it's so much more elegant and fun. 

    When I was young and these were new, I would have generally preferred Atari for the arcade and culture licenses. 

    Now that we live in the future with MAME and the real arcade games at our fingertips, I value the clean, original designs of Activision games much more. 

    It is nice that we got both!

  7. Maybe I already did... :ponder:

    Ha! Shades of how Doonesbury used a feather to represent Dan Quayle.


    I think the RetroVGS/Chameleon would best be represented by an outline of a game cartridge. Dotted lines, like the dead grandparents in The Family Circus. If you went full maudlin schmaltz like them, that would be a good move as well.


    The AtariBox/VCS should be represented by an unadorned block of wood. No wires, no lights.

  8. All the TRUs near us have been gone for a long time now ... at least we have Target and private toy stores. I have fond memories of hunting Atari 2600, 7200, and Lynx stuff along with NES, SNES, Genesis ... and it's also where I bought my Sega Saturn. That was a long time ago, though.


    I see that HASBRO and MATTEL are considering a merge, which is mind boggling.

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