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  1. gamemaster

    ebay find

    Anyone know what this is? The listing says it is a sticker. Did all copies of star raiders come with them?
  2. Robot Tank has been bought. Anyone have the mail in glove card? $20
  3. Montezuma's Revenge manual has been found.
  4. Super Cobra manual has been found.
  5. I made a deal for the robot tank insert. It isn't 100% done yet, but should be good. Still looking for decathlon.
  6. I did find a sealed copy of Decathlon from a USA seller that appears to be factory sealed. It has no stickers on it, like glove offer sticker, or the newer not for use on the 7800. Not 100% sure it is a USA copy, or factory sealed.https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-NOS-ATARI-2600-DECATHLON-GAME-IN-FACTORY-SEALED-S-W-BOX-ACTIVISION-7800/254413417607?hash=item3b3c38ac87:g:QeQAAOSwcf1dw1ON
  7. I am looking for USA 2600 NTSC manuals of Super Cobra, and Montezuma's Revenge. Must be complete.
  8. I am looking for the following Activision 2600 inserts. I am looking for someone who has the mail in glove offer card for Decathlon and the Robot Tank mail in poster offer card. Must be originals. I would be willing to buy the manual and cartridges too, but no boxes as I don't collect them. Hopefully someone has them both. I know of one other source for the Decathlon card, but I know of no one who sells the Robot Tank card. I will pay any reasonable offer. $10 each??
  9. I am trying to find out, when a few of the Activision 2600 games were first released, they came with mail in card offers. Decathlon came with the glove offer, and Robot Tank came with the poster offer. Did all copies have these, or was it just a limited first run print. The offers were only available to USA addresses, so Canadian copies I assume didn't have them. Anyone have any info on it? I know that the reprint copies a few years later didn't have them, but most of those didn't have color manuals/color cartridge labels. Anyone ever open a factory sealed copy of either game, that had a color manual and color cartridge label, that was a USA copy, that didn't have the offer?
  10. From a guy who still had it on an old ipad from 8wayrun.com.
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