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  1. Necro-thread bump. I have a Mosaic 64K RAM card. Do you still have this package?
  2. Does anyone know what the purpose of the jumpers are for on the Mosaic 64K Select board? There are several and are labeled 800 and 1200. All of mine are set to 800. Thoughts?
  3. For posterities sake: The Atari 400 B-Key issue was traced to a lifted trace line for pin 17 that disabled return, backspace, lower caps and other keys on line pin 17. This was difficult to diagnose as all pins from motherboard to keyboard beeped out with a connection. it wasn’t until I jumpered a DuPont cable from the return key to pin 17 on the motherboard that I was able to determine that is was a trace on the keyboard itself related to line 17. The ‘fix’ for me was to add slight pressure towards the middle of keyboard which was enough to reconnect the line. Interestingly and probably expected the pressure does not need to be constant. This leads me to believe the pressure between the layers is slowly giving way over time. Also and perhaps knowing to the manufacturer there is a thin foam strip on the back of the keyboard that provides a cushion between it and the metal plate to which the keyboard rest. This was a long torturous path for me as the original problem was thought to be related to a loose connection between the keyboard ribbon cable and the motherboard. Pictures for the curious.
  4. @cornchip what is wrong with your BKey? The return key and delete key are unresponsive on mine. Everything else works fine. I’ve traced and beeped out all the pins and all sounds good. What type of analysis would you perform to repair keys that are unresponsive?
  5. Local pickup of an Atari 800, 410 (Japanese rev), 850, 5 carts, a few floppies and assorted manuals (basic, etc.). All for one Benjamin. I now have to buy more Incognitos, Sophias and FujiNets and maybe one of those PokeyMax things.
  6. I posted on another thread but and will semi-repeat here: what if the FujiNet opens a HTTP socket and receives back ATASCII characters to be written to display?
  7. You lost me at Azure! AWS has a light weight directory service which mimics AD without the cost. I do like the LDAP approach. But I used to work at Netscape so I might be biased. I’m no longer a practicing software engineer so take this with a block of salt but it seems to me a lambda function could serve as a listener for HTTP request from a FujiNet and then act as a real world to Atari translator so that all the Atari and or FujiNet would have to worry about is updating the display at x,y with a ATASCII characters received from the lambda…
  8. Success! The problem was traced to the way I was attempting to load the atr images the contained both uflash and APT tools. I have a FujiNet and the SIO speed was set to the default setting. This appears to have been to fast on my system. I lowered the FujiNet SIO speed to the lowest setting and I was able to flash the Incognito and was able to see the CF card from FDISK. I want to thank @flashjazzcat for his help, guidance and wonderful ROM. Also thank you @_The Doctor__ for your tips. This community is amazing and helpful. Be well and thrive
  9. It is the only CF card I have and it is quite old. Mid 2000’s if memory serves. I’ll source a new one a report back.
  10. Understood however, I am unable to get FDISK to see the CF. I get 139 NAK. When I boot to SDX it only see an O: drive which is empty. Running FDISK that way result in file not found from D1 or the O drive…
  11. Well at least some progress. CF was formatted at FAT16 (loader failed). No FujiNet CF formatted as FAT32 (loader works) Selected .atr and system boots to basic. Hit reset and it enters XL test mode. No FujiNet I tried FJC firmware and toolkit atr with same result of boot to basic. I tried with with FujiNet and same error of 139 NAK. EPROM flasher arrives tomorrow but my hopes are slight. Is there a specific wire that would result in the 139 error? Could it possibly be a power problem? I do note that SIO will occasionally stop responding and I have to hit reset.
  12. Mounting via FujiNet SD card. I have an old SIO2PC-USB I purchased a long time ago but I am Apple person now and haven’t tried it with RespeQt. The FujiNet is latest firmware and HW 1.3. I don’t have issue with loading off of FujiNet for SD or over internet (TNFS).
  13. Understood. I get 139 Device NAK when attempting to use the apt-tools. I'm certain that something is blocking the software from detecting the InCognito PHI for HDD and I can't flash either as it give me 139 Device NAK. Are there further diagnosing tips?
  14. Did you use a pc format the cf card : Yes Did you use fjc fdisk : error 139 NAK Did you use apt tools : error 139 NAK
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