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  1. In that image, Intycolor would have to add the Orange PLAYERS and the light blue 1234 to GRAM cards since GROM foreground colors can't use the pastal color set.
  2. There's only 2 colors in 8x8 square, the picture above have 3 colors. So if you want 3 colors in a 8x8 square, pick red and white, and use MOB for the color black.
  3. Albert's is behind on order since he taken a lot of preorder for multiple games. I believe he finished with the Atari Jaguar preorders. The latest update I found is here,
  4. I opened cygwin to used the --data-loc 0x2000 all the variable including the crt0 stuff are moved to 0x2000. I guess use --data-loc 0x7000 --no-std-crt0 --data-loc 0x2000 --no-std-(project name) might work. The information I got, It seem that it has to enable the SGM first to access the extra RAM. So I see in the debugger in BlueMSX, not everything look correct and 1K still mirrored. I'll have to take time to figure out how to include asm file into c.
  5. Another thing that comes to mind. When using the SGM memory, it maps out the original 1KB of memory, and it can map out the BIOS too. So I don't think you can use SGM as extended memory on top of the original 1KB of memory since the memory map overlaps to get 33KB and the z80 can't see both at the same time. Unless you need the extra 1KB, you'll have to turn off the SGM to use that memory. I would just enable SGM upon boot, and the bios stuff I believe should use the 0x7000 and up. Have to check the crtcv.map to make sure.
  6. How so? I was thinking it move the origin bytes to 0x2000, anything that above that to 0x8000 would be RAM. So the 1KB would still be mapped. Or does it also move the ram addresses that the bios uses.
  7. There's a way to have the status bar on top with information is to print the street strip with it offset graphic in GRAM every frames instead of using the scrolling feature. Should be light on CPU cycle since there's only about 4 strips on screen at the same time.
  8. Forgot to add full time job to the list. Maybe sleeping and eating.
  9. That's really awesome! I really like it!! Turning on the top border mask will make the road line come in smoother from the top. I believe it shows the bottom of the screen on the top row. Make sure to turn it off when leaving the driver part.
  10. I've wondered if this trick will work like it does with bankswitching with Megacart. Maybe try, dummy=(*(volatile unsigned char*)0x2000); Probably do --data-loc 0x2000 instead of 0x7000. So it continuous 24KB RAM. SGM is something I will have to tackle eventually and experimentally.
  11. I like the platform. Makes me think that he's on a birthday cake preventing blueberries landing on the cake. You could progress the fruit forward if you score certain amount of points. Like under 100 points blueberries, 200+ raspberries, 300+ Strawberries, 400+ Lemon slice, 500+ Apple slice, and etc. Add jump, pull up on controller, to avoid spiders walking across the cake. Maybe add a 2nd part where you have to shoot seeds back to approaching bugs that's trying to land on the cake. So those are my ideas I can share.
  12. I can confirm that I was not able to peek through a window to see what carlsson is developing. Sweden's too far.
  13. Another thought in mind, the small one could buy back some mob. Just have 4 black MOB to be 16 high, and the 1 white Mob to be double size x and y. I seen Commodore game uses 1 color sprite over 1 multi color sprite like the Ninja in Ninja Gaiden, so it looks like a high resolution multicolor sprite. So you could use the remaining mobs for the ghost, vacuum, and drunk drivers Ghostbusters leaving the vehicle. The stripes in the road can be smaller and narrow.
  14. Third one is great. I would go with the third one. It matches the road line much better.
  15. I was referring to y size to bring y size 2 to y size 1, so it'll fit into the street better. But the proportion version does look better.
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