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  1. I'm doing a little spring cleaning via eBay and thought I'd let the fine AtariAge community know about it! I'm selling a working XEGS console bundle, non-working XEGS, non-working 1050 disk drive, working Sunnydale Heavy Sixer, 8-bit games including: Blue Max, HardBall!, Defender, Ms. PacMan, Fight Night, Centipede, Space Invaders, and The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Check it out, if you've got the guts!: http://www.ebay.com/sch/bigheadedd/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Everything is auction-style and starting at $ .99 and I'll combine shipping for anything you win. Thanks for looking!
  2. Just thought I'd tell my friends at my old lurking-grounds about some little secret auctions I'm having over on a website called ebay.com. $.99 starting on 5 Turbo Grafx CD and 2 PC Engine CD games. eBay Seller: bigheadedd Still haven't clicked on it? Come on!.. I've got Ys!
  3. Looks great Bob! Can't wait to get it on a cartridge.
  4. Lookin' awesome Bob! Can't wait to get the cartridge!!!
  5. As far as a good, free MIDI sequencer, have you tried Anvil Studio? I use it in the same situation (USB -> MIDI), and it works pretty good for my purposes. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing some Bentley Bear BGM!!
  6. eddhead

    Get Lost!

    Wow, what a cool surprise! Count me in for a cart please!!
  7. awesome, AWESOME, AWESOME! Put me on the cart list please and thank you!!
  8. Do want. I can has cartridge? Sorry... guess I'm running out of ways to get my name on your cart lists! (Excellent work, by the way!!)
  9. First off, sorry if this has been mentioned here before- I searched around the forum and couldn't find anything about it. I was shopping around on eBay for 8-bit carts, when I noticed that someone was selling a copy of "Star Raider". I was like "hmm... no, I think your selling a copy of Star Raiders", but I checked out the picture and sure enough: "Star Raider" listing eBay Auction -- Item Number: 140647645507 Has anyone ever seen this before? If so, how common is it? I realize this isn't the most amazing Atari discovery of all time, but just thought I'd bring it up for anyone who's interested in this kinda stuff.
  10. In the description, he says that it was "professionally sealed for a collection", so I guess he's not lieing- just being very disingenuous. I hate to sound naive, but are there people that actually do this? (in regards to "re-sealing" systems/controllers/ac and tv adapters for collection pieces) In any case, that is DEFINITELY the best deal on a "sealed w/o box" lot I've seen in a long, long time!! What the hell is wrong with people?
  11. lol! I usually call it a "1/3 of 7800"....
  12. I bought a 7800 game and two Sega CD games from him. Everything was carefully packaged and came as described! Would definitely buy again!!
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