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  1. You can get the content of the chests by shooting at it several times. Some contain better weapon, which you can lose upon death. There's hearts that you can pick up to recover health from killing enemies. I beaten it on the Intellivision console before.
  2. Didn't know nanochess's brother Nyuundere made this game, Melody Runner. Cool!
  3. Good, we like you here. Congratulations to Electronite on the game of the year award for Defender of the Crown. This game took a long time to make and finally saw release. Some day, I'll buy this game and play it. I never played this game before. TNT Cowboy gets 2nd place. I absolutely love the graphics and makes the game look more like a zoomed in Game Gear game. Very creative reusing the same GRAM but with different color. One of my favorite Intellivision I brought this year. Anthropomorfic force is insanely impressive graphics wise. I need to play it more to get to the end of the game, I got to level 3 or 4 if I remember correctly. Honorary mention: Aardwark is pretty impressive arcade port. Has the good animated ant eater like the Atari 2600 version. Very challenging and hard. Did not mention: Quo vadis
  4. updatesprites(0,64); only works when nmi is enabled. After enabled_nmi(); do updatesprites(0,64);, then delay(1); before turning screen_on();. I made a sprite sweeping function. updatesprites(0,64); reason the 2nd argument is 64, any number above 16 makes the sprites blinks. void SweepSprites(void){ for (i=0;i!=32;i++){ sprites[i].y = 207;} updatesprites(0,64); }
  5. Speaking of body shaming penguin, maybe this Famicom game is next to be ported to the Intellivision.
  6. Make sure read the manual first before playing this weird and crazy game.
  7. Yes. Make sure to do graphic update right after delay(1);(whenever the video complete flag is raised) when nmi is enabled. Or do part of it a frame if you writing a lot of data to the VDP if you need nmi enabled. Colecovision has a bug when the nmi occurred, the missing or misplaced graphics will happen. If you're doing huge graphic update like filling the char/sprite/color tables, then use disable_nmi();, enable_nmi(); then use the graphic routine between these function. example: disable_nmi(); pletter(QuinnPATTERN,0x0000); put_vram(0x0100,(void*)0x15a3,512); duplicate_pattern(); pletter(QuinnCOLOR,0x2000); pletter(QuinnSPRITE,0x3800); enable_nmi(); Sorry if I'm late to reply.
  8. If you're going to smaller version. I suggest the bare minimum having the manual, the smaller size poster map, 1 overlay and cartridge. Atariage comes with the cartridge and manual minimum. I absolutely love the manual for Muncher Mouse so I want to experience the full manual of Maria.
  9. You would need 2 controllers to play Raiders of the Lost Arc. 1 selects your item, the other controller move and uses item. Here's the manual if you are interested playing this game: https://atariage.com/manual_html_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=394
  10. Kiwi


    It's cool. I don't want to get slayed by the big N. I give them a lot of money as it is. I buy stuff of their switch eshop store.
  11. Kiwi


    I would work on it some more, but I don't want CollectorVision get lawyer ninja'd by the big N like they did with Opcode.
  12. Definitely don't wizz on the electric fence.
  13. This usually happens to me with me when I do Colecovision/Intellivision homebrew games
  14. Oh sugar!!! I'm going to keep my eyes on that. I'll need a system that can play Game Gear games reliably without leaking capacitors and flaky sound board so this will fit my needs.
  15. There's also Branch on PLus(bpl) for greater than. And Branch on MInus(bmi) for less than if statement.
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