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  1. Actually, I know who you are talking about and I did indeed buy end label sets from him last Dec for N64, 32X and Jag. They look awesome and I'd love to recommend him, but when I wrote him recently after finding a misprint, he ignored me for weeks finally telling me to "keep reminding him." His labels are nice, but service is piss-poor so he's on my shitlist.


    However, he didn't make any 5200 labels afaik. That's why I was hoping someone else had made a set. The 5200 carts sure need them!

  2. Bought a few more games/items from Stupus and it was another wonderful transaction. Finally own Power Lords thanks to this conjurer of goodness, and my Vectrex and Bally are much happier now too. Thanks man!

  3. I received my CV back from Yurkie yesterday, and I just have to say - Yurkie gets my vote for AA's MVP!


    The console looks gorgeous and plays even better. If you own a CV, you're doing yourself a disservice by waiting another minute to send it. I've been collecting for CV for over 10 years, but haven't really gotten to play any of these games (with a decent controller) until last night. It was wonderful.


    This week is Spring Break, and we have my 8 year old stepson. He's a great kid but I have never really trusted him to be careful with retro stuff, so I typically keep it stored and only pull it out when he's not with us. Last night, couldn't help it. I played Smurf (which got him curious), then Galaxian and he wanted to play. I set up a 2p game and we had a blast. Next was Frogger, which he loved. We must have played for an hour, and he was laughing and having a blast.

    Honestly, after all the PS3 and Wii U he is used to, I was expecting him to get bored quick. After a dinner break, I suggested a movie and he wanted to keep playing Coleco! We tore up some Mr. Do!, BurgerTime, Q*bert, Carnival, Jungle Hunt... then I pulled out the Roller Controller and we spent an hour playing Centipede!

    He said he likes the cool controllers and even said he thinks my system is "awesome."


    Back in 83/84, while the rest of my huge hick family was playing Atari, my aunt had a CV in her bedroom and us kids loved it though she would rarely let us play it (in fact, this is her old console). I was about 8 years old then, and now even 30 years later, I'm making new Coleco memories with my stepson. Couldn't be happier. A million thanks Yurkie!

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  4. I traded my boxed 2600 for his boxed Channel F + games and everything went perfectly. Stupus is a great guy and great communicator. I hope we'll have more transactions in the future! Thanks my friend!

  5. I just finished the game yesterday after about 70hrs, and I absolutely loved it. In fact, it easily makes the top of my all-time favorites list. They seem to nail every detail major and minor, which makes playing it a joy. The artwork is of course gorgeous, and more importantly the gameplay is a nicely fine-tuned JRPG in the truest sense, back before RPGs had a J. Some grinding is involved, but like any good RPG, you are left to your devices on how you like to prepare and proceed. Despite the cartoony looks, the game can be quite tough at times (which any good game should be).

    My vote for All-Time Best Game Ever has solidly been Zelda: Ocarina of Time for many years. Though I don't think Ni no Kuni usurps it, I strongly feel they've raised the bar for the next Zelda, and all RPGs in general. Nintendo, take notes! I plan on finishing up everything to get plat, just because I enjoy it so much. I can't recommend it enough. Truly loved it.

  6. Yurkie should be getting mine hopefully today, and I can't tell you how damn excited I am! I've read nothing but glowing reviews so far. I've had 2 CV's for oh, 15 years, one of which was my aunt's from BITD. Even though they are in decent shape, I have to play games with Super Action Controllers because I don't have a decent (standard) controller between the two. Basically, I haven't really been able to enjoy Coleco since probably 1984!

    Thanks Yurkie (and a free bump) for providing your skills and service to the community. I post another update after it arrives if I don't explode with excitement.

  7. Don't mind a different opinion at all ProperRogue! I crave them in fact, so no worries about threadcrapping lol.


    As you can see from both auctions you linked, they are similar but used. It's also highly likely that they aren't made in USA (they both have the red font on the box). I'm not trying to sound like some asshats who say "RARE NEW!!" when it's been opened, but mine is certainly "like new." Nothing inside has been used, ever. The joysticks are still packaged up, the paddle controllers boxed and everything is still wrapped up.

    The auction I linked has a reserve of 300. It's at 290 now and was relisted - the previous one ended at 275. So someone out there is ready to pay 290+shipping for that one and it's not in as good shape as mine is (they mention paddles are boxed but not joysticks, etc). Also, it was made in Taiwan (per the picture of the bottom). I'm not trying to make a zillion bucks, but I don't think 300-ish is unreasonable. :)

  8. "Get rid of" is such an ugly phrase! I'm quite content to hang onto it for the rest of my life. (In all honesty Atariluvr, I just found out I'll be losing my job soon and though I think I have another job lined up - fingers crossed - I won't have a video game budget for who knows how long. Thought this would be a good way to get some new games and make someone else in the community happy too.)

    I'm still open to any and all offers, in case a trade doesn't work out locally.

  9. OK I updated the first post with new images. I apologize for the crappy pics but it's the best camera I have access to atm. I gingerly took out the console to take a few pics of it. It is indeed a Sunnyvale unit with smooth chrome switches. It smells really nice too! Man it smells like 1981. It's weird how smells can cause such strong memories!

    I'm currently speaking with an awesome member who happens to live here, and we're gonna meet up this weekend. I'll likely trade it with him but if anyone has any of my big wants, I'd still be open to a trade so send me a msg soon. Thanks for looking! Big wants are (all US):


    Hero Tonma, Magical Chase - TG16

    Beyond Shadowgate, Super Air Zonk, Syd Mead's Terraforming - TGCD

    Snatcher - SCD

    Panzer Dragoon Saga - SS

    Sonic the Hedgehog - SMS

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