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  1. Anyone with experience fixing ST's seen this before? I have gotten all my other atari computers running great but this one's different. Figured before I really dive in i'd ask this group if it's a common failure that there's a known fix for. Right now, it powers up and all the power tests where it should. There's some battery damage but not bad to where anything appears to be broken traces. Otherwise, it's clean but all I get is a white screen and clicking. Suggestions?
  2. Ok.. the news is out.. The legendary TRON himself, Bruce Boxleitner will be a special guest at this year's Free Play!
  3. This week we make the biggest guest announcement in the 8 year history of the show! It's tough to come up with something more insane than Keith Apicary and the AVGN in one place, but I think we did
  4. For those not paying attention on facebook we have announced that not only is Nathan Barnatt (keith apicary) returning, but the first appearance for the Angry Video Game Nerd is confirmed!
  5. Colecovision has certainly exploded in the past year, we'd love to have a coleco based vendor in the show. Anyone that is one and would like to attend please hit me up!
  6. How about a package price for all 5200 games in the list above that are loose carts.
  7. Just like the title says, looking for lots of common carts for the 7800 and 5200. Not looking for 50 copies of any one game (just one please) as i'm just wanting to actually have an assortment of things to play on those two consoles. I have 2600 coming out of my ears but not many games for those two systems.
  8. Heya everyone, thought i'd update with a couple quick things! We are just under 2 months until the show and here's your first look at our official event shirt! Also, as i'm sure you are all just as big of Atari fans as I am i'll announce here first that we've partnered with Scott Dayton, Atari Age, Robb, Albert, and Cybertron Games to make a special complete limited edition boxed game to celebrate the event! Scott has masterfully modded Midnight Magic to have a cool Florida Retro gaming theme. We'll share the final result very soon, as our event is a 501c3 non profit the sales of the game help us put on the event! We have also announced some great guests including the voice of Space Ghost, George Lowe, Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, Todd Rogers, Brian Colin and of course the ever popular Keith Apicary. Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!
  9. Hi All, just thought i'd start a thread for this year's show! Free Play Florida is 3 days of gaming fun in the middle of Central Florida just minutes from all your favorite theme parks. We cover anything electronic gaming from Atari to Pinball and everything in between. Tons of panels, interactive things to do, gigantic arcade games, artists, and celebs. I'll post more as e get closer, but for fun here's our first guest announcement! Returning to the wonderful Doubletree Sea World in Orlando, Florida November 17-19! Tickets are only $25 a day or $65 for the whole weekend of fun! Hope to see you there. /brian
  10. A long time ago I did. I can post some pictures here later. My screw loose from back then is the one pictured on klov. I guess the thing about rare code is that roms came from somewhere and are seldom one of a kind. I try to never tout something as unique. Screw loose supposedly had only 3 prototypes yet I have found 3 sets of joysticks from those games, know of a fourth.
  11. There's zero point to being angry here. I've been a collector of specifically gottlieb/mylstar prototype stuff for 15 years. I have an archive of paperwork, emails, artwork, roms and code dumps for a great many of these games. I have many rom variants of tylz, knightmare, video Vince, wiz Wars, screw loose etc. the one rom variant I do not have that I have been seeking is a version of screw loose that has the dog in it. I have old VHS video of that rom but not the actual rom.. the part in my picture actually comes from tim skellys personal gottlieb mylstar development station which is complete. I have 4 prototype control panels (made to work with the dev station, well before a cabinet was made for testing). I pieced together a working screw loose arcade cabinet nearly 12 years ago. I take much of this stuff to shows and events for others to see. I hope that helps explain better.
  12. This is a picture that should indicate how I could possibly have copies of virtually every gottlieb game.
  13. Glad you're so certain Sometimes I forget how much gottlieb archival stuff I have had for so long. Just because you can't download it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, consider that.
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