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  1. Impossible to buy a ROM version for Emulators gamers ? Thanks
  2. Excellent, thanks a lot for this remake Excellent, thanks a lot for this remake
  3. WOAW excellent port Really wish you will one day release a non physical version like for Stonix Free of with a low price for emulators gamers Thanks a lot
  4. Thanks for the information, why not, but don't forget the gamers like me that love to play games on emulation I buy many cool games in 2019 on Megadrive, C64, Nes ... it's soo cool and i really want to buy this games if you don't give the rom for free. I really wish to play your game on a modern TV with a modern BT controler
  5. WOAW thanks a lot for the link ❤️
  6. WOAW really impressive !!! Absolutely amazing work !!! A fantastic work on a Lynx ... i will stand you release the ROM one day ❤️
  7. Can i buy you some games rom ? For private use only ! I don't have Vectrex i can only play on emulator. I don't have so many euros to buy the real hardware and i prefer to play on my big TV.
  8. Really impressive, thanks for all this work
  9. I understand what you mean, but there are some guy like me that want to buy these games. Maybe we are not many more but we exist ... and it's not because i buy you a game i will share it over the net. Some buy you the real cartridge, copy it, make bootleg and sell it over eBay, that is the reality. Yes sharing rom, always reduce pracy ! The real gamer, that play on real device, and want to have all the Vectrex games will buy you the real game for sure, and they hate copy !!! I watch most of them on Youtube I know you are right and i always play with Overlay for sure. I also myself design and invent many overlay for many games that don't have an official one. All my games avec an overlay made by me, i take many hours to draw them 😛 And in emulation, with Overlay and with Shader the games are perfect like on a real Vectrex. It's why i love use emulation I share you some of my work
  10. Thanks, you understand me fine It is a problem to only selling physical games and in limited editions, This favors the ceation of copy pirates as you say ... For exemple at the first time the author of Twin Dragons on NES only release a physical version ... https://broke-studio.itch.io/twin-dragons I can't found and play it I write him by mail and he respond me. A very cool guy, and he give me for free a linux proto version of his game, to help me, but i don't use it. I speak with him and he decide to release ROM version when all cartridge are sold out. He do it and i buy him the game ❤️ I'm sure he sell many other rom copy of his game And like physical copies are all sold out, it's only a bonus for him I don't understand no one on Vectrex do the same ... For the moment i have buy an other future cool game that come on Genesis for 15€ in 2020 ... so impatient LOL
  11. Ok sorry, i'm not in hacking, i don't understand and watch the video, i've never think about these pirate copy ... yes make a pirate card to sell it on internet is bad, It's stealing money from its creator. And if every one do it, creators will stop to create new games There so many free games over the web, creators don't ask money on itch.io for exemple, and some time i'm happy to give some money for help projects. If every one give 1 2 € ... x 10 000 users you win 20 000€
  12. BUT ????? Who is talking about illegal roms ??? Do you know read ???? I buy my games, always !!!! But in rom format !!!! I don't have any real console and i don't want them, never !!! I prefer to have all my games in the same machine, all together, and it's a very good thing !! I already buy for exemple, and you can ask the author : https://morphcatgames.itch.io/micromages 10€ https://orionsoft.itch.io/escape2042 8€ https://bonusjz.itch.io/ghostsn-demons 8€ https://broke-studio.itch.io/twin-dragons 8€ https://protovision.itch.io/sams-journey 23€ And many many other ... I really don't understand why you don't want to sell games in rom format. You only work people that have an old hardware some like me don't want to use and to buy It is so expensive, controlers are not Bluetooth, i can't play it on my video projector .... i want to be free to play games like i love, not like you decide for me Thanks for your cool answer.
  13. I forgot to check notifications 😛
  14. Too bad ... two more games on Vectrex impossible to found in ROM format to play on emulators ... The problem is not to pay for them, but to found them, and on Vectrex it 's a problem for almost all the commercial games On C64, AMIGE, NES, SNES i've buy many games without any problem, and it's really cool to play them on my pi Why is it impossible on Vectrex ? Who can help me please. Thanks
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