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  1. Finally watched the event. The delay is understandable. Ignore the haters, there's a pandemic out there that is delaying everything. It does give you guys more time to polish the system and the game. The games are looking really nice. I do like the Earthworm Jim match game joke. I do like the graphics in this game. This is a system I can confidently can play I with other people who don't play games. Both of my Joycons are messed up, I believe the Amico controller will hold up much much better than the Joycons that experience annoying drifts. Hopefully you remembered to find that spring after taping the skiing segment.
  2. Ok got the data via assembly export. Thank you.
  3. This might be a bug. How do you export the sprite data to RAW? I used the export to binary image, but no sprite char showed up in hex editor. I imported the sprite sheet image into the program, so it is organized properly. Export in binary data only saves the nametable and the char. No sprite char data showed up, even when include sprite is selected.
  4. I've received it today. Very nicely packed! I read the manual and played it on the Colecovision. Very nicely done. I really love the material used for the goodies and the manual. Now I own 2 version of this game.
  5. Dibs on doing IntyBASIC Showcase 69, if it ever get that high and we're still alive. I probably should make 1 at least. The most games I put on 1 carts is 2 games. Mad Bomber/Avalanche is one, Flappe Byrd/A Sparrow goes flapping is another one. Something to consider. I have small IntyBASIC game that's completed and not very good Number Blaster. A lot uncompleted IntyBASIC projects that could be completed.
  6. He's almost done programming... I mean finding this prototype somewhere on his computers and telling us what it is.
  7. Fake!!! Too many player on screen at once. Way more than 8 MOBs on screen at once. However, that would be awesome if games do have these scenarios in. Like, player/empire ejection. Audiences throwing stuff on the field. Streakers(with black box covering the private of course) to run around the field. Hitting birds during a pitch. Pitcher's arm exploding after pitching way too many times in one game. Etc.
  8. Did I accidentally programmed something in my sleep again?
  9. I believe you have to make the video 720p or higher in order for it to enable 60hz. I think you can capture the video, then reencode and process it to be 720p60 and then upload it to youtube.
  10. I wish we could have chairs on assembly line here USA. I remembered that they showed that video during orientation for a job I had. I thought they were kidding.
  11. I been thinking the same thing. They'll have you stand at the line where they just put together the Amigo and you can sign them as they pass the conveyor belt. Several 20 hour shifts, you should be done with severe hand cramp ;). If you remember opening the Wii, you see how tightly the components are packed into the box. Once you have taken out the stuff, putting them back into the box is much more difficult. I been thinking a spraying printer like they use to date the boxes for food items may be a better idea to save carpel tunnel syndrome. Awesome. You definitely know what you're doing.
  12. He won't get much money from them. It takes way too much time and money to file a lawsuit. They still treat Tommy like he don't know what he is doing. I watched the latest 2 videos. Almost had me with the latest one until I saw Smash JT's newest video. I do recall from the other videos, he have shown the Amico and shown the back of the unit. Gotta wait til Tommy's to be allowed to show more information. They do have the hardware guy and have piece together what the system going to be. I think hardware guy knows how to program drivers for the hardware, so I think that's done. More programmers on hand is a good thing. I think they are grasping at straws trying to bash this system. I think there's plenty of time to mass produce unit before launch date. And Tommy has to make time to sign 2600 founder's edition Amicos.
  13. Kiwi


    Really nicely done! I got to level 25. I really appreciated the music tracks that was from Catrap, since I remember playing this game long time ago on the brick Gameboy.
  14. I probably do small production. I'm horrible with team production stuff. This limitation would force me to optimize my stuff. I'm unsure about the theme. I have virus theme in mind but that might be in poor taste.
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