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  2. Where can I get a modded PS1 to replace my well-used one?

    1. jinn


      Do you need a slim?

  3. Happy All Saints Day!

    1. DoctorTom


      That was yesterday (11/1).

    2. Grig
    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      loved the All Saints, great band

  4. Random thought/recommendation... could the control of the car be more like that of Targ/Universal Chaos? I think it would be an interesting twist to the gameplay. Enjoying what I see so far! Thanks for your efforts!!
  5. mantra shrine oppression resistance blackthron

  6. Got mine in a lot for $20 (BIN). Also missing the end label.
  7. I haven't done much with the Ultima series outside of Exodus and Quest of the Avatar. My most modern venture into gaming includes the original Playstation and a tiny bit of the Wii. That being said... I was hoping that the controls would be a little more like the original Tomb Raider. I really disliked having to control the camera in addition to the character and that they seemed to be disconnected. Is this common with more recent games? [i'm on an Atari board here, anything Halo, WoW, Call of Duty is all lost on me] Will a playstation-like controller be possible at some point? What recommendations do you have for playing PC-based games? How will the fighting take place if it isn't turn-based? If in single-player mode will you be able to assemble a part like in Ultima III or IV? Thank you for your patience and excuse my ignorance of most video games developed in the last 15 years.
  8. I keep asking the guards about rune, stone, and mantra...
  9. Remember the reformation!

    1. Atarian7


      Reform the rememberance!

  10. There should be a bonus level where Charlie tries to kick the football? Perhaps MetLife would have an interest in seeing this game finished?
  11. Xanax might get more hits on an Internet search... Perhaps a few bonus sales from some soon-to-be-disappointed buyers. May cause problems when shipping internationally.
  12. Top three: Oystron Save Mary Stargate In case the first two aren't eligible: Q*Bert HERO
  13. You've just described the formula for "good" television.
  14. Palomino http://atariage.com/forums/topic/210898-palomino-2600/
  15. Don't you want us to browse for your games or are you just drumming up business for Atari games on eBay? Having your eBay seller ID would be quite helpful.
  16. Needs more Goldberg vs. Hugh Morris.
  17. Do you deliver cheese pierogies and polish sausage? I'm growing tired of driving two hours to load up at the closest polish market.
  18. How about something like Q*Bert with levels that require you to pass over the field, or just certain spots on the field, multiple times? Or certain spots on the field that must be collected in a given order?
  19. How about a game based on a song and/or its video from the 1980's?
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