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  1. Then it'll change to SUPER DUPER SOON! to ALMOST THERE! Then in a few weeks, from ALMOST THERE!, to ALMOST OUT OF THE CHAIR! Then in a few days, ALMOST OUT OF THE CHAIR! to WALKING INTO THE KITCHEN! ETC.
  2. JF speaks French too I believe so graphism is fine too. 😛 (I think.) 🤔 It's TMS9918A palette... Depends on the TV/Monitor's electronic gun. EXAMPLE: The pink's orange on CRT, dark red is more brown. Sky Jaguar really shows off the color usage on CRT tv when in the canyon zone.
  3. The store has Unlucky Pony's Adventure listed on the coming soon list in the Intellivision homebrew section. Maybe he'll add it to the store soon or has extra copies available. I really like the box art. Looks really cool!
  4. The mushroom looks delicious, one of the color has to be sprite since there's 3 colors in 8x8 square. Maybe there's a kooky witch somewhere in the game that you can give her mushrooms to make you a soup, tattoo or a potion. Very nicely drawn background.
  5. This is fantastic! At first the rocket was the 2nd sprite, then you added 4 more that is as smooth as the first rocket. I really like how much detail is shown on screen. The smooth dripping animation and the rock splashing when landing. Also the parallax scrolling look really cool!
  6. Should be use with cv play sound routine. Keep in mind the .db 0x90(Stops sound channel 2), should be .db 0x50(Stops sound channel 1), so it terminate the sound on that channel. Or the sound routine will go off to the weed wreak havoc on your game. What I learn later in my Colecovision programming years, That a blank note for "0x40,0x01,0x30,6" is a single 0x66(no sound for 6 frames on channel 1.). Blank note on channel 1 can be 0x60-0x7F. Channel 2 would be 0xb0-0xcf. etc. So 3 bytes saved.
  7. Yes, a very pretty game. I remember accidentally ordering a 3rd copy of Chopper Command, and had to send it back to trade it for Number Jumble.
  8. I used to all the time to reference the GROM tables, STIC information, colors, register, and etc. Please don't shut it down. It's really good information to use as a reference to help programming games.
  9. From your Youtube videos, your Colecovision runs at 50hz. Phoenix runs at 60hz(I not 100% sure if it can run at 50hz.). So the voice sample play a bit quicker on the 60hz console. I did use the freeze voice command for Vanguard because I wanted to have fun adding the voices to the game and the attempt to fill up 128KB cartridge, however I wasn't aware of Artrag's voice routine at the time. I think when he meant update fireware, I've wondered if it can patch individual game like init his games to 0x00. Oh I already got the hard of hearing thing when I was borned.
  10. I'm using Canadian Power Supply. It takes awhile for the system to boot to working state after being off for a long period of time. Usually sprites x position more than 128 pixels start to phase mirror at 0-128 and sometimes glitch out the vram a bit. I usually put Knightmare on for awhile since it does pushes the VDP during demo mode to unglitch it after awhile. After I played Draconian for a half hour. Then I took out the Atari expansion module and didn't bother to reinsert the SGM to play test the game I'm making. The sprites are perfect and no phasing or mirroring glitch. I'm using the non-passthrough modified Sega Controller. Atari usually need 9 volt 500 ma for it to work. And I still using the original power switch since the day I got it. Draconian is CDF 32k board and Deepstone Cavern is Melody 32KB board. I don't know if my Colecovision getting enough power. The US Power Supply I have cord's are pretty bad so I retired that one so I don't risk frying the Colecovision.
  11. My copy of Deepstone Cavern doesn't boot on the Expansion Module #1 either. However, Princess Rescue and Draconian does. I will have to buy an Atari 2600 evidently.
  12. This is true. Usually I have to resort to use .cfg and use a calculator to measure my segments periodically. And also refer to cart.mac to determine what segment are open to use. The 2 features that I really want is to pass an argument via gosub like DoThis(9,2). And Inc++; instead of Inc=Inc+1. Less typing. Yeah, it's C, but those are the features I want. But I'm cool with IntyBASIC the way it is now.
  13. I think Cmart might have some. After all, C is for cookie. Hmm.. perhaps cookie monster could be ported to the Intellivision console. The Atari 2600 version came with a overlay with the cookie button on button number 5 and it was shape of a cookie and you could feel the texture as the plastic button is extruded out a bit. Not sure if it is possible for Intellivision overlay have that touch overlay.
  14. I think if (col2 and $08) then VOICE PLAY voice_hit would play once. I believe data get pushed into Intellivoice's memory and then it own processor play back that data until it hit zero. You probably could do a cooldown for voice to have it play completely before resetting the voice clip to the beginning. Like if(col2 and $08) then if voiceclip=0 then VOICE PLAY voice_hit:voiceclip=32(can be changed if the voice clip is shorter or longer.) end if :main loop: if (voiceclip<>0) then voiceclip=voiceclip-1
  15. It's the same as the PC version of this game. The menu was the first thing I programmed for this game.
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