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  1. I was actually trying to run Snapseed (photo editing program) through first Bluestacks and then Nox. With Bluestacks I couldn't export to my PC, and with Nox I couldn't import. My iPhone 6 suddenly had battery and 4G problems a few months ago..... To that end, I bet I can find a high resolution tablet with enough juice to edit photos for not much more than a hundred bucks. I currently have a $40 convenience store droid; it's actually a decent little computer but the screen is too low res to edit photos.
  2. Off-topic, but someone recommended an android emulator for my PC. It WASN'T bluestacks. What was it?
  3. What differences do you see in terms of performance?
  4. I think I'm gonna do some New England camping soon.

    1. ClassicGMR


      Can't wait to hit Burlingame again!

  5. It wasn't. There are steps you can take to reduce lag. I had lag issues but solved them. I use a wired PS4 controller so no blu tooth. I also did invest in the lowest lag monitor that I could find, it was a Viewsonic and cost about $130. If all else fails you can hook it up to your CTR, there is an output and you can get a Zune cable (they still make them) for about $5. I have one I can mail you if you want. I went from the lag making most games unenjoyable to only noticing it on certain games, and rarely.
  6. There are worse mistakes that you can make within a marriage, my friend.
  7. We already did everything, but you'd have no way of knowing because I am a poor custodian.
  8. I'm installing the android emulator, bluestacks. We'll see.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. toptenmaterial


      Thanks. I loaded it mainly for the photo editor, Snapseed, but I can't export the pics so it's useless to me.

    3. Flojomojo


      I use Bluestacks to play Android games on my PC. It's pretty great.

    4. toptenmaterial


      I'd consider using it for Sega CD ports and stuff like that

  9. I second that. I've had too many lousy experiences, and there are plenty of other viable alternatives. Even a wanted ad here on AA will get me any mainstream used item if I have the dough.
  10. I very seldom drink. I guess this is what happens when I'm cocked. It could have been worse, like an insensitive political rant or trying to booty call every girl on my Facebook. I was at a hotel with an old pal of mine last night who was here on business. We got into some ale and wine (lots of it) and were chatting about video games. I somehow because possessed of the idea that I needed a VSC again (I do emulation) and a hard copy of Princess Rescue. Anyways, thanks for the thoughtful responses and for putting up this tomfoolery.
  11. I think it's an interesting and legitimate debate to be had: do we have the right the recreate something that isn't ours? Reading what I've read, I'd say that it feels wrong and I won't do it. But what is the difference between replicating (for personal appreciation, not retail) someone's original effort, and replicating a very rare 2600 game that was once commercially produced (Air Raid etc).
  12. For the record: I was only bringing up the hypothetical of doing it. I wasn't announcing that I would.
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