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  1. I would like an IBM PC and a Mac Classic. What I really want? To be able to learn command lines on my Raspberry Pi.
  2. Hi everyone! I was lucky enough to receive a 400 for Christmas. I'm a bit underwhelmed with PSP and N64. What emulators and settings is everyone using?
  3. Here is a little article with a build. Some of the prices have fallen since last summer. Also I wonder how many existing parts I can recycle, such as the board, power supply and certainly the tower.
  4. Hi everyone. I am considering upgrading my old desktop to play some more demanding emulators like PS2. My plan was to swap out the old i3 for a new i3, throw in more RAM and get a budget graphics card, and maybe some other stuff that may have to be done to make that all work. I have read that the CPU and GPU can bottleneck each out and I am wondering if they have to be matched in clock speed. A 10th gen i3 is just a little over a hundred bucks, but a graphics card with similar specs is way more expensive. So, I suppose that my question is, what is a good clock speed balance between the two? Thanks.
  5. I still have a 1080p TV that I am very happy with. I'm considering picking up the S, mainly to use as an emulation machine.
  6. I loaned mine to an ex and she returned it mangled. End of an era. One cool thing about the emulation, it handled GBA very well. So, it was kind of like having a GBA SP! PSP was a very special machine.
  7. I had an interesting experience at Gamestop last year. I was looking for a Wii U. I talked to a guy on the phone who said that he had a refurbished unit. I told him I'd be by to take a look at it. So I get there and the guy shows it to me. It does have the refurb plastic wrap on it. And under the wrap, the unit is trashed; totally scratched and filthy. The gamepad buttons were covered in dry soda and wouldn't click. I was pissed because I had walked there for nothing, but wasn't altogether unamused. So I asked him a few questions about the soda n such. The clerk was adamant that this was a totally refurbished system and looked at me like I was crazy. I haven't returned to gamestop and have no desire or need to. Between Amazon, directly dealing with people on boards like this, and digital downloads, there is no reason to support their lousy franchise.
  8. I wish that I still had my PSP 3000. They are wonderful for emulation. All the old stuff plays great and there is an excellent PS1 emulator built in. It just feels right in your hands. Regretfully they are probably very expensive right now. Perhaps you could post a WTB thread.
  9. You've made me chuckle a lot over the years. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery brother.
  10. Probably old news but refreshing makes it go away. I'm using chrome on an android phone.
  11. I received it for Christmas in 1988 along with Simon's Quest. To date, I have played it more than any other Zelda. As I child I found it kind of morbid and scary- I still think of it as a horror game. It's just creepy, but I love it. I never beat it as a boy, I kept getting my saves deleted. I did end up beating Simon's Quest with the Nintendo Power code.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm gaging interest in an unofficial high score contest for Namco Museum on Game Boy Advance. I'm choosing this particular platform because it contains essentials and is easy to emulate on phones or whatever. Here are some parameters that I am thinking of, in no particular order: We play through all five games (Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man and Pole Position). The contest is held for five weeks, each game is one week. We start at the beginning and play through- no one gets to jump in in the middle. Optional: don't drop out even if you stink at these games. I stink at these games. Scoring is done inversely to how many participants commit in the beginning. What I mean is, if 6 people are signed up, the person with the first place high score gets a 6, second place gets a 5, so forth and so on. We add these up through the five weeks. Someone could probably word that better than me. Small grace period for submissions after cut off time, like two days. We play on default settings. We provide pics or screen shots. Emulation is fine. So what do you guys think? I'd love to hear from those of you who have experience with HSCs. Thanks!
  13. I realize that this is an older post but thought that I'd chime in. The only discernible difference that I could find between the Zero and Zero W was that the W has wifi support. I set up a Zero for a pal of mine a couple of years back, and it handled all of the SNES stuff that I threw at it. As far as I know both are currently in production. Here is a link with comparisons: https://iotdunia.com/raspberry-pi-zero/#:~:text=RaspberryPi Zero – W launched in,A%2B%2C with twice the utility.
  14. Hey y'all! I haven't signed in in ages, so forgive me if this has already been discussed. I'm looking to buy a pandora fight stick type device. There are a deluge of them on amazon. Can anyone recommend a good enough one in a decent price range? Thanks!
  15. I was actually trying to run Snapseed (photo editing program) through first Bluestacks and then Nox. With Bluestacks I couldn't export to my PC, and with Nox I couldn't import. My iPhone 6 suddenly had battery and 4G problems a few months ago..... To that end, I bet I can find a high resolution tablet with enough juice to edit photos for not much more than a hundred bucks. I currently have a $40 convenience store droid; it's actually a decent little computer but the screen is too low res to edit photos.
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