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  1. If you're using color number 8 gray and not tan which is color number 3. Then dark blue is the foreground color and gray is background color. Gray can't be use as foreground color in FG/BG mode. Only the first 8 color can be foreground colors. Background color can be use with all 16 colors.
  2. I'm surprised that the LTO Flash didn't explode. I really need to get back into playing this game.
  3. Albert said that there's background task running to restore the file/image database. It should be back in a few days.
  4. I just intercepted one copy of his A-F ROMs. So I should be ab- oh wait, the encryption... Nevermind. 😭 Passed it along in the mail. So I was able to buy the one that are left and should be able to play it soon. 😁
  5. Yay it's back!!! Thankfully I remembered my password.

  6. Kiwi

    SGM Test ROM?

    I do recall games like Super Cobra used the mirrored RAM address, so having the RAM off on default makes sense. Evidently, I will look into how to turn 24KB on for future Colecovision games if I needed more RAM and the C library uses the bios routines.
  7. Ok, seems like all the mega-cart games you have won't work correctly with your Colecovision. Can you pull out your other one and retest the games again? It seems more like a hardware problem than software problem. The link Ikrananka provided explain the problem and have a solution. The problem games I recall, is Opcode Penguin Adventure(which resets after starting), and Zanac(which colliding with a power-up will produce a black hole crash.). Which I believe that it failed to switch bank. One thing I'm not sure if Atarimax Ultimate SD pcb is built differently from the half-mega cart pcb. Or do the pcb need to be remade so it doesn't use the ground pin to switch bank or something.
  8. It could possibly be called Rock N Bolt since a sliding puzzle came out for the Colecovision.
  9. Kiwi

    First 2 days

    I had this crazy idea to shine a bright LED flash light at the solar panel to charge the batteries. It's a possibility. Global light still powers a calculator.
  10. The one thing that stands out from memory reading about Adventure that it checks if the controller is left or right in one frame, and check left/right collision, then up and down the next frame, then check up and down collision. If you're going diagonal up/left, it'll move you left one frame, and then up the next frame. You would need to use bitwise to trim out which controller bit is up or left. That way, you can check if the ball is inside wall, if it is it'll bounce you out. Anyway, for C. if(joypad_1&UP){playerp=2*16; if (walk==0){walk=15;} y=(playery+8)/8; x=(playerx+8)/8; TileID = get_char(x,y); if(TileID>=192){playery--;} } if(joypad_1&RIGHT){playerp=1*16; if (walk==0){walk=15;} y=(playery+12)/8; x=(playerx+12)/8; TileID = get_char(x,y); if(TileID>=192){playerx++;} } if(joypad_1&DOWN){playerp=0*16; if (walk==0){walk=15;} y=(playery+16)/8; x=(playerx+8)/8; TileID = get_char(x,y); if(TileID>=192){playery++;} } if(joypad_1&LEFT){playerp=3*16; if (walk==0){walk=15;} y=(playery+12)/8; x=(playerx+4)/8; TileID = get_char(x,y); if(TileID>=192){playerx--;} } This is the code I used for beach clean up. Notice this is for 16x16 sprites. You're able to go diagonal. Here's some information on Adventure's collision detection, http://atariage.com/forums/topic/245005-wall-collisions-in-adventure/?hl=%2Badventure+%2Bcollision+%2Bwall
  11. Kiwi

    Storm Watch!

    I would increase the reserve to 30 to 40% outside of storm watch period. I read online that lithium batteries recommend storage is within that range. Solar Power in my opinion should be on every rooftop in the entire earth. Free power from the sun is great.
  12. One last question. Did you test the game just with the PCB? I do recall you stating having to shave some of the plastic before. I admit I am worried since I am a programmer and I don't want my games to bug out due to hardware issue. My the game I just finished is a mega-cart so that's something I can't test on my system on an actual half-mega cart PCB. And also, how to get around the hardware issue via software.
  13. I've wondered if it also crash at the next sprite version of the boss with that PCB? I have reached stage 7 without any crash before on the fixed version. I will try to make time to recheck it out, and finally reach stage 8 and complete the loop. Cool. I'm ready for it. Try to power up your speed and get the shield with the Blue P and the Light Blue P. Shoot it to make it cycle through the colors. Once you're satisfied with the speed power up, aim to get the white P. This makes you invulnerable, but you're able to shoot in this state. The red P makes you able to crash into enemies and make them explode into bits and pieces Vanguard-style(you're not able to shoot in this state), be sure you're not on the level you need to shoot to reveal a bridge to cross the water . For weapon, I recommend getting the sword. That'll melt almost everything. You can power up your weapon twice, so you'll have to shoot the weapon orb and get the same weapon icon twice. I preferred the boomerang so if you miss, you can move to get it to hit your target on the return. Powered up boomerang let you have 3 boomerangs at a time. Remember where the hidden 1ups are. Don't stop shooting so you can reveal those hidden tiles. Also, you gain 1up as you reach a certain amount of points. The enemies group comes in 4 and 6. Sometimes, you can leave 1 linger to try to skip or delay the next wave of enemies. Good luck!
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