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  1. Sad new 😞 Condolences for his family, I know he was fragile with heart due to several problems. We exchange mails time to time about Atari prototypes. I'm feeling empty :-((( Rudy.
  2. Thanks, So I keep the implementation of this.
  3. I was very hungry & discouraged because lots of friends were waiting for phoenix (lots of messages "I can't wait") and except for graphics and intro pokey music, all was lost (HDD & USB keys crashed more or less at the same time. adaptations for ST crunched too. phoenix was huge (37k in MAC65) but near finished (score management and some sounds left) and ST galaga/phoenix far from the end, but all the same, it was hard to swallow.
  4. Hi MrFish, Yes, really I lost a big big amount of intricated work best
  5. Hi, why -> In text-mode, each line of character is 8bit, so when doing an interpretation of a char-line value bin 10011001 in gr.10 I must do something with this value 9 in 9color mode to have a visual result, even if it's a strange result or unusefull at the first approach. I know that there is no more than 9 colors availaible but as a nibble is already availaible to code a 9 color pixel, and machine doing an interpretation with upper values (my list in upper post), I ask if values seems correct to others skilled users (mainly on NTSC machines because mine are PAL, in various situations, ..) to do global work on chars with tool software. I post as screenshot to show sample interpretation with GR.11 txt mode (left) to gr.0 (right) as example of what I try to explain. bugs on C/GTIA are not a problem as long as they are the same everywhere. sorry for my bad english. best Thanks for response
  6. not from me Philsan as all my A8 sources where destroyed about 10 years ago (graphics survived), and after a long long discouragement period, I rewrite part of code from memories time to time (but using the wudsn, by now and with the writing of a more powerfull tool that is not yet completed at this time). best wishes
  7. Hi all and , first, best wishes for 2020. Just a question about gr.10 (9 colors) mode to be sure to do not a mistake the colors cover $2C0 to $2C8 and values from 0 to 8 on 4bits bloc (1byte->2pixels). But setting values from 9 to 15 return this result : value 09 -> color 8 value 10 -> color 8 value 11 -> color 8 value 12 -> color 4 value 13 -> color 5 value 14 -> color 6 value 15 -> color 7 as values 12 to 15 seems less or more logical (forgetting bit 3) values from 9 to 11 don't. As it's for a gr.10 charset tool mode interpretation, I just ask to more skilled 8-bit atarians if it's correct to take values in previous list for visualisation of data on screen, or not ? have a nice day
  8. DearHorse


  9. Hi All, Just to close this topic. I find the solution of the problem I submit. After trying all here above suggestions (functions keys enabled, 5200 controlers, upgrade Altirra to 2.90, ...) with no success , I try to edit a custom map [in Altirra] with start/option/select using the same F2-F3-F4 and [against my expectations] it works fine after that operation. I will thanks all Atari fellows who answer me in this topic and drive me to the solution. And with this, I discover some really interesting features in Altirra 2.90 Best regards to all, Rudy
  10. Hi Phaeron, I will follow your suggest to change Altirra to new version in the wudsn chain. Thanks for precise information, I appreciate it a lot and I will add it on my tech-paper cards. Best wishes, Rudy
  11. re-hi Jazz, I think I see a thing like that but I do no change. I will try your suggest soon thanks again Rudy
  12. I already try into altirra debug-mode, but the value stay at 7. Note that in MAC/65 (800 real hardware) or even in basic (other emulator) my code works fine. but I write your breakpoint info (not yet experimented) thanks
  13. Hi, If I don't do an mistake, I know that it's to clear $d01f register, since some buzz-sound can be emitted with some values (in 800 model at the less) and release old values pushed for further consol keypushed.
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