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  1. That game require a lot more time to build, so I went with something easier to translate over to the Intellivision.
  2. Awesome!!! I'll try not to open the top to take the game out like I did with D2K. 😑
  3. Well, set your computer time back few months ago. Finish your project, then submit it. Then set the computer time back to present.
  4. Kiwi

    Fading Screen

    Lynx model I usually fades screen when the batteries are running low. The symptom seems to be low power. Did you try using fresh batteries?
  5. @Rev I sent you a PM regarding my order due to change of address.
  6. I'm only kidding. Hopefully that guy's wrists are feeling better. I submitted my entry this morning.
  7. How's everyone doing? Only a few more day til the deadline. I don't have enough money to hire a hit- err nevermind that. Don't forget to send your entry to [email protected]
  8. I haven't unpack them yet. Maybe they got merged together.
  9. I like both Colecovision and Intellivision equally that they were packed together in the same cardboard box. I put the Intellivision on the bottom since that system seems more durable than Colecovision. They're fun to develop for.
  10. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! *slaps LTO flash cart out of your hands* Don't want Intellivision to take over the world. Hmm...Do I need to make an Intellivision version? I see Shannon gave up on the prairie dog avatar... Hmm... I do have this for you guys to try:
  11. If count and the bats are not going to be meet up horizontally. You could use P0 and P1 for the bats, and P0 and P1(extra color) for count by repositioning the sprite after the bats are drawn via set position routine, and HMOVE after setting the count x variable into the set position routine. That way, you could have 6 bats a row up to 18 or more if you want more rows.
  12. Should read_row:PROCEDURE have the value loaded from flash to variable?
  13. Thankfully Spiker isn't in those picture. Phew. Isn't Math Fun rare?
  14. I have it running under Window 7. I think I have sun-soft stand alone Java. Always complaining about wanting to update when it can't... That's how old it is. It's very difficult and could be done, chasing the rainbow, Atari 2600 style by detecting collision or 5 on the line flag in the status register, then waste a few cycles and then load in new color data in the sprite att. table, waste a few cycle, load new color into the sprite att. table. I haven't tried it yet. I think HERO does this and some homebrew MSX game does it. Not easy to do and only one or few sprites are only one that could color change.
  15. I am referring to 2 newcoleco's video on the subject, which explains the graphic mode. I used to make mock up early in my Colecovision game developing years. I used ICVGM 3.03 that is compliant to Screen mode 2 to make the tiles, and CV Sprite 2 that comes with graphictoolkit to draw and stage the sprites. You could try or Magellan https://atariage.com/forums/topic/161356-magellan/ to draw the graphic with limitation set in mind.
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