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  1. I need to confirm all of the SNES titles, but I believe I have everything below. I am prefering to sell, but I will trade up on these. I am coming down to the rarer and more costly games for my SNES collection, thus making it harder to trade. I will also consider certain Sega Saturn games but they have to be complete and CLEAN. D-Force Jeopardy! Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge Mark Davis' The Fishing Master Mask, The Ninja Warriors On the Ball Operation Thunderbolt Pac-in-Time Pinball Fantasies Speed Racer Steel Talons TKO Super Championship Boxing Nintendo 64 Spider-Man Sega Genesis Fatal Fury 2
  2. I have these, what are you paying on them? Secret of Mana Final Fantasy II Chrono Trigger
  3. Do you have pictures or scans of these carts?
  4. I will check when I get home, but I think I have very nice and clean copies of Ooga Booga & Midway Arcade
  5. What type of TV are you playing on? Older light guns do not work on HD tv (plasma or LCD). The signal might be partially received, but the total functionality of the gun is not likely to work. I had to buy and older tv just to play with the guns.
  6. It sells for around $30. I would try to get it for a few bucks less than $40. I wouldnt mind paying $30-35 for a clean copy...but no more than that.
  7. They had a SNES- colorful thanks to some highlighters and markers (I have six right now, I didnt need another) and a few other sports titles (Madden, NBA Live, Ken Griffey Baseball, etc). This store is fairly new, and they have a fair selection of older games, but its mostly Sega Genesis. It was odd that there are two Chrono Triggers, but I am not going to question how or why they had them. I could assume that the loose cart was with the system, and the boxed was just part of the store inventory. Oh, and have no wories people, I will have scans up after work to show my find. Loose cart label has a small tear on the top portion of the label (why I think it came with the SNES system). The box for the other is in nice condition, minor softening around the corners of the tabs, but no crushing or rips.
  8. I decided to stop at a local thrift store/ebay store location... Nothing Atari related, but I did get TWO copies of SNES Chrono Trigger for $5 each. One was cart only, the other was with a box and tray, both work and save! So much for an Ebay store...they wont be in business long if they cant figure out what they are selling. On the other hand, they can have all of my pocket money for more sweet deals like this one.
  9. Its funny that I saw this post. I just picked up the manuals and user guides for this computer, a couple are still sealed. I was thinking to myself...where am I gonna find an Apple II? Now that this one is sold I think I might just dump the guides.
  10. I could use the Kirby Superstars for my collection, are you looking to trade it for anything?
  11. just put the title of the game. nothing else. I have sent a few hundred packages abroad in the last 18 months, never have I had any problems.
  12. Ok, so how do I get a hold of albert? what is his user name?
  13. I have had these sitting around for a while now, and I dont even own a 5200. I am looking to get $7.50 + shipping for the lot.
  14. I have about 225 games to move. I am flexible o nthe price depending on the size lot you want to buy. Do you have some specific titles that you are looking to get?
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