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  1. I laughed when Pat said you could just "slot in" a different CPU to the Banana Pi. Um, no. No you can't.
  2. Anyone else have an issue with the mouse in Breakout? I can't get the paddle to the bottom of the screen. It stops about 2/3 of the way down... I shall try keys as it looks fan-f-ing-tastic. EDIT: No keys but mouse is working fine now - false alarm, LOL. EDIT 2: It's stopped working again
  3. Me too! I'm really looking forward to this, Dynablaster and Skiing (among a load of others). Skiing was literally the game that made me pre-order the Founder's Edition and I can not wait to play it! Astro Smash looks really cool now too.
  4. Yeah, hard to believe today was the initial launch date. That came up fast! Hopefully April will too, haha.
  5. Wow, just watched the gameplay vid. Gotta admit I wasn’t initially a fan of Astro Smash but the changes they’ve made are great. I guess that’s the risk of posting early WIP stuff as it’s hard for the punters to see the final vision. All in all I was pretty blown away. It was only missing one thing - a retro low poly, 8-player arcade rally racer with blatant self promotion.
  6. Holy crap, when did this happen?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! EDIT, aw man. I didn't even know he had cancer. 65... too young. I HATE 2020!!!
  7. Speaking of, check your inbox. I sent a couple of (very early) screen grabs of the game I told ya about But god damn, it's fun to play, if I do say so myself
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Tommy, I hope you guys are documenting everything on video as I for one would LOVE to see an Amico documentary when the console is a success. I think it would be a fantastic story
  9. Yet they praise the Playdate. Nothing against the consaole, it could be very cool, I just find it odd that they're ok with an obscure B&W handheld but not a new home console designed to tap into a massive market, especially when the handheld is almost the same price.
  10. I've only played the Neo Geo Baseball Stars. Baseball Stars 2 is fantastic. Probably my fave BB game.
  11. Have you played Reggie Jackson Baseball on Master System? It's fantastic!
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