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  1. Here is our lodging advice: http://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-east/vcf-east-lodging/
  2. If you get to the show, then come say hello to me -- ask for me at the front desk, as I'm the crazy dude in charge. I am running in the NJ Marathon (#3 for me) this Sunday, and then we start setting up the show on Tuesday. LOL brilliant huh?
  3. I thought Manhattan people were supposed to bold and unfazed by a few bucks and a little walk. The walk is not "treacherous"; mostly there ARE sidewalks and it's perfectly safe. I run there all the time. Or just use a ride-sharing app.
  4. That's incorrect. I am a runner and I use those same roads between our facility and the train station all the time. Most of it does have sidewalks. There is a short stretch (about a half-mile, if I recall correctly) without sidewalks, but it is pretty safe. And there's always a taxi at the train station, or of course you can take Uber/Lyft.
  5. The show is three days: May 3-4-5. Consignment is open May 4-5.
  6. Do it! People attend from all over the world (seriously). Three hours is practically in our backyard. The basic schedule is: - Friday: repair classes - Saturday/Sunday: exhibit halls (like an antique car show, but it's all up-and-running); consignment sale; vendors; workshops; museum tours So it's not a tech meetup: it's a family-friendly celebration of computer history. That's why we call it the Vintage Computer "Festival" -- it's got something for everyone. Hundreds of people attend from all over. Talks, exhibits, consignment -- it's got something for everyone. But what the show is NOT is a flea/swap (we made a conscious decision not to do that) nor just a meetup. Full details are at http://vcfed.org/vcfeast
  7. We (the VCF event folks) are recording all of the talks. But we're not streaming.
  8. It's true! Sounds like everyone in the thread so far already knows me , but just in case for others reading this: I'm the guy who runs Vintage Computer Federation. Joe Decuir is speaking at our Seattle event (VCF Pacific Northwest) next month (March 23-24) AND he's speaking at VCF East too (May 3-4-5). Read all the details about both events at http://www.vcfed.org.
  9. Vintage Computer Festival West XIII is this weekend (Aug. 4-5) at the Computer History Museum (Mountain View, California). The hours are Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 9am-5:30pm. You'll find dozens of hands-on exhibits of historic computing gear, lectures, a consignment booth, museum tours, and more. Proceeds benefit Vintage Computer Federation, which is a 501©(3) educational non-profit organization. Event details are at http://www.vcfed.org/vcfwest.
  10. Friendly reminder that Vintage Computer Festival East XII is only 10 days away! March 31-April 2 in New Jersey. Two hands-on exhibit halls, a dozen tech talks, three keynotes, consignment sale, and you can visit the year-round Vintage Computer Federation museum while you're here. All the details are here: http://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-east/
  11. Vintage Computer Federation -- a 501©3 non-profit which produces the Vintage Computer Festival East/West shows and the Vintage Computer Forum discussion site -- is auctioning an original Apple II (Rev. 4) for fundraising. This unit is VERY clean, fully working, has the rare integer card, and is signed by Steve Wozniak. Only thing not included is the monitor. Please see the listing at http://www.ebay.com/itm/191890608380.
  12. After a long hiatus, the Vintage Computer Festival West is returning this summer. VCF West XI will be held Aug. 6-7 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. VCF is a family-friendly celebration of computer history. There will be several notable speakers (to be announced), dozens of hands-on exhibits of historic computers (everything from DEC minis to 8-bit micros), consignment, food, and of course the CHM exhibits will be open all weekend. VCF West is produced by the Vintage Computer Federation, a 501© non-profit. Full details including online ticketing and exhibitor registration are at http://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-west-xi/.
  13. This year's VCF East is April 15-17 in Wall, New Jersey. Three days of family-friendly vintage computing geekery! For the schedule, tickets, etc., please visit www.vcfed.org.
  14. Excellent! You'll have a great time at Vince's workshop, and Ahl is always a big hit.
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