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  1. No email notification about shipping. I think it'll take longer since it is being shipped oversea. I did get the email about the postcard back on May 6th, but didn't know what to write. I'm not sure if that was necessary.
  2. Ammo is only in Rainbow Zone 2, arcade manual said they score 120. Helm, which scores 80 points, is in Rainbow Zone 1 and 3. As for Romeda, yes it is copy and paste error, sorry. Romeda is 100 points each. I recheck to make sure. Unfortuately, Kemlus is 100 each in the Colecovision version and not 100-400 points like the arcade, that was my error. The speech are from, https://samples.mameworld.info/Unofficial Samples.htm vg_voi-c.wav - I don't know what it is saying. I don't know how this one is triggered. vg_voi-d.wav - "Very good" - Not sure how this one is triggered. vg_voi-f.wav - "I'm angry." I don't know how this one is triggered. I tried to put a swear word entered on the high score screen, no dice. Giggling Kemlus is speech for the arcade, but I didn't want to halt the game too long after playing "Keep quiet.", so I used the sound to play the giggling.
  3. He did update his Github source code.
  4. Naa, it's small vram corruption. 1 byte of data got written at vram address at 0x0000, which the pattern table in VRAM is set at, I believe. I did get the amulet though. I really enjoy playing this game and reading the source code.
  5. Time Pilot is missing the UFO level. Venture has all the level, but the treasure repeats I assume cartridge space limitation.
  6. You can move and shoot with the keypad. I miss word it when I wrote the manual. I meant that if you want to use the fire1 button and fire in a direction, you'll have to move in that direction and fire. So that threw off that line about being stationary and using the keypad to fire. So, you can shoot in the direction you want with the keypad and move your ship.
  7. Thank you for the update. I'm very sorry for your loss. Take your time as needed.
  8. Jawbreaker II was initially made for the MSX for MSXdev competation https://www.msxdev.org/msxdev-archive/msxdev14/. When the developer ported to the Colecovision, he didn't know how to get sound and music working since they were use for the MSX sound chip and not compatible with Colecovision's sound chip. So Collectorvision decided produced boxed version of that game. Later on, I believe some of the programmer helped him with getting the music working with the MSX sound chip so he doesn't have to convert it to Colecovision sound chip. So he got it working and added Jawbreaker to Jawbreaker 2. So that release needed the SGM for the sound and music.
  9. I would redefine the hero's GRAM card. If any other graphic needs to be update in the same frame can use DEFINE ALTERNATE And using colorstack mode, you can flash/light the entire screen by changing the colorstack colors instead of doing mass tile update doing (lighting fuse in dark room.) MODE 0,8,0,0,0 (bang) MODE 0,7,0,0,0 Also, you can use the laser sprites from the GROM to save 1 GRAM card.
  10. Very cool!!! H.E.R.O. is one of my favorite Atari 2600 game. I used to come downstairs overnight and play this game when I was a kid. I thought the guy you were recusing was reading a book down there. One detail that you might miss that you're able to blast the wall away with your laser blast, it takes a lot of shots, but that's one way to get by if you run out of bomb.
  11. The unit just came out. Right now you can play Atari 2600 and Colecovision games. I think that's the most important part. I think they want to focus on getting the units into people hands before adding more features. 200 dollars is pretty good deal. You're getting SGM, F18A all in one small box. Plus it comes with 10 homebrew digital games, plus one pack in game. Pretty much most people own a Colecovision/SNES controllers. I own several modded Sega Genesis controllers for it to work with the Colecovision. They probably would work with this console. Plus, injection mold isn't cheap to produce all those casing. And the time and labor, putting the unit together/programming firmwire, went into it is pure passion. They stuck with a plan and made it happen.
  12. Kiwi

    Strange error.

    I usually get that when I use = sign instead of == in if comparison statement. if (a=0){} will get that error if(a==0){} is the desired statement.
  13. Yeah, that code wasn't necessary. I pulled it out from my New Years Beach Clean Up game since it is a top down game like the Venture type game you're making. It is to reset the walk countdown to change the sprite image to his hopping walk state to his standing state.
  14. Wingnut makes the Let's Compare video on this youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHistorySource/ The Colecovision port of Kung-Fu Master is nearly identical to the MSX version I believe. I do like watching his video to unwind from the craziness from this world.
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