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  1. I've sent a PM out to the people that originally pre-ordered Krezreb, I will be updating the first post as I send refunds to everyone.
  2. It's a relief to be back honestly, I haven't played in years, I don't even know where my 2600 is but I'm looking forward to playing again. I've missed it! Thanks Grant
  3. Absolutely, I will reach out in the next week to everyone else and issues refunds. Please know this was not malicious, my personal life went into a 4 year downward spiral and I'm just finally getting back on my feet. No excuses, I just want to make all of this right. Thanks Grant
  4. Yeah I know I've been absent like crazy, I was only suppose to be in the apartment for 6 months, been there almost a year and its looking like I'm going to be switching jobs again so everything is just a massive state of flux and has been for like 6 months.
  5. I actually have the parts, minus the labels, but I'm in the middle of selling my old house ( I close on June 28th yes) and moving into my new house (close on July 3rd awesome) and getting out of this apartment from hell. I can still do it if people really want, it will just be in August at the earliest and I don't want to keep drawing it out! -Grant
  6. Holy crap I completely forgot about this, and seeing as this has been going on so long I'm just going to refund everyone's money. If everyone could send me the paypal transaction for this I will refund you money immediately (more than likely it will have to be a gift payment back to everyone) Thanks Grant
  7. If we are required to use BLL then I dont think Ill be able to participate. I can't program assemble, tried and ended up giving on programming for the Atari 2600 because of it. Maybe a couple of good examples for BLL would help, but I find mini games extremely difficult to do.
  8. disjaukifa

    Lynx to VGA

    Agreed, I think it would be nice for Lynx I users to have a the option to replace their Lynx screens even without having output as well!
  9. I think standard slim cartridges use a different type of chip, though I have no idea what it is. I'm curious to this as well.
  10. Ok that makes sense. I've never been able to wrap my head around assembly, I understand that it is incredibly powerful, but I just can't wrap my head around it, C makes more sense to me, so I'd rather sacrifice power and have simplicity instead. What is the maximum game size with CC65 in kilogytes/megabytes? -Grant
  11. I thought BLL and CC65 were basically the same thing . . . whats the difference?
  12. I thought I did have pictures in this thread, weird. As for not testing all the games, I can do that tonight, I have two little ones that are both sick right now so I get home from work and I'm busy LOL! Also the console alone was $179 from Yurkie, and some of the games, especially Frenzy, aren't cheap to pick up on ebay, so I figured $200 plus cost of shipping for everything was a good deal.
  13. That sounds perfect! It always better to have other people test your code than yourself! LX.NET we also need a collision detection tutorial. I haven't looked into it all that much, but I know we are going to need one! I think this is a great way to get others involved in the contest and won't to contribute but don't have programming skills. I know for myself I absolutely suck at graphics, so the idea of having other contributing graphics is awesome! Agreed, I know for Chips Challenge, Chip had 4 frames which made him look so smooth walking around the screen! -Grant
  14. I agree its why I suggested getting PAC-MAN-RED involved, he's done a slew of work for the 2600 people.
  15. I know at one point in the 2600 programming thread they had come up with a 2600 mascot that was going to be free to use for anyone programming for the system, maybe we could come up with a character like that for the Lynx? I'm going to have to go and look that up again . . . Also I don't know what the sprite restrictions are for the Lynx, I think we will have to get Karri, Wookie, LX.NET to answer that one.
  16. That looks awesome on the sprites! Yeah I'm working on getting Karri's/Wookie's CC65 up and running with LX.NET tutorial guide, I think if we, them, me, or us, can put together some very simple demos and have a detailed instruction guide on how to get it all together and running that will help. Once I have a better understanding of how all of it works, I want to see if I can get it working outside of Windows, I'm a Mac person myself but I don't mind doing development in Windows on a VM if I have to!
  17. I think that is a really good idea, then its a focus on gameplay and concept, not who is the fastest at making artwork, its more of a focus on what people do with the supplied artwork. *EDIT* I wonder if we could enlist the help of PAC-MAN-RED to do all the sprites for the contest.
  18. At this time I'd rather not, I would like to sell it as one lot.
  19. I know this is a somewhat dead thread, but I think once LX.Net updates his tutorial and Karri/Wookie get the code a little more under control, all positive thoughts no complaints!, I think it would be possible to do this, I think the problem last time was for the average programmer, which I would qualify being as, we just weren't able to figure it out on our own. I know I have a couple of game ideas, as do a couple of other members, so I think there is a real possibility that we could pull this off! -Grant
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