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  1. Homemade banana bread...

    Simple and fast to make.

    Even if you don't get it just right, it's still great...

    I don't understand why this isn't a staple of living...

    That is all.  ;-)

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    2. Rogerpoco


      Haven't made it in a while, but I guess I think the same about Pound Cake.

      Simple, kinda needs something with it(like Bananas, lol!), but should still be a staple(I think it actually used to be).

    3. GoldLeader


      My sister sends me some every Christmas!  Usually alongside zucchini bread, ginger bread, and pumpkin bread (and cookies!)...

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      hmmm, GoldLeader, my new call sign-RedLeader... conveniently we will form up at your location on Christmas... yes the originating co-ordinates to your sisters base will be kept secret as we wouldn't want any imperial entanglements, nor would we want to have the goods confiscated and put to use for Vaders purposes.

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