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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Te5KjP2vKc
  2. Please PM to let me know When the 2nd run is coming so i can send you payment.
  3. Crap, I missed out on this also, if there is another run of these please e-mail me ASAP, i will take one.
  4. I Also sent in 2 colecovisions for the power mod and all i can say is WOW, the workmanship is clean, the parts got the new smell to them and most of all the picture is as clear as clear can be. NICE JOB Yurkie! And to anyone who might be on the fence on this mod I would say GO FOR IT!,iT WILL BE THE BEST MONEY YOU HAVE EVER SPENT YOU WON'T BE SORRY.
  5. Hi AL, I am intrested in the folowing cartrages IF AVALIBLE: 1: donkey kong 2: donkey kong jr. 3: battlezone please get back to me ASAP SO I CAN SEND U THE MONEY.
  6. well you can count me in to have two systems modded. please pm ME WITH THE SHIPPING INFO..
  7. I would be intrested, so when will u be starting this service?
  8. are they still on hold? if not ill take both..
  9. Hi, Jeff - - great blog, by the way! It's nice to see your cabinet restoration work. Sheesh, you've been a member since 2008 and this is your first post? Well, welcome to AA . . . ! Good looking collection. Pictures would be a BIG help to gauge, and might get you some purchasing interest here. Threads with no pictures die a slow death around here . . . So, pricing? Here's some thoughts - - - A bare console is about $40 - Unless the controllers are rebuilt, preferably the gold dots versions from BEST ELECTRONICS, everyone knows the controllers are nearly worthless. Rebuilt is a HUGE selling point - Trackballs are fun, cool it is in there, depending on condition, $15-$25 - The games look good, nice collection, a few gems in there like MINER 2049er, BOND, H.E.R.O., etc. The manuals and overlays are a plus. My guesstimate for all this is about a $350 ballpark, and expect to come up/down from there depending (star-eyed buyers and lowballers, respectively) I would say craigslist it for $350, and either be firm and wait, or let yourself get talked down a bit for a fast sale. Just my opinion, others may have a better gauge . . . or make you an offer if you include pictures! -a2a Good Assesment, but as a A5200 collector myself, i would ask more in the lines of $375 and stay firm on that. Nice collection though but if u absolutely have to sell, you might want to wait around a BIT longer due to market conditions.
  10. Ok up for sale are my Duplicates of these 2 games.. so check out this rare glimpse of gaming goodness.. All Prices includes shipping Tank Command $90 Water Ski $40
  11. Tad off topic but whatever happened to the con you were going to do? Going back on topic, what else would be featured in the store any preiviews?
  12. I would have to agree it does depend on the games especially for the colecovision.
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