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  1. I found the tutorial in the master files. Thanks for telling me that it was there. It also looks quite complete. It seems to have everything. Thanks again. ^_^
  2. Ah! Understood. I was not sure. Thanks for the information. I will have questions when the need arises. Appreciated as always.
  3. Hello, all! I am looking for the original project files from the Raptor BASIC+ tutorial, including the Particle System Star Field, Sprite Graphic Modifications Files, and the Video Mode Files for the "lolvalamp." I have the text for the RB+ tutorial, since I compiled it into a PDF a couple of years back, but I need these files to follow the old tutorial text. Or, is the tutorial text so outdated that it is irrelevant nowadays? I really want to understand this software. Can I get assistance for finding the project files? Thanks.
  4. So, this is the sticker for the JagSD cart. Nice job, by the way, SainT.
  5. This is a great development for home-brewers, and thanks for doing it. No rush, but I was curious. You said that the Mac version does not have the same features as the PC. Do you have a timeline as to when you will be able to develop more for the Mac version? Just wondering, since I am a Mac user. I have a PC, too, so I guess I could develop on both platforms. But, I like Mac and it is a simple inquiry, I guess. No worries. Thanks.
  6. I have a question. Can a 7800 ROM be burned on an Atari XE-compatible EPROM burner?
  7. I have a question. You had said, SainT, that the CDIs you use for the SD cartridge are modified for it. Could unmodified CDIs work as well? Or, is that something to work on in the future? Thanks.
  8. I think that a Udemy course on A2600 development is a wonderful idea. I would love to sign up for it. That is, if it comes to fruition. But, I am all for it.
  9. I was not sure if you knew that. Sorry.
  10. The CD-BIOS is the software needed because it is the basic input/output system (or, BIOS) needed to run the Jag CD. Without that software, the emulator cannot recognize what system it is. I don't know, could you consider that a type of firmware? Maybe that is a noob question, but I do not know. But, anyway, all systems have a BIOS. Emulators need that software to mimic those systems. Otherwise, it cannot ascertain what the ROMs can be run under. That explains a bit, anyway. Even PCs and Macs have a BIOS, unless it is called something else on the Mac.
  11. i have a question about A7800 ROMs. I can create a .BIN file for the 7800, but would I need to change the file extension to something else other than .BIN? If so, what file extension should I use to burn it to real hardware? I am curious. Thanks.
  12. Agreed. How do we know that someone, someday, may make an epic, multi-disc game? But, that's of course up to you, SainT.
  13. I was wondering about that as well. When is it going to be released? Or, is there no definite date yet? No rush.
  14. This is an awesome development. I like it. I can't wait, either. Cool! Thanks for posting this.
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